Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger, Wes Edens and Randal Nardone founded the Fortress Investment Group over two decades ago. The company has grown over the two decades of its existence and is known to be among the best employers in the United States. By last year, Fortress Investment Group had employees totaling to about nine hundred. Fortress began by being just a private equity firm but went public in 2007 during that year’s New York Stock Exchange.

The company has gained expertise in the field of financial assets as well as physical assets all over the United States. About five years ago, the company began expanding to other continents such as the Middle East and Africa. Private equity funds have been the main force that has held the company together over the years, alongside the company’s company credit funds.

Fortress Investment Group has also gained expertise in the area of mergers and acquisitions. However, the company does not purchase firms so that it can change them under its management. In most cases, the company has acquired firms that would need an improvement in a number of sectors, or financial assistance.

Wes Edens has for the longest time facilitated the acquisition of major firms and this helped the company in increasing its annual revenue during his tenure while he was still in charge of the mergers and acquisitions department. The employees of Fortress Investment Group have also been trained over the years to make sure that the standards that the company has set are maintained in all departments. This has really helped in making the company compete effectively against other firms in the industry.

Another field of expertise by Fortress Investment has been in operations management, where the company has learnt to help other companies even in their portfolio management. The employees of Fortress get a chance to network with other employees from the other companies during their interactions as they manage their business portfolios.

This has also given the company exposure to how other industries are and has often been the reason behind the investment choices made in the firm. At the end of 2017, Fortress Investment Group was acquired by Softbank Group which is a Japanese company. Softbank purchased Fortress for an estimated amount of $3.3 billion.

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Jim Dondero Efforts as an Entrepreneur

Jim Dondero is the co-founder and president of Highland Capital. He studied commerce at Virginia’s McIntire University. If you need to know how business acumen can be applied to philanthropy, then James Dondero is the perfect person you can learn from. He is an entrepreneur and at the same time a philanthropist who is known for his charitable efforts that have become successful in many organizations. At Highland Capital, he ensures that the mission of the organization includes charitable giving. Through Jim Dondero’s efforts, Highland Capital in Dallas assists charitable organizations that need their assistance to improve the lives of people living in Dallas. He ensures that his finance company is dedicated to providing support to organizations and businesses that are advancing the Dallas community.

Although every charitable organization has its causes and goals, his strategic approach that will help the organizations achieve their goals in the community. One of the assistance provided by Jim Dondero is the $1 million that he donated to the Dallas Zoo for developing a modern Hippo Outpost. His business contribution created a good reputation for Highland Capital, and it was named as Highland Hippo Hut which was for educational displays and private events. Visitors are welcomed to visit the Zoo and see the protection provided to the Hippos. Another donation provided by Highland Capital is the $2 million donated to the Southern Methodist University to help it create a Tower Scholars Program Fund for supporting exceptional undergraduates who need to study politics, international affairs, ethical public service, and foreign affairs.

The selected students will have an opportunity of studying abroad, exposure to policymaking, senior-year internship, and access to global investment leaders. Jim Dondero has also ensured that Highland Capital supports youths within Dallas who come from disadvantaged families and cannot afford to pay for their college education. It also provides the youths with mentoring assistance professional development, internships, and standardized test preparation at respected corporations and nonprofits. Therefore, Highland Capital is not all about credit and finances, but it focuses on making Dallas a better place to live in.


Shafik Sachedina: Humanitarian and Entrepreneur

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is a humanitarian who is an active volunteer working with humanitarian organizations. He has volunteered and also chaired the FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance International Co-Ordinating Committee. FOCUS is well known for work in regions which tend to have natural disasters such as mountainous and coastal areas of Pakistan. Dr. Shafik Sachedina’s volunteerism models and perpetuates the Ismaili tradition of helping others, especially those in need.

Born in Dar es Salam, Tanzania, in 1950, Dr. Shafik Sachedina came to England and attended the University of London where he studied dentistry at Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School. He graduated in 1975 as a dental surgeon. He worked in the field of dentistry for many years.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina has been involved in the healthcare sector in the United Kingdom. By following his heart which is not only one of volunteerism but also one of entrepreneurship, Dr Shafik Sachedina opened Sussex Health Care and Support Services. Sussex Health Care started off in 1985 with just one building which he reconstructed to make into the first elderly home. He built a team of compassionate, caring health care workers. As the word got out about this haven for the elderly, he enabled the growth of Sussex Health care to over 20 home and buildings for the elderly and for people with developmental and physical challenges. The homes also have specialized care for people with dementia. He is also currently co-chairman for the board of Sussex Home care with Mr. Shirza Boghani. To know more about him click here.

