The rise and rise of Guilherme Paulus.

Guilherme Paulus is the current president of the Board of advisers at CVC Brasil and GJP. He has overseen the growth of the two companies over the years to where they are today. When he first ventured in employment, he was barely eighteen. He began his career journey as an intern at IBM at a time when he had just realized his parents would not afford to pay for his medical school tuition fee. He was however determined that despite this temporary setback he would build himself up one way or the other. As time went by, he realized computers were not his, and it is at this point that he decided that once he left IBM, he would try and his another venture into business.

After leaving IBM, he went to work at Casa Faro. Here, he met Carlos Vicente Cerchiari who was a state deputy at the time. They shared ideas and soon after Carlos would inform him of his dream to open of opening a tourism agency. This is how CVC was born. Since Guilherme Paulus did not have much to invest, he would earn his share by working at CVC almost for free. This continued for four years until Carlos left to go and pursue other interest. At only 24 Guilherme Paulus had to figure out how to run the agency now that he was alone. Over the years he was able to incorporate his business ideas and slowly the company started making a profit.

As CVC grew, entrepreneur Guilherme Paulus realized that the tourism industry needed something else. The hospitality industry was not well catered for, and this is how GJP was born. Guilherme Paulus wholly owns the network of hotels that owns more twenty hotels and resorts. They have been able to expand to virtually every big city and tourist destination in Brazil and are still growing. Some of the areas where their hotels and resorts can be found include Rio de Janeiro, Maceió, Salvador, Recife, and São Paulo. Despite being named one of the richest men in BraziL, Paulus still wants to invest more in the tourism industry where he says his heart and soul lie.

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A Peek into the Life of Wes Edens

Wes Edens is the co-owner of a basketball club called Milwaukee Bucks. Personally, he loves to do sports like skiing and rock climbing. Edens shares that whenever he goes for either skiing or mountain climbing, he disconnects from the world and does not carry any gadget with him. He does not play but admires watching basketball. About Wes Edens was born in Montana but later moved to Oregon. Most of his time was spent in New York as he finds it a place with so many positive vibes. His father was a psychologist and mother a teacher.

Wes Edens shares that the current time is proving to be an outstanding season for Milwaukee and nowadays, he only switches to NBA channels. He also appreciates Peter for bringing in the change of environment which was the need of an hour. Talking about club shirts, Edens also narrates how the whole idea came up. Praising Anthony Davis, he states that his selection was random, but he turned out to be one of the best players of the NBA. Wes Edens says that Milwaukee is an ideal place for all players as if offering only a few minutes journey to one’s family.

Wes Edens also shares peculiar things about Milwaukee referring it as a foodie place facing a beautiful lake spot. Talking about Tom Brady and LeBron James, he delineates how their positions in the team bear more fruitful results. Leagues check the capabilities of players. The more diverse the leagues, the more hidden talent is exposed. He says in order to make your franchise a success you need to plan on a long term basis. Teamwork and discipline are essentials. According to Wes Edens, the right people for the right job and a little bit of luck are few ingredients of success. He is also the half owner of English Premier League team. Milwaukee Bucks was the major and the best investment opportunity in view of Edens as it was worth 550 million dollars. Furthermore, he shows his sincere wishes for the club and says that this franchise must be celebrated.

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Heather Parry: President of a “Live Nation”

After a dozen years as a News executive at MTV and a decade as Head of film production with Happy Madison aka Adam Sandler’s production house, Heather Parry took the helm as President of Live Nation Productions; a company producing Film, Television, and Music.

Heather Parry

Instead of making a “splashy announcement” when she began at Live Nation December of 2015, she jumped right into work and got involved with an award-nominated documentary by Colin Hanks entitled “Eagles of Death Metal: Nos Amis”, chronicling the band’s return to Paris after the terrorist attack at their November 2015 concert. This film has since gathered attention after the Route 91 Harvest music festival in Las Vegas mass shooting; an event co-owned by Live Nation.

