Agera Energy Focuses on Renewable Source of Energy that Meets the Needs of their Clients

People have become more conscious of the harmful effect of their activities on the environment. It is the reason why businesses today are shifting to renewable energy sources to become more appealing to customers. It has resulted in the energy industry making a shift towards a more renewable source of energy for their customers.

The energy firm that has been revolutionizing the energy sector with its innovative and unique approach in the energy sector. With some of the top industry professionals working for the company, it has been able to devise energy plans that are not only suitable for the retail consumers but would also help save money for them at the same time.

About Agera Energy is also known to be a very flexible energy company, and its representatives can devise a customized energy plan for you as well. The industrial and business operations often seek out customized energy plans, and the experts at Agera Energy would help you achieve your energy saving goals.


Dr Jennifer Walden work as a cosmetic surgeon and philanthropic activities

The founder of Laser Center Dr Jennifer and Walden Cosmetic Surgery, Jennifer Walden says that the philosophy of her organisation is the promotion of health and well-being through a personalised approach to cosmetic surgery. Her work involves an operation that enhances beauty and body image. The organisation will help you attain inner beauty and beautiful outward appearance. Dr Jennifer Walden is a renowned doctor who will help you achieve your confidence and boost your self-esteem. Her work involves a gentle approach and perspective on your image. The centre offers you the best patient care that is safe and will leave you satisfied

Dr Jennifer Walden involvement in philanthropic activities

Amanda Bush, a member of the energy investment and a member of the Bush family, held fundraising that will be conducted nationally. Her immense work involves raising money to create awareness for Leukemia and Lymphoma diseases. The event resulted in about $489417 leading to the declaration of Amanda Bush as the 2016 woman of the year. The money remains to be the highest amount of money ever raised by an individual nationwide for the LLS Man and Woman of the Year Campaign. Bush says that the event would not have been successful without the efforts of her team as well as the help of her husband.

The money raised was being directed towards research on blood cancer research, public awareness camping, and patient services. Dr Jennifer Walden is a big part of these events; Walden supports charity events herself being a doctor she understands the impact of diseases such as cancer in the society. She was a runner up as the Woman of the year; her contributions are projected to be directed towards treatment of lifestyle diseases. These campaigns usually honour the local boy and girl that survives blood cancer.

Honouring cancer survivors

Individuals honoured in 2016 included Karen Andrade who was seven years diagnosed in 2012 and is in remission at the moment. Another child who received the honorary was Archer Foltermann who is still going through chemotherapy and treatments for leukaemia. This honorary encourages survivors that there is a better tomorrow despite their condition and others who are in a similar situation in the medical world.

Paul Mampilly predicts the explosion of the VR industry

Paul Mampilly is an investor, and author of investment newsletter known as Profits Unlimited that has over 100,000 subscribers. The former hedge fund manager has long term experience in the financial industry having worked on Wall Street for 20 years. His role now is to help the average American investor to make money through investments in the stock market. While on Wall Street, Mampilly worked for organizations such as Kinetics International, Deutsche Bank, ING, among others. He is also the winner of the Templeton Foundation competition, which was an investment competition meant for the best traders on Wall Street. For him to win the competition, he managed to increase his investment of $50 million to $88 million in one year. Paul Mampilly achieved this success without shorting any stock despite the world economic recession at the time.

Paul Mampilly is working with Banyan Hill Publishing as a senior editor. Through this company, he publishes investment newsletters as well as offering advice to investors. He launched the Profits Unlimited newsletter after signing with this publishing company. Every day, Paul Mampilly is aiming at helping ordinary Americans to get investment opportunities in the stock market. Through the Profits Unlimited newsletter, he suggests some of the stocks that investors should be look out for.

Paul Mampilly is now making 2019 predictions for the business sector. He believes that some significant trends will come out in 2019.

The explosion of the VR industry

Virtual reality is a technology that is in its early stages but one that is growing quickly and steadily. Mampilly believes that in 2019, the virtual reality industry will explode as more sectors embrace its functions. He’s also advising investors who would like to benefit from the industrial to hurry up and make their investments before the explosion. In the stock recommendations that Paul Mampilly makes every month, it is highly likely that we will see many stocks related to virtual reality.

In 2017 the virtual reality market increased by $2.2 billion and by 2020 it is expected to grow $20 billion. Virtual reality users in the world are expected to rise to 130 million in the near future. Can Blockchain Put an End to Identity Theft? Paul Mampilly Thinks So.

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Tech Genius Alex Hern

Alex Hern is a professional that is a freelancer and expanding his business reach all over the world to help companies not only get off the ground but to help companies with the technology that they use. Technology is changing all the time and is expanding all the time as virtual reality is the new big thing. But while the majority of people think about virtual reality for gaming or something that people see in movies, it has real world applications in workplaces all over the world.