Sussex Health Care pays attention to the whole person. It is not just foremost in attention to health. It serves meals and other top-notch services which has made it known in the fields of hospitality and business. Sussex Health Care has received awards on the national and international level for these outstanding services.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina who was born in Africa, educated in the United Kingdom with global interests in Asia. He is a humanitarian, philanthropist, entrepreneur, leader and academic. He is passionate and cares about humanity from the most terrifying floods on coastlines to dangerous mudslides in mountainous areas.

Jingdong–A Technology Leader

In recent years, it has come to the attention of citizens around the world that the medicinal drugs approved by the highest officials may not be in our best interest. While some medications are unsafe, few pharmaceutical companies are taking the initiative to enhance their protocols to ensure the safety of their customers.


Otherwise as Jingdong Mall, has taken the lead in providing technology that will enhance transparency in regard to how pharmaceutical companies operate.


At Beijing’s Big Data Summit in 2018, JD broadcasted the debut of their “Medicine Open Tracking Solution”. The hope is that the new technology created by JD will help to establish the legitimacy of several medicines currently being prescribed in China.


This technology is very necessary as there have been several recent instances of pharmaceutical products being used that were deemed below the standards of current safety regulations. The “Medicine Open Tracking Solution” keeps tabs on medicine from the manufacturing location to the doctor’s office or pharmacy. Having this technology in place will increase the likelihood of proper handling. In addition, it will increase the likelihood that those with poor intent are held responsible for the mismanagement of pharmaceutical drugs.


In order to make the Medicine Open Tracking Solution available to a wider audience, has teamed with several companies that will ensure this technology is obtainable. Companies responsible for developing medical software in addition to organizations famous for the development of hardware have joined JD to create the essential devices necessary to maintain the transparency that the Medicine Open Tracking Solution is known for.


New medications are created every day and, unfortunately, medications often fall into the wrong hands. They may expire or be otherwise unsafe. While technology can never replace the interaction between human beings, it is important to note that technology can create enhancements where humans often err. JD is a company dedicated to advancements that will benefit the entire country of China and beyond. Go Here for additional information.


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Jacob Gottlieb’s Move to Invest in the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is projected to witness stimulating changes Jacob Gottlieb, the successful financial entrepreneur, is set to invest in the industry. He is said to be planning to add another investment to his catalog named Altium Capital, which is New York City-based pharmaceutical venture and focusses its investment in meaningful healthcare treatment advancement. Some of the recent investments by Altium Capital include Oramed Pharmaceuticals (ORMP), Oragenics, and Amarin Corporation (AMRN)

Altium’s Investments

The first investment the business made was to stake a 5.61% in Oramed that helped to develop an alternative oral treatment for diabetes patients who were initially receiving injectable drugs. The investment resulted in the successful release of orally ingestible insulin capsule named (ORMD-0801) another drug released is oral glucagon peptide (ORMD-0901). Oramed was able to achieve this innovation since it had a team of management that comprised of world-class scientific experts. Amarin, which is part of the investment by Oramed is based in Dublin Ireland is growing rapidly with Vascepa (AMR-101), which is a prescribed omega-3 fatty acid being the first drug approved by FDA.

The investment in Oragenics founded in 1996 as a replacement treatment therapy by physicians through Altium has invested in antibiotics, which is a form of replacement therapy. This focuses on replacing harmful bacteria with useful bacteria strains that allow patients to achieve therapeutic health enhancing the result. This kind of treatment helps to accelerate biotherapeutics, which treat oral mucositis and other respiratory diseases.

Previous Works by Gottlieb

Currently, Gottlieb shares space with Stuart Weisbrod in investing in the healthcare system where they had worked together at Biomed. Other previous investments include Visium Asset Management, which was based in New York City. Before working at visium, he initially worked at Balyasny Asset Management where he was a top earner.

