BetterWorks Is Working Hard To Offer Today’s Businesses The Solutions That Increase The Efficiency Of Their Operations:

BetterWorks is an innovative company that launched in 2013 and has subsequently enjoyed significant growth due to its business model of providing today’s businesses with the latest in software geared toward performance management. BetterWorks has achieved a significant amount of praise by helping businesses to run their daily operations to a higher degree of efficiency. When a business makes use of the software offered by BetterWorks, they gain access to programs that can improve their ability to set goals and to keep track of how the members of their team are progressing in their job positions. Today’s business owners love the outstanding features that the BetterWorks software offers them in improving how their businesses operate.

Today’s business owners that are looking to get ahead understand that having the right tools to improve efficiency can make all the difference. This is the service that BetterWorks has been offering to its clients since 2013 and the company recently got some great news that will help it continue to fulfill this goal.

BetterWorks recently got a huge boost to its continued growth when it attained a total of $65 million in Series B funding. This impressive injection of capital will be put toward some of the most important points of growth that the firm is currently working toward. This includes helping BetterWorks to continue on its impressive path of generating innovative products. The Series B funding is also going to be used to take advantage of rapid sales momentum that is going on within organizations of an enterprise nature.

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Lincolnshire Management, Inc. Portfolio

On October 29, 2018, the sale of Holley Performance Products was sold to an affiliate of Sentinel Capital Partners through the merger of Driven Performance Brands with Holley because the terms of a private transaction that had not been disclosed. As a Lincolnshire partner, Holley was founded in 1903 and has stayed put as the largest designer, manufacturer, and marketer of branded products in the automotive market. This brand uses Lincolnshire Management and stands for American performance car culture, with a management team to match. Lincolnshire Management has been a partner of Holley since 2013.

Ben Bartlett mentions Lincolnshire Management has revenues and quadruple earnings during their investment period. Holley Performance Products is known for having great knowledge about the market, their products, and consumer behavior. They truly understand the layers of Holley’s business, also has received financial advice from Lazard Middle Market and UBS Investment Bank and legal counsel from Kirkland & Ellis LLP. As a private equity firm, Lincolnshire Management values a collaborative approach, as Lincolnshire has $1.7 billion of private equity funds that are under management. $835 million is the most recent Lincolnshire Equity Fund IV, which is ranked in the top quartile of all private equity funds in existence at this time.

Lincolnshire Management has a policy to have an approach to transactions that are creative and flexible. Their approach is to look for companies in industries that are growing. Lincolnshire Management has specific investment criteria, which additionally means they are open to investing in all industries, in particular, niche manufacturing, distribution, and services business. Lincolnshire Management’s main criteria, however, are desired to have strong management teams, competing advantages, diverse customers, good profit margins, and growth opportunities. Lincolnshire delves in acquisitions of private companies that are growing, whether public or private. Lincolnshire Management’s portfolio includes Allison Marine, Dalbo Holdings, Desch Plantpak, Latite, Nursery Supplies Inc. and True Temper Sports.

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Alex Sellem Gives Insight Into The Day To Day Operations Of The Gold Mining Industry

Alec Sellem is the CEO and Founder of Sellem Industries, LLC., a gold mining firm based in England. They differ from other gold mining firms, as Sellem Industries have streamlined the process on gold mining and refining. They operate in the African countries of Sierra Leone, and Senegal, where they have created an infrastructure to mine and refine gold. Majority of gold mining companies that operate in Africa mine the gold locally but refine it offshore.


Instead, Sellem hires local workers and refines the gold in the villages where it was mined. This has helped grow the local economies in Sierra Leone and Senegal. As CEO, Alex Sellem remains very hands-on in the day to day operations of his company.


Alec Sellem met up with to talk about his unique “big picture” business process, the idea behind his company and his typical day.


The idea behind Sellem Industries came from Sellem’s love for trading gold and his love for Africa. He attended university in Switzerland and studied abroad in Africa. While in Africa, he fell in love with the landscapes, the wilderness and the local cultures of the continent.


