OSI Food Solutions, The World’s Leading Distributor of Meat Processed Products.

OSI Food Solutions is one of the leading producer and distributor of meat processed products in the world. David McDonald heads the Illinois based firm as its chief executive officer. The company’s rich history dates back to 1909 when a German immigrant called Otto Kolschowsky founded it.Due to the high demand for its products, the company moved to Maywood in the year 1917 to satisfy its customers. It was later renamed Otto and Sons in 1928. Since its inception, the firm has consistently grown to establish itself in one of the top 100 companies in the business world. It currently operates in more than 17 nations with 65 facilities under its name.

The first large OSI Food Solutions plant was opened up in Chicago. During the same year, the firm expanded its business by acquiring the Glenmark brand. After securing the huge company profits, the brand was later sold out to Chicago Best Meat in the year 2011.The company joined hands with General Milling Corporation to conceive GenOSI which is a Philippine-based food processing plant. In the year 2002, the firm penetrated the Chinese market and ascertained its dominance by setting up a facility in Beijing. The meat company later opened up Vista Processed Foods in India.OSI Food Solutions also purchased Baho Food. The company based in Holland focuses on deli meats and other food products.

The firm has operational facilities in Netherlands and Germany. In a statement, David McDonald said that Baho Food would broaden its market in Europe. He further added that Baho’s products and high quality brands would complement the company’s processing capabilities.It was however agreed that Baho Food’s managing director, John Balvers would retain his business managerial role together with his team. In June 2016, OSI Food Solutions also purchased the former Tyson Foods. The firm was acquired at the cost of $7.4 million.The company has several facilities distributed across the United States. Most of them have been set up in Chicago, California, and Wisconsin. It also operates in Eastern and Western Europe and Asia. Due to its efforts and successes, it received the British Safety Council Award in 2016.

Credit Revolution by David Zalik Led Company: GreenSky.

Credit involves giving out money that is refunded in the future with an agreed level of interest rate. The rate is normally arrived at during the application of the loan. There are two parties involved in the issuance of credit, the borrower and the lender. The borrower is obligated to pay back the amount borrowed and the interest agreed upon. In some cases, the rate to be charged as interest is fixed, some lenders require the borrowers to offer a collateral before being issued with credit. With the advancement in technology, some lenders do not require any collateral to offer a loan.

GreenSky is one of the modern companies that help clients to acquire loans from their service providers. The company has been recognized globally for its innovation and offering unique credit plans that are affordable. GreenSky is headed by David Zalik as the chief executive officer, through his leadership, the company has been able to gain a good reputation in the finance industry. David Zalik is an inspiration to many people around the world, he rose from humble beginnings to become one of the most successful businessmen. He started his first business at a tender age and overcame many obstacles to get to his current position. David Zalik serves as an example to many people around the world who shy away from starting businesses when young. According to research, a significant number of young people who start businesses give up easily after experiencing small challenges.

David Zalik has received several prestigious awards for his exemplary entrepreneurial and leadership skills. Other than business, he has been a leader in several other organizations in Atlanta. He is a responsible husband and a father to three children. GreenSky has several packages that are mainly aimed at increasing the sales of businesses by enabling businesses to close more deals. The home improvement plan helps individuals to acquire loans from contractors to enable them to live in better and decent housing. By using the platform, the service providers receive fast payments for the services hence enabling them to perform better. The best part about GreenSky is that they do not charge any fees for enrollment. The company makes lending easy as they have a mobile app where an individual can apply for a loan more conveniently, at the comfort of their homes.


The Reason Sunday Riley Created Sunday Riley

Sunday Riley debuted Sunday Riley to the world in 2009. In less than a decade, the chemist turned skincare company founder has transformed the lives of many women. Many women proclaim how these products have helped their skin in so many ways. These products are surely what they cost. From cleansers to creams, Sunday Riley has perfected Sunday Riley into being a brand that offers a woman every essential item she needs to care for her skin.

Sunday Riley purposely created her brand with minimalistic packaging. The packaging keeps things simple and concise. The focus is on the products and formulations. The packaging clearly explains each product and its benefits to your skin. Her focus is not attractive packaging but rather productive packaging.

The chemist is a smart businesswoman. She has been able to keep her products within a certain price range due to how the testing of formulas are done by herself. Not having to pay extra scientists and other research teams keeps the products from being as expensive as other brands in this category. She charges customers what her products are worth. She does not believe in overcharging like many other companies. She prides herself on producing quality products that solve some of the most stubborn skincare issues women face.