Paul Herdsman’s Career As A Business Professional And Adviser


Establishing a successful business isn’t easy since it takes a lot of work, dedication as well as know-how. According to Paul Herdsman, business professionals need to have a few qualities to guide them to achieve their objectives. As the co-founder of NICE Global, a business solutions provider, the company offers extensive services in different categories.

Born in Jamaica, he had no first-hand experience with establishing a company including how to manage a business. Paul Herdsman also learned how to manage employees over the years. In the end, everything worked well for his career and employees.

NICE Global- Providing High-End Marketing Services

NICE Global has all the right resources to help companies that are interested in garnering and retaining more clients to acquire their objectives. The company provides services in outsourcing employees, technical support, back-office operations as well as outsourced email services.

Moreover, NICE Global understands customer complaints from different sectors. The firm commits time and resources to alleviate these issues. People don’t often call companies to complain about substandard services, but NICE Global is now empowering service providers to reach out to consumers by providing excellent services to them. See This Page for additional information.

Paul Herdsman’s Contribution to the Development of Businesses

According to Paul Herdsman, coming up with a business is a great idea. However, there are usually challenges that an individual needs to deal with in the long run. Drawing from his tremendous experience while serving as an international business professional, Paul Herdsman provides essential “Business Lessons” to help you in making vital decisions in your quest to become a successful entrepreneur.

Besides, Paul Herdsman is confident that business professionals need to have certain qualities to perfect their skills in handling clients. A positive attitude is one of the leading traits in a business professional. He also adds that one needs to be resilient and persistent to attain some goals as an entrepreneur.


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OSI Group Grows With McDonald’s

It’s odd to think that OSI Group, which has 65 facilities in 17 different countries, began as a local butcher shop. OSI began as Otto Kolschowsky’s German-influence retail meat market in 20th century Chicago. Otto moved to Chicago in 1907 and opened his butcher market two years later.

It didn’t take long for his business to grow into one of the largest meat suppliers in the region. Through both World Wars, his butcher company maintained its place as a vital part of American life in the Midwest. In 1928, his changed the named to Otto & Sons, following the path that many immigrant businesses took during those years.

While Otto ran the company, Otto & Sons survived both World Wars. When his sons took over the business, they formed a partnership that lasts to this day. In 1955, Ray Kroc opened the first McDonald’s in the world.

Before opening in Des Plaines, Kroc went around forming partnerships with local meat vendors to supply his restaurant. After the restaurant opened, many suppliers struggled to keep up with demand, causing many to break from McDonald’s. Otto’s sons, Arthur and Harry, never backed down and began investing in new technologies that helped them keep up with Kroc’s demand.

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In 1973, using cryogenic freezing machines, the brothers opened a factory in West Chicago that only produced for McDonald’s. Thanks to the new plant and their close relationship with Kroc, Otto & Sons became one of only four suppliers to continue working with McDonald’s.

Soon after that, Otto & Sons divided their company into two sectors: one that continued serving the community and one that worked solely with McDonald’s. In 1975, the family business transformed one more time and became OSI Industries. To lead the new company, the brothers brought in Sheldon Lavin, who currently runs OSI Group and its subsidiaries.

Along with David McDonald, Lavin built OSI Group into an international success. They have over 20,000 employees worldwide dedicated to providing clients with the most innovative food solutions.

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Kimberly Bakker Gives Event Planning Tips For Any Occasion


While the holiday season might the busiest time of the year for Kimberly Bakker; CEO of Kimberly Bakker Events, her clients are always planning events year-round. There are individuals who wish to celebrate milestones, birthdays, or just some spontaneous occasion during any time of the year.

Bakker is a professional event planner based out southern California and a local icon of her community. As someone who has been in the industry for years and a passion stretching back to childhood, she has the event planning process nearly perfected. In an article with Chronicle of the Week, she gives out a few tips to the average consumer.

After years of experience, Kimberly Bakker has determined that a list in the most effective starting point for any event. An individual needs a guide for how the event should come together and what to expect. She suggests listing everything from who they expect to invite, to the food to prepare, and the tiny details of what to wear. From this point, tasks should be divided up among trusted individuals. This helps lower the burden on the host, while making it more likely the event will come together on time. She finds that a classic pen and paper list or computerized list doesn’t make a huge difference in the long run.

