Local Betsy DeVos Versus National Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos is the kind of person that you can’t judge based on one particular way of viewing her. She has multiple different sides, and a lot of people have very differing opinions based on the context in which they know Mrs. DeVos.


The average American may not have heard of Betsy DeVos directly prior to her selection as the Secretary of Education for the Trump Administration. She was thrust into the spotlight when her selection was made. She went through a controversial confirmation process in which she was only swept through by the narrowest of margins. Fifty Senators voted in favor and fifty against. The only way to break the tie was to have the Vice-President cast the deciding vote. He voted in favor of her and she was passed through into her current post.


Those who have seen only the public face of DeVos sometimes have a negative view of her based on their politics. They see that she is in favor of charter schools and that she has helped to implement policies that the Trump Administration has put in place that some feel are discriminatory against transgender students. That leaves a bad taste in the mouths of some in the public.


While there is definitely a chance that Betsy DeVos really does have a side that most people disagree with, they need to consider her complete personality. She has a lot of positive things going for her as well such as the fact that she and her husband have given a lot of money to charity and non-profit causes in their home town of Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Grand Rapids has benefited greatly from having the DeVos family in their area. The family did not have to give as much as they have, but they consider it part of something they want to do in life.


It may be easy to place Betsy DeVos in a box and only view her in the way that you originally saw her, but there is a lot more to consider. Make sure you always consider the full resume of a person before putting them into just one category.


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Article Title: Agera Energy Recognized Mrs. Paula Cronin

Article Text:

Mrs. Paula Cronin of Agera Energy knows exactly what true customer care is and shows caring customer service to just about everyone. She interacts with since joining the Agera Energy company in January of 2015. Agera Energy is very thankful for all of Mrs. Paula’s work she has done and the company has awarded Mrs. Paula with the Customer Care award of 2017-2018.

Congratulations Mrs. Paula Cronin for all of your work and assistance becoming a great Customer Care Manager for Agera Energy. Paula Cronin is a woman who shows integrity for the Agera Energy company, gives genuine customer care for the customers, and listens to staff and others to answer any questions or concerns they may have with something. Mrs. Paula Cronin has come a long way in the Agera company and is still growing strong today. She has done well and is a smart Customer Care Manager within Agera Energy.

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Mind, Body, And Soul: Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University in San Fransisco, California is creating and nurturing complete students. They understand that what is established in other schools is a divisive culture that hinders the student’s potential and growth. The culture I’m speaking of is the outdated formula of athletes vs the intellectuals. Why limit yourself? What’s best for the student and bears fruit is to combine mind, body, and soul.

ART U Urban Knights

They currently have 16 sports teams involved in the Pacific West Conference and NCAA Division II sports division competition. They participate in soccer, tennis, track & field, basketball, volleyball, golf, and much more. Contact the school for a full list of all the sports activities they offer.

The Benefits Of Sports And Art

Weaving the best of both worlds becomes streamlined when we understand the similarity of the two. Here are the most powerful elements:


The ability to work with other people is a must, no matter how good you are at completing your goals alone. Working in a team environment allows your goals to be met more efficiently. You can tackle large projects quicker and expedite your learning and growth.

Absorb And Utilize Criticism

When you’re in the middle of a game or task you might make a mistake. Acknowledge the mistake, pivot in your plan of attack and make the adjustments necessary. Most importantly, learn from the situation and understand that experience is the best teacher.

Mastering Time

Practice, practice, practice, will enhance your speed and proficiency in the sporting world. Don’t lollygag, procrastinate, or put off tomorrow what you can get done today. Create a daily to-do list and get yourself a calendar to mark important dates and events. If you have a syllabus strive to stay ahead of the class.

Vocabulary and Communication

The right words at the right time can make all the difference. It’s just as important to listen as it is to get your point across.

Arranging Your Life

Before you begin a game or any scholastic task you must be organized. Knowing where everything is without thinking about it makes any process better. Predetermined systems beat chaos.

Ambitions Of A Artist

You must have the drive, even if you don’t yet have the vision. As you develop into who and what you want to be, ambition will be your fuel to carry you into the future.

Don’t limit yourself or allow yourself to be put into a box that others define. Become the complete student heading into a bright future and career with the Academy of Art University.


Edwin Miranda, CEO, and Founder of KOI IXS a performance-driven marketing agency seems to be on everyone’s lips recently with the innovative way he has broken the glass ceiling that most advertising agencies are stuck under. Edwin Miranda and his company has been recently shortlisted at the New York Festivals Advertising Awards and might be given the nod. This is a significant accomplishment for KOI IXS and his team and would be a great accolade amongst other marketing miracles they have managed to make a reality.