Sunday Riley is a creative businesswoman. When she first launched the brand, her marketing budget was slim. Thus, she contacted influencers on social media. This turned out to be a good idea. Having influencers advertise the brand on their pages to interested buyers paid off well. Influencers were extremely more cost effective than other forms of advertising. Using influencers also gave her brand the social proof needed to secure this is a trustworthy brand in the minds of consumers. Since the debut launch back in 2009, Sunday Riley has become extremely popular and successful skincare company.

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Experience The Uniqueness of Waiakea Water

With the bottled water industry being estimated as a one hundred billion dollar industry, and many brands already available to choose from, it is essential that any new brand entering the market find a way to stand out as special in a way that will appeal to consumers. Some brands do this by enhancing their water with vitamins or by promising a better filtering process. Regardless of their method, the ability to be unique will attract buyers.

One company established in 2012, Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water, has several claims to uniqueness. First of all, the company is based in Hawaii, so all the associations of natural, good, fresh Hawaiian products are built into the brand. The word Waiakea comes from the Hawaiian language and means “broad waters.” The second special feature is that Waiakea water is actual volcanic water. The process of filtration involves the water running through the volcanic rock of the Mauna Loa volcano. No other bottled water product on the market can make such a claim, so Waiakea Water provides a unique experience that many consumers want to try.

In addition to providing a bottled water that stands out from the competition in name, content, and process, Waiakea Volcanic Water benefits don’t stop there. Not only does the company use low-emission vehicles for delivery, but it also addresses the environmental aspect of what happens to the plastic bottles once the water has been consumed. Our oceans are polluted with over eight million tons of plastic each year, so finding ways to reduce this number is essential.

Waiakea addresses the problem by providing the first fully degradable water bottle in the world. Instead of the one thousand year process that is necessary for a typical water bottle to degrade, a Waiakea bottle will take only fifteen years to fully break down. The bottles also contain one hundred percent recyclable plastic. Waiakea is a leader in the environmental issues surrounding bottled water production.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water has been named as one of the fastest growing American companies by Inc. 500. This title seems well deserved as the company has found a way to provide a unique, environmentally friendly product.




Doe Deere Explains How Her LimeCrime Brand Was Formed By Her Dream Of America

The fashion icon and cosmetics mogul, Doe Deere is one of the world’s leading entrepreneurs with a history of working outside the usual influences of the fashion industry. In 2008, Deere began her Online cosmetics business, LimeCrime and found herself facing criticism for attempting to bring the retail sector into the 21st-century by established figures within the industry. As an immigrant from a small Russian city, Doe Deere has seen her determination to succeed built around her willingness to take risks and build on the close family unit she maintains with her husband, mother, and sister.

Born Xenia Vorotova in the small Russian city of Izhevsk, Doe Deere moved to New York City and its more than seven million people from a city with around half a million residents. Doe admits her life was turned upside down and the family took some time to adjust to their new surroundings and lifestyle, including the issue of making enough money to survive on Manhattan Island. Revealing the full extent of her immigrant story, the New York Institute of Fashion graduate explains she, her mother, and sister were forced to move into a homeless shelter when the money dried up.

It was during the time in the homeless shelter the Poppy Angeloff founder met her first mentor, attorney and activist Dorchen Leidholdt who encouraged the family to continue the fight to achieve their own version of the “American Dream.” After encouragement from her new mentor, Deere applied to the New York Institute of Fashion and began her studies which would lead to her becoming a successful business leader. The unwillingness to bend to the conventional rules which led the family to New York is easy to spot in Doe Deere as she continues to create cosmetics and fashion lines using bold colors and a fairytale-based style.

Doe Deere would like the world to know her opinion that America is still a great country offering countless opportunities for immigrants and those born in the U.S. By moving to the U.S., Doe Deere was given the opportunity to start a successful business, buy her own home, and see her family achieve the majority of their dreams.


Robert Deignan: The Passion Behind ATS Digital Works

The last two decades have experienced the prime years of the technology industry with so many innovations coming into place. Thriving and becoming an expert in such a demanding industry is another thing. In this piece, we look at Robert Deignan, co-founder and current CEO of ATS Digital, a market leader in the tech industry.