Alec has a deep respect for the local cultures in Africa and that’s what makes him an effective businessman in the mining industry. This has allowed him to create a new synergy between African governments, local villagers and his company that has improved the lives of everyone.


Before opening his mines, Alec Sellem performed extensive research on the gold mining industry. He realized that most mining companies were “small picture” thinkers and only focused on short term profitability. Sellem himself is a “big picture” thinker and focuses on long term sustainability. To achieve this, he constructed new infrastructure from scratch that has helped ensure long term sustainability.


Due to the changing nature of the mining industry, Alec Sellem doesn’t have a typical day. When he is on-site in Africa, he is always on his feet. He is constantly checking operations, meeting with workers, discussing new ideas and running the day to day operations.


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Sergey Petrossov: Private Jet Flight Innovator

Sergey Petrossov owns the private and shared jet service company JetSmarter. He serves as the Founder and CEO and is also the Co-Founder of LiveContact. He was born in Russia and as a young boy, he immigrated to America. As with many immigrants, his strong work ethic came with him and his ambition was evident in his early years. His innovative attitude drove his will to succeed which led him to start a business in high school importing and exporting tire rims.

As a student at the University of Florida, Sergey Petrossov’s introduction to computer science and other technology came when he was involved in a startup that developed live-chat software. This sparked an interest to pursue this field. He would continue his success in technology after developing a way for Russian and Eastern European students to learn online. This coasted him into becoming the board advisor to a company that offered private Gulfstream jet services with an on-demand concept.

The idea for JetSmarter came about when Sergey Petrossov flew private for the first time. He felt the traditional method of booking private jet flights was outdated considering all of the other marketplace options that existed in other industries. He launched a beta version of an app with his own capital for select testers and after seeing some success, JetSmarter was officially available to the public in March 2013.

JetSmarter is backed by a team of advisors whom many have worked with companies including NASA and Microsoft. They are largely credited to the success of JetSmarter along with the top-notch technology, management, and the relentless pursuit of perfection displayed by Sergey Petrossov. For his effort and success, Sergey Petrossov became a part of the illustrious 30 under 30 by Forbes and received the Top Working Professional by the Sun-Sentinal.

The Inspirational Career Journey Of Carsten Thiel


Most people know Carsten Thiel as a pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical expert. He believes that every business leader should trust their guts for them to be successful. Carsten Thiel was born and raised in Berlin. He studied Chemistry during his studies in Malbrook. He later moved to the United Kingdom to advance his education by enrolling in an Organic Chemistry class at the University of Bristol. Carsten is also a Ph.D. holder in Molecular Biology.

An article from IdeaMensch entitled: “Carsten Thiel: Pharmaceutical & Biopharmaceutical Expert”, Thiel shared how he started his foray into the innovative realm of pharmaceuticals and further expressed his views about the “Golden Age of Biotechnology”.

After completing his education, his skills earned him a position at a local biotechnology company called Hoffman La-Roche. He was initially hired as the communications and product manager. The top management team was impressed with his work, and he was promoted to serve in the scientific research and market assessment departments. He has also worked for Insadong Eastern Europe where he was involved in launching several pharmaceutical products. One of the attributes that have helped him to grow in his career is his professionalism.

Carsten Thiel’s day starts early in the morning. He takes breakfast with his family every morning. According to him, this is a perfect opportunity to interact before the day becomes hectic. The other activities that he undertakes in the morning include checking his emails and watching recent international news. During an interview, he said that watching the news keeps him up to date with all the latest developments in the industry. Go Here for related Information.

He urges other business executives to prioritize their time for them to accomplish their daily tasks and long-term goals. Carsten Thiel spends about 25% of his time during the day with the board of the company and investors. According to the pharmaceutical expert, meeting different stakeholders ensures that there is teamwork and each of them is doing their part to achieve the organizational goals. Carsten also spends about 10% of his time to interact with customers and medical professionals.