KOI IXS uses predictive analytics and learning algorithm technologies to take a more personalized route towards directed advertising and marketing. This approach to marketing worked immensely successful when Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico in 2018. Edwin Miranda and his team were approached to help restore its tourist industry to its former glory more so even better. Edwin then took to Luis Fonsi, a music artist famed for the hit song “Despacito,” as the new Global Tourism Ambassador. Using an influencer to advertise the country’s best tourist locations and terming his country as “a country with beautiful places” turned the tide and crunched in numbers like over 300,000 media impressions, over $6 million US Dollars earned in media and tax collections. Using influencers to advertise a product or cause, the use of less invasive adverts and lean more towards an advert style that is not an advert style, has a more lasting effect on consumers. The impact of personalized marketing is precise and intimate.

Edwin Miranda prides himself with KOI IXS, a company he started when he was 21 years old. He is one who believes the old age is saying ‘The early bird catches the worm.’ His typical day starts at 5:30 in the morning, a good workout and a healthy light breakfast.

Choosing the Benefits of Agera Energy

There are many customers who are making the switch to Agera Energy from other energy companies that they have found for themselves. Read more about Agera Energy at INC.com.

If you are thinking of looking into this option, it is important to note that Agera Energy offers electric as well as natural gas services to make it easier than ever for you to get the production that you need. You can make the switch easily and without the worry that you are having to pay a small fortune. Read more at Glassdoor.com about Agera Energy.

There are many reasons why you might be considering Agera Energy for yourself. For one, making the switch is easy and done quickly. You will also find that it saves you quite a bit of money and gives you a chance to improve the type of service that you are receiving. There are a lot of people who are choosing Agera Energy for this reason and are able to make the switch.

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Successes of Kisling, Nestico & Redick

Kisling Nestico & Redick offers exceptional services to the people of Ohio. The firm has been operating for more than ten years and it is the leading provider of law services to people with personal injuries. The firm consists of around 40 highly qualified attorneys that strive to serve their clients to their satisfaction. They have also employed extra 1100 employees, who research on the things that their clients prefer as well as the best way to present them in a court of law. Together, they have handled the various problems that their clients go through and this has kept the firm moving.

Kisling Nestico & Redick has always achieved success due to the ability of its leaders to set clear business strategies that guide the venture on the things it ought to accomplish within a particle period. The strategies have enabled the employees to know the kind of market they ought to serve as well as the service proportions they ought to offer. Besides, it has also guided them on the best humanistic approaches to rely on when handling clients. The successes that the venture has achieved have kept its entire team moving and working harder for the benefit of everyone.

On the other hand, the firm has adopted a customer-oriented approach while handling their clients. The firm believes that customers are the major contributors towards its growth and as a result, every employee is encouraged to keep delivering their best for the sake of the company’s successes. Many people have gained trust in the abilities of the employees due to the justice they have continued to receive in cases where they have personal injury accidents. Besides, they have also referred more clients to the venture and this has seen it continue to grow tremendously.

On the other hand, Kisling Nestico & Redick has come to the rescue of the less fortunate members in the local community. The community services that the entire team offers to its clients has enabled a vast number of them to acquire better lives. Recently, the firm donated at least $1,200 food to the Greenbriar Middle School. Many children at the Parma-based school no longer need to worry about where they get their daily diet as it is all covered.

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Dr. Dov Rand Views on Consistency and Technology in Medical Rehabilitation

Medical world — just like any other profession — demands consistency from investors and medical professionals. Dr. Dov Rand understands this reality, and in the last one and a half decades, he has been instrumental in making the world of medical rehabilitation home to excellent practices (Newjerseyivtherapy).

Together with his team, he has not only made this medical niche home to inventions but also the ideal organization for human-centered practices. When he constituted his company, Dr.  Dov Rand points out that he was interested in passionate professionals and experts — that have the same dream as his. Currently Healthy Aging Medical Centers has assisted thousands of people to have a smooth transition to advanced age. Some of the lessons medical professionals can learn from the management of this entity include the following. First, Dr. Dov Rand understands the importance of researches in the world of medicine. Over the years, a considerable amount of the organization’s profits is reinvested back to the company through — research funding.

Thanks to this policy, the entity continues to be the best company in medical rehabilitation. Dr. Dov helps improve the lives of clients with better approaches to different medications. These advancements are consistent with the company’s blueprint and aspirations.

Second, Dr. Dov Rand appreciates the importance of proper operations in the medical world. Under this company, he has successfully assisted the organization to be productive. He understands that productivity is first — employees-centered. This brilliant interpretation has enabled him to remunerate his employees better — more than the industry standards.

The Dr. also understands that for a company to be productive, the management must lead by example. Dr. Dov Rand is always the first one in the company, and this approach has been instrumental in motivating employees to work hard. He has also made the company the most diversified organization in the world of medical rehabilitation.