In another documentary, “Believer”, Parry and Live Nation follow Imagine Dragons front man Dan Reynolds and Tyler Glenn, the openly gay lead singer of Neon Trees, both having been brought up in the Mormon faith, as they join efforts to bring a venue together for the LGBTQ youth and the Mormon faith following a rising teen suicide rate in Utah. The tragic statistic preceded the Mormon church doubling-down on discriminating against homosexuality, prompting the musicians’ plea for a more open-minded approach to their beliefs. The feature was lauded at the Sundance Film Festival and won runner-up award as the festival favorite out of over 100 films!

Recently, Parry got involved with the runaway hit “A Star is Born” when she heard her friend, Bradley Cooper, was going to direct the Lady Gaga hit. She called the film’s producer, Dave Bugliari, to discuss the project and later, after amusingly-catching him on a ski lift at the time, convinced him to allow Live Nation’s participation at a party for Martha Stewart.


Edwin Miranda

Edwin Miranda Explains Key Roles In Customer Service For Marketing Consultants and More

Marketing consultants come with their own share of responsibilities, including customer service. Customer service is essentially dealing with public. You are going to deal with your fair share of problematic people too. These are the people who make a fuss but then essentially blame you for the chaos they have created. You will get that in marketing too just in a different capacity. Edwin Miranda has a few tips on how to handle every type of customer, including the problematic ones.

1) Edwin Miranda suggests you brush up on your speaking skills. You are going to spend a lot of your time talking. You will be required to use your voice to influence the customer, appealing to their feelings, or both.

Edwin Miranda explains that you will need to keep their feelings in mind, in spite of how they might treat you. Some investors are going to walk into the room with a bad attitude and take it out on you. Edwin Miranda explains you cannot let that bother you. Sometimes you have to show a little more empathy than normal to diffuse potential situation.

2) Edwin Miranda explains that you have to remain positive no matter which type of investor you deal with. Some investors are going to be easy going. Others will have a different dynamic. You have to be adaptable to every kind of situation that might come up.

An Example

I worked in retail for a few years. I had one customer essentially be rude to me and then turn around and blame me for their attitude. I had to remain positive at all times, including in front of the boss.

Think of consulting in the vain of customer service in a store. You are consulting with clients to make sure they get what the want. Some will be more demanding than others. You still need to maintain a positive attitude at all times.

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Betsy DeVos and Her Work in Education

There have been quite a few critics of Betsy DeVos who just didn’t think she was cut out for the 11th Office of US Education Secretary. However, those statement have proven to be invalid. She has worked hard to help students and parents, while also listening to the concerns of teachers. However, she doesn’t believe that they understand how the programs work, nor does she plan to stop her campaigning for more states getting on board with educational choice.


For a long time, Betsy DeVos was an activist working in Michigan. She started by supporting local schools in west Michigan, but then she quickly realized that she could do so much more. After graduating from Calvin College and marrying Dick DeVos, she started to grow her business ties and began working with the Republican party to change educational systems in Michigan.


She wanted to create a system that would cater to students and allow them to pick whatever school they wanted to go to. This has helped many students gain an interest in school and even get into other programs that would carry them through to their dream careers.


DeVos knows that students have a hard time going to school these days. It’s difficult to find a program that truly allows you to learn different things, especially when common core is one of the biggest reasons that parents try to pull their kids from zoned schools. President Trump has said that common core method will be ended during his administration, but so far it is still being taught in most big cities.


For the past year, DeVos has also been working on school safety initiatives. Since the Parkland shooting, many have noticed that schools do seem safer. DeVos had many policies enacted ahead of the new school year in 2018. These policies would make it possible for schools to have guards and security points where students would have to x-ray their bags.


DeVos has been working hard to keep schools safe. She believes that students should come first, and that is the reason that she has been visiting schools with First Lady Melania Trump. She believes that these schools need more options to become a bigger part of the community, especially because of the benefits that they offer students in underprivileged communities.


For the next two years, DeVos will be working with other students around the country to get more feedback on educational choice and hopefully bring it to more states in 2019.