The headsets that people use for the gaming systems can be linked to computers in such a way that meetings can be held virtually. The earphones can be used for communications with customers, other employees, and partners so that traveling has to happen less often and there is overall better communication system that can happen in the company.

The benefits are many so Alex goes around the world demonstrating precisely what can be done with the virtual reality headsets in the workplace and why they can increase the productivity by a lot for any company that is communicating with others regularly. Alex Hern thus is one of the most successful hired helpers to companies in the technology world.


Chris Burch’s Foundation For Success In Business.

Chris Burch might not have a household name in the world of business but there is no doubt that you’ve come across products that he has helped to develop or companies that he has partnered with. With more than 40 years of industry experience as an entrepreneur and more than a couple of groundbreaking investments, Burch is in the unique position of controlling his future thanks to the work he put on in the past. As a prominent entrepreneur with enterprises ranging all around the globe, Burch is qualified to hand out some important advice to those seeking to follow his path.

As an entrepreneur, Burch knows that the reality of life all circles around the concept of failure. Failure to launch a business or failure in trusting the wrong people. Failure comes in all shapes and sizes and you’ll experience it thousands of times in your career. Burch is quick to admit that he’s had rough patches that left him in mourning. He also understands that failure is vital to success and that without one, you won’t have the other. Burch’s biggest piece of advice to newcomers to the world of entrepreneurs is this: accept failure, learn from it and continue to grow.

As an entrepreneur with a decorated past, Burch also knows that there are situations that could have been changed in order for him to be more successful. With that being said, Burch admits that he doesn’t have any regrets and that this is an important mindset for entrepreneurs specifically to stick to. Having regrets while working as an entrepreneur will only seek to limit your time and energy and mindset. With that being said, if Burch could go back in one time he would urge himself to be more confident in his pursuit of the things that really mattered to him.

Rick Cofer Is An Austin-Based Criminal Defense Lawyer


Rick Cofer started his journey by getting his BA degree from the University of Texas in Austin. He began his studies with Government and History from the years 2000 to 2004 then went on to get his Doctor of Law degree from 2005 thru 2007. After nine years as a prosecutor, founded his own law practice; Rick Coffer Law PLLC, representing people charged with crimes in Central Texas.

Rick Cofer is an Austin-based criminal defense lawyer who has helped hundreds of juvenile defendants. Through his experience in the legal sector, he has noticed that being arrested or detained can be a humiliating and daunting experience that can affect anyone no matter their age. However, the trauma caused in a juvenile can be extreme. It is even highly likely that a juvenile will plead guilty to a crime they never committed.

In fact, the rate of confession for crimes not committed is higher in juvenile than adults. A juvenile is likely to be scared and nervous about an arrest. The anxiety goes up and the heartbeat increases. The mind races, making it hard for the juvenile to think straight. Juveniles are likely to submit to threats by police officers, a factor that might make the speak out of fear. For juveniles caught up in a crime scene, they might think to in big trouble no matter their innocence or knowledge of what happened.

Rick Cofer believes that many teenagers tend to give in to false confessions even though they can prove to be innocent. Another thing that comes out regularly in juvenile arrests is the issue of race. Race should never be a determinant of how one should be treated, but in reality, different things happen. If a juvenile, for instance, is black American or Hispanic and the arresting officer is Caucasian, the situation is likely to be abnormal. To some extent, the difference in race is likely to affect the way the officer will treat the juvenile. Go Here for more information.

In a state like Texas, it is not a requirement that a parent must be present before the juvenile is charged under criminal law. This can affect juveniles as young as ten years old. However, juveniles might have access to Miranda rights, although they might lose them in the line of questioning by the officers. If you come from Austin, Texas, it is important to seek the services of a good criminal defense attorney such as Rick Cofer who has spent many years helping hundreds of juveniles to deal with criminal cases. You need to understand that just because you are a parent might not make a big difference in the face of criminal charges. The services of a criminal defense lawyer are the most important thing you can get at that juncture.


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The Work Ethics of A Financial Expert, Gareth Henry

Building a career in the investment industry is a very risky move for any entrepreneur or business person due to the ever-changing dynamics and the constant scrutiny that is associated with losses experienced in the business. It requires the individual to gain the trust of investors and maintain it by making sure they don’t lose their money, investments and that they projected return on investment is delivered and on time. Using these factors and more Gareth Henry had been able to establish his presence in the investment industry as well as create a reputation that has seen him receive more success and clients over the years. Every institution, the alternative asset investments genius works with gets better and experiences a new breeze of success in the industry.

Gareth Henry started his alternative assets investment career when he worked as an analyst for Watson Wyatt just after graduating from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. After Watson Wyatt, Mr. Gareth Henry joined Schroders, a global investment still in the United Kingdom. It was a spirit for adventure and his love for mathematics that led him to the United States where he joined one of the world’s largest investment firms, Fortress Investments. Before joining Fortress investments, Gareth Henry worked as the head of global investor relations at Gordon and Co. The investment firm is estimated to have a net worth of 28 billion dollars and it deals in alternative asset investment.

