Isabel Dos Santos: A Savvy Businesswoman Gives Back To The Society

Isabel dos Santos is majorly recognized as Africa’s wealthiest woman. Her recognition has gone beyond her community into the world. She has developed and led firms in various industries. The industries Isabel dos Santos has worked with a cut across construction, finance, and telecommunications. In addition, she has accrued more than 20 years of service in the business domain.Integrated with her expert knowledge in deal-making and organizational structure, she is now an international successful entrepreneur.

Isabel dos Santos enrolled for her education while living in England. She acquired her primary and secondary education at Cobham Hall. This is a fully girls boarding and day school located in Kent, England. Later, she received her University education at King’s College in London. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. This enabled her to develop her problem-solving abilities besides the natural interest in science (IsabeldosSantos).

Public appearances are one of Isabel dos Santos’ main activities outside the office in her schedule. One such engagement was made recently at Yale University. This was after an invitation by the Yale Undergraduate Association for African Peace and Development. The focus was to highlight the work she has achieved in empowering her community members.

The mission was aimed at exploring the integrations between the nations, institutions as well as cultures. The organization had a plan to involve people in issues related to them and encourage them to work for Africa’s endeavor. Isabel dos Santos is constantly geared towards bringing to light citizens of Angola and the continent in general who strive to achieve a more successful continent. This involves changing the image of Africans locally and globally. This will increase the opportunities available in Africa.

Isabel also empowers community leaders. This is accomplished through her presence in the international press and her online involvements as well. Her company highlights individuals who have performed exemplary in various aspects of community development. The organization offers them a broad audience for their expert information. She personally connects with these people due to the common passion for the work they do. This has been a great milestone owed to her hard work and dedication.

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The Outstanding Career Of Shervin Pishevar

Shervin Pishevar wears numerous hats including angel investor, venture capitalist and entrepreneur. He is the managing director and one of the founders for Sherpa Ventures. This is a venture capital firm based in San Francisco. He was previously Menlo Ventures managing director and helped launch the company’s $20M seed fund. During his early career he founded companies enabled by technology including HyperOffice, Social Gaming Network and The companies he founded have been successful and raised a $50 million aggregate. His investments include sixty companies including the sectors of media, search and social commerce.


The U.S. Government chose Mr. Pishevar as one of 100 naturalized Americans for the Outstanding American by Choice award. He is one of the UN Foundation’s Global Entrepreneur Councils ten members, serves the board of ComScore and is an entrepreneurial ambassador for delegations in Russia and the Middle East. During President Obama’s Algerian entrepreneurship summit, he was a key note speaker.


Shervin Pishevar graduated from the University of California. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies. He is additionally a published researcher in the Neuroscience Letters and the Journal of the American Medical Association. Shervin Pishevar holds numerous United States patents. Shervin Pishevar is an incubation expert, an accomplished start-up advisor and a published researcher. His is both the Chairman and the Cofounder of Hyperloop Technologies Inc. See This Page for related information.


Mr. Pishevar serves the Global Entrepreneurs Council of the UN as a member. He has served several United States delegations as an Entrepreneurial Ambassador. He was an important member of the working group for Technology, Media, and Telecommunications. This policy was instrumental in creating the technology and Innovation Plan in the year 2008. The Department of Homeland Security honored him in 2012. When Shervin Pishevar was just 21 years of age he already had numerous accomplishments in the field of research. This included the seminal article he wrote for the Journal of the American Medical Association. This article played a significant part in leading the Istanbul Protocol. These were the first guidelines established internationally regarding torture. In 1999 this document became official in the United Nations due to Shervin Pishevar.


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