Carsten Thiel’s Take On Running A Successful Business


Carsten Thiel is an entrepreneur who grew up in Berlin. One of the qualities that make him a better entrepreneur is yearning to learn more. Business trends advance daily. So, there is a need to be updated on the latest. Therefore, he is always willing to listen and ask questions. This enables him to be a better team player and role model. If the company needs to undertake a project, he makes sure he is available every step of the way. This keeps him informed on all operations. It saves a lot of cost and time to make changes in the initial process rather than the final stage. He steps a fine example for the rest.


As noted by Carsten Thiel, employee engagement is very crucial. Functioning as a team plays a role in the success of the organization. Good communication with employees is beneficial for mutual respect and attainment of goals set. One trend he was fascinated with while growing up is being brought up in a family of doctors. He grew his interest from the way he says his parent work. He was able to get the connection between the knowledge studied and how it is applied in treating a patient. Go Here for related Information.


Carsten Thiel is particularly focused on the technological part of the business. Technology which generates diagnosis and cure for diseases has impacted the medicine world positively. New discoveries are made which facilitate more ways to fight against infection. He recognizes that he is living at a time in history where many operations have been transformed and simplified. Therefore, he takes pride and action in using this to cure his patients.


Thiel is a firm believer in trusting your gut. An entrepreneur is required to make many decisions for the business. This has made him a better leader and businessman.


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Castel Thiel’s Outstanding Career


Castel Thiel is one of the prominent personalities that have built their brands in the biotechnology industry. Castel is the brains behind Neulasta, Vectibix, Prolia, and Strensiq medical products. The success in the production of those products results from his expertise, leadership, and professionalism. Castel Thiel takes part directly in changing patients’ lives as well as developing and launching various medical therapies.

An article with Medical Daily Times entitled “Carsten Thiel: Impactful Medicine”, talks about Thiel’s leadership, expertise, professional experience and contribution to the world of Biotechnology.

During his tenure in the biotechnology industry, Castel Thiel has fought for a revision of some medical regulations. The review of such protocols resulted in better patient care. Additionally, the bond between the service providers and patients strengthened. The Berlin-born biotechnologist developed the passion for chemistry in his early school days in Marburg.

The alumnus of Bristol University located in the southwest of Britain studied organic and biochemistry in the institution. Castel Thiel proceeded to pursue a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology at the Max Planck Institute specializing in Biophysical Chemistry.

Thiel made a debut of his working career at Hoffman La-Roche. He was the pharmaceuticals company’s Product and Communication’s Manager. Through his interpersonal and innovative skills as well as scientific knowledge, Thiel built his career successfully. His expertise won him a better position in the scientific marketing department. One of the studies that he learned was that the industry demanded better customer service. Refer to This Article to learn more.

Besides, the positions trained him to apply his medical expertise by introducing new products in the market. He also learned of the need for personal integrity to prosper in the field. His exposure in the leadership positions prompted him to launch Xenical, a weight loss product. After the launch, he practiced caution by collaborating with the customers.

Additionally, Thiel aimed at building the product’s reputation. The plan worked well for the product, and the number of customers increased tremendously. They agreed to adhere to the product’s terms that the treatment would go together with a healthy diet and an active lifestyle.


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ISI Moving Forward Without Mark Holyoake


There have been some big changes going on at Iceland Seafood International, or ISI. They are the leading exporter of seafood from Iceland, and their products go to all parts of the world. Recently ISI announced a new CEO. Bjarni Armannsson has stepped into that role and started out right away shaking things up.

One of the biggest changes going on at ISI is that some long-time members of the board will be stepping down. Those members are Benedikt Svenisson and Mark Holyoake. Both have been with the company for decades and have served in many roles.

Mark Holyoake is a British businessman and has been the largest shareholder of the company for many years. Mark was born in 1972 and attended the University of Reading. In the 1990s, he ventured into the real estate business. He is still active in that sector today and has many large purchases under his belt. This also includes the home he currently lives in.