Currently, Mr. Gareth is a holder of a number of influential positions in the business which has led to him being sorted after by private firms as an adviser, a financial expert and a financial manager. He is the current head of global investor relations and expert in hedge funds and private equity and credit based in New York and London, UK. As a financial expert consultant for a number of institutions, the managing director of Fortress investments group relies on his ability to communicate with clients, colleagues and other workmates, as well as his mathematical abilities in the investment industry to provide reliable counsel on a global scale. In every institution that Henry has worked for, he has been identified as a positive influence and a skilled professional.

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Breakthrough Indonesian Drone Flight For Jingdong


An innovative leader, is China’s largest retailer that has made a historic first drone flight in Indonesia. Dubbed a breakthrough for delivery via drone in Southeast Asia, with new regulation approval, this flight may pave the way for commercial drone use in not only Indonesia but in other parts of Southeast Asia.

There were agents from various agencies such as Civil Aviation and Air Navigation and Indonesia’s Ministry of Transportation on hand to witness the event. News of the breakthrough drone flight was also announced at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting.

On the 8th of January, 2019 the test flight from Jagabita Village in Parung Panjang to MIS Nurul Falah Leles Elementary School was completed. The test flight made a delivery of books and backpacks to happy students who soon asked when deliveries could be made to their homes. This delivery was part of a greater donation of school supplies from Jingdong. JD has a history of philanthropy, often supporting people immediately after various disasters in China.

Jingdong and JD.ID are pioneers in providing the highest quality e-commerce to Indonesia, serving more than 20 million customers across Indonesia. Their logistics network includes ten warehouses that cover more than 480 cities and they are using this expansive network to meet their goal of being able to deliver more than 80% of their orders on the same or next day. In keeping with their philanthropic goals, JD.ID is also leveraging their logistics and other tools and resources to support humanitarian aid efforts such as earthquake disaster relief. Chief Strategy Officer, Jon Liao says “We have been using drones for real deliveries in China for over two years now, and have seen the profound impact that the technology can have on people’s lives around the country. We look forward to working closely with WEF and the Indonesian government to realize the full potential of this technology, and provide more convenience to Indonesian citizens.” Get Related Information Here.




“Paul Saunders on Helping Employees Deal with Burnout “

During his career, around the world, Paul Saunders has helped leaders and their teams to not only identify but also understand and leverage the potential that lies inside cultural differences to spearhead change, innovation, growth, and exemplary performance. Having lived and worked in six different countries, Saunders has vast experience in cross-cultural consulting, training, coaching, and also as a facilitator.


Paul Saunders has a strong belief in the benefits of taking experiential approaches to the challenges associated with a cross-cultural work environment. His strategies are dynamic, hands-on and contain learning activities aimed at promoting real and positive difference. An active member of the Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research (SIETAR), Paul Saunders has a first degree in French and German and is also an MBA holder.


Paul Saunders is the founder and principal of James River Capital Corporation – a firm that offers investment advisory services. James River Capital provides commodity trading expertise, investment management, and advisory services among many others. With the experience of over 25 years working with a wide array of global organizations, Paul Saunders has a lot of useful advice to offer. In an article published in the Patch, he gives tips on helping employees deal with burnout to avoid the associated disadvantages.


  1. Employers should get rid of rigid structures, and policies as constrictions of this nature are not only limiting but can also make them feel trapped. A good way of handling this is always to encourage your employees to spend about 15 minutes every day outlining their goals and what they would love to accomplish.


  1. Supervisors and managers should learn to communicate openly and honestly with employees and give reasonable explanations for the decisions they make on particularly sensitive issues such as promotions. A burnout could occur if an employee begins to have negative feelings about something related to his or her work.


iii. Stress – even non-work related – can cause burnouts. Supervisors and managers should consider this aspect and offer the needed support. The managers should also insist to their employees to take up new hobbies and by all means, strive to achieve a work-life balance.


  1. Be on the lookout for workers who have lost confidence in the way they handle their work. The chances are that they are struggling with burnout. Unfortunately, this is bound to affect the quality of his or her job. They disengage fully and do not give the task at hand their best. To counter such situations, employers are encouraged to always check in with their employees and if possible, assist them to set a few reasonable personal goals to facilitate restoration of their confidence. Another workable solution is to set small, yet achievable performance goals for them to help revive their enthusiasm.


Paul Saunders argues that burnout is a common occurrence in modern times especially with the advent of mobile phones. Employers, supervisors, and managers must do everything possible to set their employees on the right path for long term success. In any case, once they succeed, the business also prospers. Learn more: