The Active Michael Nierenberg

Michael Nierenberg has been an asset manager for quite some time now. As an asset manager or someone who has been involved in the field of finance for a majority of his life, Michael Nierenberg realizes the importance of paying attention to points or interest rates.

Michael Nierenberg has seen that asset management is not as simple as people may think it is, there is more involved within the sector, and complexity is ingrained. Of course, Michael Nierenberg also sees that passive investment may seem more simple because it is. Index funds and other sorts of portfolio management may require a more hands-off approach. Active asset management is where stress and other problems occur. Why? Michael Nierenberg and other professionals will tell you that asset values fluctuate, if not managed properly, one may find themselves underwater. Active management requires more time and effort, there is a lot that may go wrong in this method. Active management requires an understanding of the effects of politics, of other companies, of the federal reserve, quantitative easing, and other potential factors that may have an effect on the situation.

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Dick DeVos: Making a Tremendous Economic Impact For Grand Rapids

Dick DeVos is a man of many passions, and that is definitely demonstrated in his willingness to work for his family, his business and his community. One of the areas where this drive to succeed was on full display was demonstrated in 1991, when there was a plan floated by Grand Rapids lawmakers to build a large multi-purpose in a suburb north of downtown. DeVos realized this was a terrible idea simply because he saw the economic effects of Detroit’s decision to build sports arenas for the Pistons and Lions in suburbs instead of right in town. Needless to say, he picked up the phone and started calling in some favors, lobbying as strongly as he could against the idea. It worked out well for both the DeVoses and for Grand Rapids. Moreover, it was the start of greater things for Dick and Betsy DeVos.


His social activism would eventually lead to the construction of such notable Grand Rapids landmarks as the DeVos Place Convention Center, the Van Andel Arena, the DeVos Performance Hall, the medical school affiliated with Michigan State University and the Grand Rapids City Market.


If the only contribution this power couple had been able to offer to the greater Grand Rapids area was that, it would have been impressive. However, they did much more than that and they are now influencing politics on a national level as well.


First of all, from 1989 to 2015 the Dick DeVos Family Foundation became well-known for giving away as much as $138 million to initiatives such as the churches, health and human service organizations, arts and culture operations, education reform initiatives and private school scholarships. Secondly, the DeVos family is also well-known for the causes they champion. Dick DeVos has always had a passion for aviation, and he took his love of education reform and combined the two interests, founding an aviation charter school at the Grand Rapids Airport. Either way, he has had a few bumps in the road, including an unsuccessful run for Michigan governor against Jennifer Granholm in 2006. However, both he and his wife picked themselves up, dusted themselves off and continued to work on education reform.


They continued to work on their advocacy for private school vouchers, and it not only has led to a sea-change and difference of opinion nationwide, but it also culminated in Betsy DeVos becoming the secretary of education under the current Trump Administration. There is no question about it; if the DeVos has anything to do about it, the education system in this nation is definitely going to change for the better. We might even start catching up to other nations somewhat quickly too! This is what the power of advocacy can do.


Visit to learn more. Sells Hungarian Wine to Consumers

JD has partnered up with a leading Hungarian winery. The Chinese retail conglomerate began distributing Grand Tokaj wine which is one of the most well known in the world. Both Jingdong and Grand Tokaj have agreed to begin selling the wine in the Chinese market during the past year. For JD, it will add yet another wine product for consumers to choose from when purchasing wine. It has offered to help research the markets to find out what Chinese consumers are looking to get from wine products. Jingdong will also handle the shipping tasks as well. For Grand Tokaj, it will have one of the most reputable retailers in the world sell one of its leading products to consumers. As a result, this looks to be a very beneficial business relationship between the two parties.

Jingdong will begin selling a wine product that is among the most distinguished in the world. Grand Tokaj wine is made from raisined grapes through a process called noble rot. With this process, the wine is very sweet and is therefore quite tasty. It is also one of the oldest wines in the world as it has been made since the year 1630. Part of what has made the Grand Tokaj wine one of the longest lasting brands is its affiliation with the Hungarian government. The winery is backed by the national government so it will be widely available for both national and international consumers.

Recently JD put the wine product on the market and has seen excellent results. Within ten hours of putting the Grand Tokaj wine up for sale, 1,000 bottles were sold and over 400,000 consumers followed the wine product. With this amount of popularity, the Grand Tokaj wine is now best seller. Jingdong has revealed that three quarters of consumers prefer to purchase a foreign wine. Consumers such as young women are among the primary groups of consumers who purchase the Grand Tokaj wine. As of today, Grand Tokaj wine is the second most popular in China. JD is very pleased to sell this very popular wine product as it believes that it will be a product that satisfies its many customers.