Robert Deignan knew what he wanted in life immediately after graduating from Purdue University in 1995, with a Bachelor’s in Business Management. He wanted to go the entrepreneurial way, so he partnered with Fanlink, Inc in 1998 and founded his first business, a digital technology solutions venture. The company was dissolved three years later in 2001. Robert became the executive vice president in 2002 at iS3 Inc. and continued to work for the next nine years after which he left in 2011. The software venture provided a wide variety of services including computer optimization, digital security, and personalized technical support.

In 2011, he decided it was time to put all his knowledge, expertise and passion all into one basket and founded ATS Digital Services LLC. This was going to be the peak of his life. His management and leadership experience from his previous roles came handy, and he also became CEO at his newly founded company. Today the company solves any technology-related issues, both home, and commercial needs. Robert Deignan instilled the culture of providing top-notch customer service which has helped the company become a favorite to many clients. In that same year, 2011, Robert also founded Inbound Calls Experts where he serves as a digital support provider to clients from all parts of the globe.

ATS Digital Service prides itself in offering the very bests services regarding quality and timing. The company strives to bring convenience to all clients in need of their services. They are well equipped with the latest technology advancements placing them as the best in the market.

Robert Deignan has been recognized with his commitment to offer the best customer service. ATS Digital Solutions became the first company to be certified by App Esteem that requires a company to show how they provide premium customer and support services in the tech world.



JingDong is the largest e-commerce company by revenue in China. The company is a member of Fortune Global 500 and has recorded tremendous growth since it launched JD.com, in 2011.


JD.com is a user-friendly and content-rich website that provides consumers with an enjoyable online experience.

JingDong launched the JD Cloud Warehouse Management Solution in December 2017. The new initiative is a cloud-based supply chain management system that upgrades existing warehousing solutions by incorporating JD’s supply chain capability.


Through JD Cloud Warehouse Management Solution, JD.com has made it possible for small and medium-sized companies to increase their customer base and the orders they get at the same time improving efficiency. In this way, these companies can, in turn, lease their physical and unutilized warehouse spaces to other parties.


In the beginning, JD designed this solution to help cater to its vast logistics network in the regions that it operates in. JingDong is an online and offline retailer that recently launched a parcel delivery service that serves both business and residential addresses. Get More Information Here.


JD.com proprietary supply chain management technology has made it possible for the company to do deliveries for over 90% of JD.com orders in 48 hours.


300 million customers are at th service of JD. This has seen the company increase its Gross Merchandise Volume from RMB32.7 billion in 2011 to RMB658.2 billion in 2016.


JD is a technology-driven company and therefore has banked heavily on running its operations on a highly scalable technology platform which helps move products and services at unprecedented speeds thereby distracting traditional supply chain methods which move at a slower rate, cumbersome and are built for a more predictable market base.


JD.com has made it possible for companies that produce various types of products and the ever demanding consumers who need to get the products to have a common platform on which they can conduct their business.


Recently, Gieves & Hawkes, a British brand that manufactures bespoke menswear opened a flagship store on JD.com.It is the fourth member of the Hong Kong-based Ruyi’s trinity group that has partnered with JD.com to allow consumers access to tailor-made services through JD luxury delivery services and logistics network.


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Unroll Me Uses Their Expertise To Help Customers


Since Unroll Me started helping their customers, they knew they had a duty to continue offering them the best experiences possible. The company also made great strides to give other people the options that might help them avoid having to stay subscribed to emails they weren’t interested in any longer. It’s important for the company to do these things for their clients. Since they know what people want and they know what they need to do to help them with these issues, they can create a better experience for all the clients. It also makes sense for them to do everything they can to keep offering these opportunities for each of their clients.


Based on the research they did, Unroll Me found many people were dissatisfied with the number of emails they received from subscription services. They knew a lot of people didn’t want to be a part of the subscriptions and that’s something they pushed to make better for all their clients. It’s also something they did so they’d be able to help all their clients. Making sure they offered people the chance to unsubscribe from unwanted email subscriptions made it easier for the company to see how they could help their clients. They also made sure they did everything they could to show people what it would be like to continue helping them with the issues they faced. Go Here for additional information.


Based on the experience the company had and everything that made them better, they knew they had a lot of work to do. Unroll focused on getting their ideas out to other people and marketing themselves in a way that allows them to show people they can get help with subscriptions. Most of the time, these subscriptions are made up of marketing emails and that can be hard for people to deal with on a regular basis. Unroll Me makes it easier for people to get away from this kind of marketing while also making sure they have the chance they need to unsubscribe from emails that might be a problem for them. The service can be especially helpful for people trying to save money.