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Felipe Montoro Jens Advises New Entrepreneurs to stay Focused

Felipe Montoro Jens is a finance expert. He has worked for established companies in the industry. He is based in Brazil but has clients all over the world. He is majorly known as a project expert and consultant. He has worked with many professionals and firms during his career. He has an illustrious career and is consulted by many. His experience and knowledge has helped his career and made him a household name. He is a recognized personality in financial matters and infrastructure. Learn more about Felipe Montoro Jens at

Felipe Montoro Jens attended Oregon University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and History. He furthered his education because he wanted to increase his chances of getting a good job. Most of his peers were studying for a master’s degree, and he thought it was a good idea to further his education. He acquired his master’s degree from Kinesiology and Health Promotion. Felipe Montoro Jens holds several positions on the boards of different companies. He is the director of Fonte Nova Negocios SA, CEO of Concessionary Interoceanic and principal of Peru Inversionesen Infrastructure SA.

Felipe Montoro Jens likes spending time with family in the morning before going to the office. He believes less is more so he does not spend late hours in the office. To bring ideas to life, he reads serious and curious news to challenge his mind. Watching movies helps him unwind and think clearly.

Furthermore, Felipe interacts with smart people to get ideas to improve his skills. He focuses on what he wants to achieve at a particular time to increase the chances of attaining success. He advises young people to do their best and ask questions when stuck. Don’t be afraid to ask or make mistakes. Mistakes help you grow and become a better person. Focus on the present, live and enjoy life. Felipe Montoro is an inspiration to new entrepreneurs.


Things you need to know about Serge Belamant

Technology has changed many things in today’s modern world. Serge Belamant is one of the inventors of blockchain technology. Born in 1953, the duo moved to South Africa with his parents while he was still at the age of 14. He always had a passion for technology, and he believed in his abilities to change the world through using his knowledge. He has achieved a lot over the year, and he is the founder of a significant number of companies. Besides, he has also created employment opportunities for many people that show exceptional skills in his areas of interest. Read more on

As a successful entrepreneur, Serge Belamant has always shared his word of thought with other people that show interest in making it in their lives. The duo is a critical thinker and he believes that entrepreneurship and success is a psychological thing. Serge Belamant believes that everyone that ought to invest in the latter must first think about it and critically analyses the possible risks and success entailed in it. Over the years, he has shown exemplary behavior and a lot of commitment towards meeting all his plans. Being a go-getter, the duo has also striven to work together with other people that have been successful in their lives.

Serge Belamant first founded the Net1 UEPS Technologies firm, which was a technological firm that focused towards on electronic payment systems. The firm brought a high impact on the banking industry and a vast number of people highly benefited from the modern and revolutionized modes of payments. His career continued to flourish and he gained a lot of fame through the innovative ideas he brought to life at a time when technology was not so popular. The duo continued to advance his discoveries and he later founded the Net1 firm. Through the firm, he has brought a whole new way of making payments as well as receiving them. The firm has already attracted the attention of many people and it has bought convenience in the way people carry out their activities. Serge Belamant career has continued to flourish and he believes that in the coming years, he will bring more advancements to the world.


The Business Ventures of Ashley Lightspeed

Prototyping was fun for Ashley Lightspeed. Even as a child she has fond memories of sitting with her father in their garage to sketch buildings and come up with different designs and ideas. It was while at Duke University for her Bachelor’s degree that she felt an attraction to prototyping ideas to do with business as opposed to what she used to do with her dad all those years past. After graduation, she started consulting at Bain. Follow Ashley Lightspeed on Twitter.


Consulting for several years at Bain exposed Ashley, and soon she felt a desire to explore Silicon Valley. She went on to join Thumbtack in the capacity of category manager. This meant that she was responsible for the customer experience. This position also included events and weddings management. Ashley believes prototyping to be a central gadget in the entrepreneur’s toolkit.