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Sheldon Lavin on Innovative Leadership at OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin studied accounting and finance. Upon graduation, he found a job in the world of finance and consulting. He met Otto Kolschowsky, who owned a facility that processed meat. After several interactions with the family, he became the business owner. Lavin fulfilled his dream of becoming a successful businessman. Within a few years of operation, the food processor became known as OSI Group. Sheldon Lavin currently serves as the CEO of the firm. From the outset, Lavin’s vision was to transform the company into an envied world-class leading food processor.

He succeeded since the facility operates in 17 states with about 60 facilities universally. It has also increased its variety of products to include protein, sauces, and baked goods. Sheldon Lavin has been innovative in the global expansion of the company. To start with, the business professional has cultivated a team work culture at the processing plant. People serving at the company are, therefore, recognized for their input at work. Everyone meets at luncheons. The culture has nurtured a viable system of communication. Lavin has also been a good listener. His office is easily accessible to all.

The management enjoys the innovative approaches implemented in production. Coupled with his entrepreneurial spirit he has worked to nurture at various levels of the firm; it’s no surprise that the facility is vastly dominating the international food sector. Dictates operate many companies in the same category. However, OSI Group is operated by a liberal business leader. Sheldon Lavin has instigated rules and strategies to be followed, thereby allowing staff to implement their entrepreneurial spirit. Besides business, Lavin is passionate about his philanthropic work. He gives back to the local community. He implores his staff to do the same. The entrepreneur has also fostered a giving culture in the communities where OSI Group operates.

Company Profile

In 1909, a German immigrant established OSI Group. The family meat business was first located in Oak Park. In 1917, Kolschowsky expanded it into a wholesale retail. He then relocated the business to Maywood, a Chicago suburb. The business became Otto & Sons. It established an excellent reputation for providing quality meats.


Who Decorated the Home of Chris Burch

Entrepreneur, Chris Birch had a dream of having a home in Paris, France. He has provided a lot of thought into the home, and it included the floor plans he would use. His spontaneity led to him purchasing a home while he visited friends. The home he purchased was 10,000 square-feet. Burch wanted a home restored, and he would get French architect Michel Pinet. Pinet is a proven decorator, and he has able to use some fabrics to decorate Burch’s home. Burch wanted his home to feel cozy. His home will be well-liked by his three daughters. The landscape design was done by landscape designer, Tania Compton. Compton would make use of French topiaries. Compton added an apple orchard and vegetable patch to the landscape.

The home of Burch was accurate, but it had the functionality of a new home. The home had two kitchens and nine bathrooms, and they were all redesigned to fit the look of nearly 300 years ago except new plumbing was included when redesigning the home . Pinet used ancient stone to create antique tiles. Pinet was also able to use cushioning for a chair called Braquenie. The Braquenie dated back to the 1700s. Burch’s home had four doors that dated back to the 1600s. His home also contained curtains from the 19th century.

Entrepreneur Stratford Shields

Stratford Shields has been a leader in the finance industry for quite some time as many different titles as an investment banker, treasurer, managing director, and more. He has been a part of some big deals such as one with Ohio State University that was recognized as a deal of the year and accumulating revenue with some other transactions between hospitals, airports, state funds, and more. According to his biography on Ideamensch, Shields is a graduate of Ohio State University and Columbia University with concentrations in political science and an MBA. Stratford Shields current position is serving as a managing director for a firm located in Chicago called Loop Capital Markets. An interview on observes his skills and accomplishments as an entrepreneur with the individual stating what he does on a typical day that includes: waking up early, thinking about clients and what he can do for them. He does state that this can change when he has to travel. One important habit that he believes that makes him a successful entrepreneur is reading and keeping up on events. Not only does it give him knowledge, but he trusts that it helps when meeting with clients or when thinking about them. Stratford Shields reflects that if he could reverse time that he would not have listened to people who doubted his abilities and shares that entrepreneurs should not be discouraged with failure because it is a learning point. Another skill that has made him productive that he lists is his attention to detail and having constant communication between clients. Something that he has learned with being an entrepreneur is that they have to be realistic and pursue clients who are going to work with them. He reflects that one of his failures was pursuing clients or transactions that were not going to happen. Lastly, Stratford Shields recommends the novel Liar’s Poker by Michael Lewis.


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Barbara Stokes gives Thanks to Habitat for Humanity

Barbara Stokes is a Woman-Owned Small Business owner. She is the CEO of GSH, a nonprofit organization also know as Green Structure Homes. She strives to help address the amount of disaster needs to the government and the private sector. Barbara Stokes recently provided a local charity with a very generous donation. New building materials were donated to Habitat for Humanity in Madison County. Read more at Business Insider.