During his real estate ventures, Mark Holyoake has mainly focused his purchases to those in the United Kingdom. He spent the majority of his time buying, working to develop and manage both residential and commercial properties. Some of these were then sold off for a profit.

Even though both Mark Holyoake and Benedikt Svenisson will no longer be part of Iceland Seafood International, both left with positive messages. These farewell messages were directed both to each other and to the company as a whole.

With the vacancies that Iceland Seafood International currently has, there will be a shareholders meeting in early February. At that meeting, nominees for these openings will be announced. A chairman for the board will also be nominated. With the hiring of the new CEO, Bjarni Armannsson, ISI is moving in a new direction. Only time will tell how these moves pay off, but the right people can solidify these changes.


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Carsten Thiel: Leading A Successful Launch Of Medical Products

Carsten Thiel is a visionary leader in the field of biotechnology. He was born in Berlin at the time Germany was divided.

An article from IdeaMensch entitled: “Carsten Thiel: Pharmaceutical & Biopharmaceutical Expert”, Thiel shared how he started his foray into the innovative realm of pharmaceuticals and further expressed his views about the “Golden Age of Biotechnology”.

Carsten Thiel studied chemistry in Malbrook after excelling in his studies. He later moved to the United Kingdom to study organic chemistry at the University of Bristol and later specialized with Biochemistry. After graduating, Carsten studied a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology at the Max Planck Institute of Biophysical Chemistry. During his Ph.D., he specialized his studies on the protein that is involved in the transition of healthy cells into becoming cancerous.

After his studies, Carsten joined the workforce. His first position was in the pharmaceutical realm with Hoffman La-Roche, a leading biotechnology firm. Here Thiel perfected his knowledge in interpersonal, innovation and scientific disciplines, while serving as the Communications and Product Manager. He was later given more obligation in the levels of key account management and scientific marketing. He preserved personal honesty in the field and later landed a global leadership position to assist in the launch of Xenical, a weight loss product.

Carsten was actively involved in the successful launch of Xenical, and other high-profile medical products by applying his expertise, professional and leadership skills. This has greatly influenced his upward-moving career in the pharmaceutical sector. Besides spearheading launch and marketing of medical products, he has also been involved directly in improving the lives of patients. He has often placed the long-term effects of products to a patient first before launching it.

Some of the scenarios where he has put patients first are when launching Vectibix, a colorectal cancer treatment. Carsten Thiel ordered a re-evaluation of the product after finding out a potential of it not being effective to some patients. This is where he initiated his patient-first innovative approach to product launch. Carsten maintains that compassion and empathy play an important role in an effective product launch. See This Article for more information.


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Biotechnology’s Golden Age Is Maturing


A major biotechnology investment bank reported that global biotechnology revenues more than doubled between 2000 and 2005. In the years since, the industry has continued to see stunning growth.

Carsten Thiel and other technology experts believe that our society could benefit enormously by increasing its commitment to this field of scientific inquiry.

As we enter a golden age for biotechnology, remaining a leader in biotechnological advances is essential for our society’s well-being. Most obviously, U.S. technology companies and employees will continue to see financial gains as our technologies are exported throughout the world. Perhaps more importantly, biotechnology has the potential to greatly improve life quality throughout all socioeconomic spheres. See This Article for additional information.

The number of biotechnological therapies currently in development is astonishing. For example, we will soon see a reliable spit test for diagnosing cancer. A research team at the University of California has already designed a device that can detect cancer within a tiny a patient’s saliva.

Eventually, this biotechnology should evolve to the point where it can be used to detect a wide variety of serious illnesses. Experts like Carsten Thiel are thinking of devices like these when they suggest we are entering an age of explosive growth in the biotechnology sector.

The promise in biotechnology seems almost boundless in nature. From its headquarters in Illinois, the Ambient Corporation has created a small device that can literally restore voice to the voiceless. To maintain our advantage in biotechnology, our society will have to continue to improve the structures and institutions that underpin technology innovation. Expert technology commentators like Carsten Thiel believe that our education system must boost biotechnology or risk losing out to global competitors.


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