Anthony Constantinou: The Future Of Artificial Intelligence


Dr. Anthony Constantinou is a lecture assistant Professor at Queen University in London as well as the head of Bayesian Artificial Intelligence. He is an industry leader in risk assessment and sports betting and his list of achievements are extensive.

As an assistant professor, he enjoys the impact he has on the future of the field. As a consultant he finds fulfillment from helping struggling companies secure their futures. One of the most prominent companies he has consulted for is JFE Steel Corporation, where he made decisions that impacted thousands of workers. Anthony also writes for prestigious magazines such as Sport Finance and Artificial Intelligence in Medicine.

His work in the Bayesian Network is nothing short of remarkable. The Bayesian Network can be used to make predictions of the probability of something happening and the cause and affect of such events. It can be graphed and used as a tool to help those who are seeking to make well informed decisions in times of uncertainty. Another model he has worked on that is impressive is the “Dolores” model, which is a system that can predict the outcome of soccer matches across the world. This model was entered into the International Machine Learning for Soccer competition and ranked 2nd world wide.  View Additional Info Here.

Throughout his extensive resume you can see that Dr. Anthony Constantinou is passionate about his chosen field. He has done a lot to advance the technology of sports betting and created a model that can predict game outcomes. In the future, he will be helping to further advance the field by continuing shaping minds and creating new models.


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