Unroll.Me is part of Rakuten Slice, whose market research organization Rakuten Intelligence provides the world’s leading brands, retailers, and marketers e-commerce insights to help them better understand market and consumer trends.


Development of Unroll.Me was met with several setbacks, but they were able to overcome them and after that got several sign-ups after it was featured on The Next Web and Life Hacker, which are influencer sites.


View source: https://www.useronboard.com/how-unrollme-onboards-new-users/


Stream Energy Helps the Hurricane Harvey Victims in Houston

Hurricane Harvey claimed many lives in Houston rendering others homeless. Many companies extended a helping hand to the victims of the natural calamity. Stream Energy was one of the companies that reached out to the survivors of the Hurricane Harvey. Stream Energy engages in corporate philanthropy through their charity foundation known as “Stream Cares.” The company helps out the residents of Texas and other affected individuals throughout the country.

By helping out the Hurricane Harvey casualties, Stream Energy illustrated that the companies in Dallas have endorsed philanthropy as part of their blueprint. The formulation of a philanthropic branch in the company is a recent project. By engaging in philanthropy Stream gives back to the community thereby earning the loyalty and respect of the clientele. Since corporate philanthropy is highly publicized, companies use the publicity to evade negative publicity.

Statistics indicate that companies donated approximately $19 billion in 2016. The organizations have also extended a helping hand by issuing corporate sponsorships and cause marketing. Stream Energy has also cultivated a long-term relationship with organizations such as Red Cross and the Habitat for Humanity.

Additional Information

Stream Energy deals with the direct sale of energy. Its associates deliver specific products and services such as fixed-rate energy and mobile phone plans. They also propel the creation of a large network of clients by offering them clean energy at discounted prices. Stream associates are issued a commission depending on their sales. They also support charitable causes.

When it comes to charity, Stream has placed an emphasis on homelessness, which is why the company, together with its employees come together to assist the homeless people in Dallas. Stream tackles the homelessness problem through Hope. By working together with Hope Supply Co., homeless children access essentials such as clothes, diapers, and school supplies. Stream Energy and the Hope Supply Co. have worked together for four years, and they have impacted the lives of many people positively.

In 2016, Stream reached out to the Texas tornado casualties. The residents of North Texas were affected by tornados a day after Christmas. Since Stream engages in corporate philanthropy, they did not hesitate to help the survivors.


Simple Tips to Improve Leadership in the Business World

Extensive research has been conducted on behalf of the corporate world in an attempt to determine the most effective leadership methods. This research has uncovered three basic principles that could probably benefit every company with multiple employees. Learn more: http://jrccblog.net/


Supporting Over Leading

The managers at Facebook found that supporting their teams is more important than leading them. This seemingly minor change can drastically affect the way managers interact with their workers. It can also have an impact on the way workers see and conduct themselves.


Encouraging and Welcoming

According to some studies, approximately eight in 10 employees withhold important information from their employers. The workers may feel that they will create trouble for themselves if they try to challenge those above them. However, this lack of communication can thwart the type of collaboration and engagement that is necessary for a business to operate successfully. Such repression can also stifle innovation. The principle of “psychological safety” has been used by Google, ensuring that employees can freely discuss issues and problems with management personnel. The safety will come from the fact that those at the top will accept and respect the comments of workers, preventing the type of conflicts that can arise when information is suppressed.


Opinions Should Matter

In a supporting rather than leading role, it is important for managers to recognize and remove any obstacles that can impede a successful business operation. It is particularly important that everyone is allowed to speak at company or staff meetings. Managers should identify those in attendance and specifically identify those who speak. Workers who fail to speak on their own should be asked for their input. Employees should always feel comfortable and understand that their opinions are valued.


Leading the Field at James River

Although it takes considerable effort to manage a team of workers, some simple changes can make a difference for everyone. This is the philosophy of James River Capital Corp., best known simply as James River. Registered as both an investment and commodity trading adviser and a commodity pool operator, the company was established in 1986 as KP Futures Management Corp., serving as the alternative investment division of Kidder, Peabody & Co. Through the efforts of Paul Saunders and Kevin Brandt, two seniors officers employed in that department, James River became an independent firm in 1995. Based in Richmond, Va., James River today has a management portfolio that is valued at approximately $570 million.