GSH relies strongly on donations and volunteer to help with the challenges of sustainable and affordable housing for Madison County. GSH is a disaster relief contracting company that helps communities in Alabama looking to rebuild after a natural disaster. They construct fully customizable, energy-efficient modular homes to the communities that are environmentally friendly, and are looking to rebuild after a natural disaster like the devastating Hurricane Harvey. GSH has its own in-house manufacturing facility and they only use high-quality building supplies. GSH donated over a thousand sheets of Drywall used to increase fire resistance and decrease mildew and water absorption. Over 80,000 square feet of Hardie Fascia Linoleum flooring was donated which offers protection from the outer elements while at the same time giving your Linoleum floors a finished look during the rain and flood season. All the materials Barbara Stokes donated will be used to eradicate housing instability. Read this article at

Barbara Stokes understands the importance of families and individuals having adequate shelter. This is the main reasons why Barbara Stokes chose to donate to Habitat for Humanity, because of the excellent work they do on a continuous basis.



The OSI Group is a Key Component

Individuals have to save and live a great life by providing value within the marketplace and capturing a specific amount of value within the marketplace as well. As such, they may have budgets and may dig deep and look at how they spend their value accrued within the marketplace. Individuals have to focus less on spending and focus more on saving a large portion of their income. The more that an individual is saving over time, the better their balance sheet might look. The larger you save the better life can be within the future. Everyone knows that excessive spending over their income leads to debt and further issues. One way that people can save is by looking at the areas of their life that they are spending their money on.

One main aspect of their budget might include that of their foods. They may compromise on quality and want to increase their tastes by saving money and going to a place like McDonalds. McDonalds allows individuals to eat quite a bit while allowing them to spend less on their meals. McDonalds is also available in many different areas, as such, the company reduces search costs and increases the value derived by its customers. If one, did a little digging, they would find that it is because of companies such as the OSI Group that provide the company with quality meats.

The OSI Group McDonalds is a company that is valuable but not many people know about because they work behind the scenes and provide value to the creator of foods such as your favorite local fast food joint. They are able to specialize in the distribution of the meats and are able to benefit from the increase in demand as their clients grow and become successful. But not many people wonder how the company is able to provide these burgers and sandwiches and wraps and other things that they provide to their customers at such a low cost. Many might not wonder how the company is able to create a simple system for their customers and give them reliable food each and every single day.

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Brian Torchin Is Bridging The Gap

Brian Torchin is the chief executive officer of HCRC Staffing. His success in finding and employing qualified and professional staff members led to the birth of HCRC Staffing. HCRC is the leading consulting and staffing firm in the medical industry. The company provides health institutions with staff members such as medical doctors, physician assistants, physical therapists, dentists, nurse practitioners, chiropractors, receptionists, PR representatives, office managers, etc. Brian Torchin has over the years opened staffed and managed medical offices in Delaware, Florida, and Pennsylvania. He spends most of his time and resources to ensure that his clients all over the world are provided with the best human health care support. Read more about Brian Torchin at Glassdoor.

In case you’re wondering why you should use HCRC to recruit your staff members, you should know that the company has had massive success in staffing leading medical institutions. The company searches far and wide to make sure that they provide someone who fits your unique requirements. If you urgently need to fill a vacancy, the company provides suggestions for you in less than 72 hours. The company is nonexclusive and you pay only after hiring someone they have provided: the company staffs both full-time and part-time workers.

Brian Torchin uses various social media platforms to advertise job vacancies, so if you are a qualified medical practitioner looking for employment, you should keep tabs on his facebook and twitter accounts. He uses his social media to mentor young people and inspires them to be the best at what they do. His social media accounts also have client testimonials and reviews about his work.

His greatest achievement, in my opinion, would be bridging the gap between employers and employees; his company has helped hundreds of people find employment thus curbing one of the biggest problems we have today which is unemployment.

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BetterWorks Is Working Hard To Offer Today’s Businesses The Solutions That Increase The Efficiency Of Their Operations:

BetterWorks is an innovative company that launched in 2013 and has subsequently enjoyed significant growth due to its business model of providing today’s businesses with the latest in software geared toward performance management. BetterWorks has achieved a significant amount of praise by helping businesses to run their daily operations to a higher degree of efficiency. When a business makes use of the software offered by BetterWorks, they gain access to programs that can improve their ability to set goals and to keep track of how the members of their team are progressing in their job positions. Today’s business owners love the outstanding features that the BetterWorks software offers them in improving how their businesses operate.

Today’s business owners that are looking to get ahead understand that having the right tools to improve efficiency can make all the difference. This is the service that BetterWorks has been offering to its clients since 2013 and the company recently got some great news that will help it continue to fulfill this goal.

BetterWorks recently got a huge boost to its continued growth when it attained a total of $65 million in Series B funding. This impressive injection of capital will be put toward some of the most important points of growth that the firm is currently working toward. This includes helping BetterWorks to continue on its impressive path of generating innovative products. The Series B funding is also going to be used to take advantage of rapid sales momentum that is going on within organizations of an enterprise nature.

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