At Thumbtack Ashley Lightspeed learned about venture capital. It was while on a fundraising pitch that she was exposed to it. Years later she went to Stanford GSB to study while at the same time trying to start her own company and consulting for startups. Her curiosity led her to the realization that she liked trying out different industries and working with entrepreneurs to help them realize their dreams.

Lightspeed Venture Partners

With her MBA and experience in spades, Ashley Lightspeed joined ‘Lightspeed Venture Partners’. Today she works with new companies helping them realize their growth strategy. Craftsmanship is her passion as it compels her as a creator to feel deeply for the people and companies she is helping create ideas. The creator gets to the point where he/she is patient enough to comprehend the needs of the client and to convert the understanding into tangible solutions for the clients. Craftsmanship she feels helps make it easier for the client so that they need not worry too much about their venture

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New Senior Executive Of GCPS: Aaron Lupuloff


Aaron C. Lupuloff a resident of Norcross was announced as the senior executive director for the Gwinett County Public Schools Foundation or GCPS Foundation this week. He brings with him a great deal of experience in forming the Norcross High School Foundation which pays off in his new position. President David Seago released a statement this week following Lupuloff being elected as the senior executive director about how blessed he felt that they were able to have his expertise on the board.

When on the board of the Norcross High School Foundation, Lupuloff served in several different capacities which afforded him the great deal of experience that he carries with him now. At the time of his service there he served as president, vice president, and treasurer which has given him several different viewpoints to bring to his new position.

Not only does he carry vast experience and knowledge from his past endeavors of other boards, but he happens to be a founding member for the GCPS Foundation as well as a founding member of Georgia Tech Parents Advisory Board in which he also previously served. Visit This Page for additional information.

He has worked in finances since 1982 giving him over 20 years of experience in dealing with finances and administration. He received his degree in finance and administration from the University of Alabama and has worked hard ever since.

Aside from his newly elected position working as senior executive director for the board of the Gwinett County Public Schools Foundation, Aaron Lupuloff is a hard working philanthropist for his community. He and his wife work together to support worthy causes in the community to help youth, women, young adults, and more.

They support causes both financially and with hands on efforts in causes such as Partners Against Domestic Violence which help women, men, and children who have gone through or are going through domestic abuse. He also helps with Camp Twin lakes, and the Diabetes Foundation. In 2011, Aaron Lupuloff and his wife were inducted into the NHS Foundation Hall of Fame recognizing them for the hard work they do to help better their community.


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Jojo Hedaya Explains The Learning Process Behind

Jojo Hedaya and business partner Josh Rosenwald began their career with the email subscription service startup, as a way of handling their own problem with email junk. Entrepreneurs are always encouraged to find a problem and solve it in a new and innovative way to ensure their success, which is what the two college dropouts did. The co-founders have been friends since childhood and found themselves struggling to find emails from each other in the junk mail they received during their college days when the idea for was formed.

Referring to Jojo Hedaya as a college dropout may seem a little harsh, particularly when he was just three credits short of receiving his Bachelor’s degree at Boston College and was Vice-President of the Student Government. Jojo Hedaya believes the workplace and educational sectors have evolved in recent years to place the focus of most employers of experience over academic achievement. The decision by the New York native to leave college prior to graduation and focus on his entrepreneurial skill was based on his desire to build the business he and Josh Rosenwald had created.

The arrival of Jojo Hedaya as an entrepreneur came with the knowledge his first attempt at creating a business was probably destined for failure. Upon forming the research completed by the current Chief Product and Consumer Officer showed 95 percent of startups fail in their first few years.

Perseverance is obviously an important factor in the character of Hedaya as the first attempts at producing a working version of were unsuccessful. Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald remained confident their email subscription service would work and rolled out the initial version of the software just two months after forming their company. Hedaya points to this as a major milestone in the career of himself as despite the initial offering not working particularly well, the interest from major publications led to hitting one million subscribers in a short time. Despite selling to the Slice group, Jojo Hedaya remains committed to the idea of his email subscription service and decided to remain an active part of the brand moving forward.