Lastly, Dr. Rand appreciates technology in the world of medicine. As an individual in the medical world, he understands that medical rehabilitation solely depends on how well a company invests and uses machinery. This understanding explains the reason why Dr. Dov Rand is one of the biggest investors in medical technology –, especially in medical rehabilitation.

More interesting information at https://www.defrancostraining.com/causes-of-high-estrogen-in-men-youve-been-lied-to-dr-rand/

Isabel Dos Santos: A Savvy Businesswoman Gives Back To The Society

Isabel dos Santos is majorly recognized as Africa’s wealthiest woman. Her recognition has gone beyond her community into the world. She has developed and led firms in various industries. The industries Isabel dos Santos has worked with a cut across construction, finance, and telecommunications. In addition, she has accrued more than 20 years of service in the business domain.Integrated with her expert knowledge in deal-making and organizational structure, she is now an international successful entrepreneur.

Isabel dos Santos enrolled for her education while living in England. She acquired her primary and secondary education at Cobham Hall. This is a fully girls boarding and day school located in Kent, England. Later, she received her University education at King’s College in London. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. This enabled her to develop her problem-solving abilities besides the natural interest in science (IsabeldosSantos).

Public appearances are one of Isabel dos Santos’ main activities outside the office in her schedule. One such engagement was made recently at Yale University. This was after an invitation by the Yale Undergraduate Association for African Peace and Development. The focus was to highlight the work she has achieved in empowering her community members.

The mission was aimed at exploring the integrations between the nations, institutions as well as cultures. The organization had a plan to involve people in issues related to them and encourage them to work for Africa’s endeavor. Isabel dos Santos is constantly geared towards bringing to light citizens of Angola and the continent in general who strive to achieve a more successful continent. This involves changing the image of Africans locally and globally. This will increase the opportunities available in Africa.

Isabel also empowers community leaders. This is accomplished through her presence in the international press and her online involvements as well. Her company highlights individuals who have performed exemplary in various aspects of community development. The organization offers them a broad audience for their expert information. She personally connects with these people due to the common passion for the work they do. This has been a great milestone owed to her hard work and dedication.

More information about Isabel´s life and career at http://www.africanews.com/2018/10/20/interview-with-africa-s-richest-woman-isabel-dos-santos-of-angola//

What Really Happens Inside an OSI Group McDonalds Factory

Many people are concerned about how the burgers for McDonald’s are made. They are unsure of what the ingredient list includes and people have even done their own experiments to the brothers and have found fascinating results. David Whipple left a burger in his cupboard for 14 years and found it in pretty much the same state as when he first placed it there. This has led many to think that they are packed full of preservatives. McDonald’s has stated that their burgers and fries do not contain preservatives despite what most people seem to think.

Business Insider recently made a trip to Germany in order to take a tour of an OSI Group McDonalds Factory to find out exactly how the burgers are made and what is on them once and for all.

The OSI Group McDonalds Factory is very large, about the size of a soccer field, and about 90% of the production of this factory is for McDonald’s. Once inside, the OSI Group McDonalds Factory everything smells like beef but hygiene is very important, and even the visitors have to wear protective clothing and wash their hands. Employees are not allowed to work if they are sick, either, in order to prevent any contamination of the food processed there. Plastic pens are also not allowed and are replaced with metal ones in the event that one ends up in the beef it will be caught by a metal detector.

Large meat comes in and then is placed in large containers before being transported to the correct area of the factory and ground up. The meat is blended very fine to ensure that no pieces of bone are left behind. Then, another machine creates patties from the meat, and they are frozen. This OSI Group McDonalds Factory produces around 30 million hamburgers every week. To ensure quality control, random burgers are tested in a kitchen that looks like a McDonald’s kitchen. A Century of Innovation at OSI Group. The burgers are then packaged up and packed into boxes before being wrapped in plastic and shipped next door to the distribution factory and then to McDonald’s.

For details: www.glassdoor.com/Salary/OSI-Group-LLC-Salaries-E19677.htm

Boraie Development Will conduct Propety Management

Boraie Development is certain to be a strong contender in the New Jersey real estate market for years to come. The company is focused on real estate and is quite likely to be digging deeper into the real estate market as they progress forward and seize opportunities within the real estate space.

The company engages in a variety of activities in the real estate sector and will certainly stick to their core focus areas to make a difference and an impact on their financials as well as on that of their partners.

The aspect we will learn about today will be that of property management.

Boraie Development Engages in Property Management

A real estate company has several choices after they build a property, they can manage it themselves or they can outsource the work to someone else. This firm chooses to manage their properties in-house, they do not outsource the work to others to maintain proper quality control.

The management of property is a key component of their holistic process. They have realized that the management of their properties allow them to add more value to them over time in a keen and specific manner. The company is certainly asset heavy and relies on the proper management of their assets.