Once the preparations are completed and event day comes around, Kimberly Bakker has a series of recommendations for things to consider. Simple aspects like lighting and music are easy ways to help encourage substantial socializing, while being mindful of the objects in the surroundings can help ground the event as something special. Go Here for related Information.

Lastly, Kimberly Bakker is a strong supporter of documenting the occasion. If people remember it, then the event is much more likely to happen again. The fun times should be shared with the next generation.

On a different note, Bakker also likes to give back to the community. she founded “The Project for Women” with Lauri Levenfeld in 2013. TPFW helps women plan all kinds of affairs like birthday parties and Bat Mitzvahs. TPFW helps women find the right outfits and makeup suited for them. The Project for Women empowers women who want to go into business for themselves, showcasing their product line. Women can join by beginning a portfolio that describes goals and what it will take to achieve them.


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Steve Ritchie Looks to Help Restore Papa Johns Reputation

Papa Johns has been one of the top pizza restaurant chains over the last couple of decades. However, the company has suffered a significant setback in terms of its reputation and public relations. The founder of the company John Schnatter made critical remarks about the NFL’s inability to put an end to protests of the national anthem. Since his company was sponsored by the NFL, it experienced a decrease in sales. After receiving this criticism, the NFL dropped Papa Johns as a sponsor. Schnatter would later attend a conference call and make a racial slur. This led to his company losing its sponsorship with another major sports league; Major League Baseball. After losing two major sponsorships, Papa Johns has experienced a significant backlash among consumers as well.

With the reputation and image of Papa Johns suffering, the company’s chief executive officer Steve Ritchie looked to help resolve the problem. His first task was to draft a letter to customers. The letter revealed that Papa Johns is much better in terms of relating to people than what the founder displayed recently. Steve Ritchie said that he was sorry for hurting customers with the racist remark by the founder. Ritchie revealed in the letter that the conduct by the founder does not represent the values of Papa Johns and that it has employees and franchisees that are part of a diverse community. Steve is looking to allow customers to hold the company accountable for its recent actions.

During his statement, Steve Ritchie said that racism is not a part of Papa Johns and is never acceptable at any time. Papa Johns has franchise locations all over the world where people of all backgrounds serve their community. All of the franchisees and employees always look to offer the best pizza and service in the industry. As well as offering the best pizza and service, the franchisees and employees are also active in helping make the community a better place as well.

While apologizing via letter may help, action also needs to be taken in order to restore the reputation of Papa Johns according to Steve Ritchie. He is now looking to develop programs that focus on addressing diversity and inclusion for Papa Johns. Ritchie is also looking to have meetings with franchisees and employees to get feedback on how the company can improve its standing with the public. These actions will hopefully improve the overall reputation of Papa Johns and allow it to thrive at a high level again.

What Fountain House Did with Jeremy Goldstein’s Wine Dinner Donation

When people donate money to charities, the charities don’t always explain where the money went. As society moves in a more consumer-led direction, organizations are becoming more transparent. Fountain House was always transparent when it comes to what they do with large donations.

When Jeremy Goldstein hosted two elegant wine dinners atop the NoMad Hotel in New York, he raised over $56,000, which he donated to Fountain House. For years, Goldstein has been an avid supporter and advocate for Fountain House and their mission. Fountain House deals with the recovery and reintegration of patients with mental illness.

Goldstein hosted those dinners to bring awareness to mental illness. Despite what many believe, developing treatments and medicine is no longer the bigger issue. The stigma around mental illness creates more victims than stress. People aren’t getting the help they need because they’re scared of public humiliation.

Fountain House devoted nearly all their resources to tearing down the walls of stigma. Recently, society made huge advances in accepting mental illness and talking openly about issues. The next step is normalizing open discussion and making people comfortable with getting help as soon as problems arise.

Even when people fully and openly talk about mental illness, there’s still the issue of patients finding employment after treatment. Currently, upward of 85 percent of people living with some form of mental illness are unemployed. Fountain House takes the next step in helping them get their lives back on track after treatment.

The money Jeremy Goldstein raised with his two wine dinners went to the Fountain House Employment Program. Goldstein raised that money specifically to support that particular program. As a business professional, he understands the value of earning a living.


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