Bhanu Choudhrie and C&C Alpha Group’s Middle East Expansion Plans

Bhanu Choudhrie is a British-Indian businessman and entrepreneur. He is the co-founder as well as the executive director of the C&C Alpha Group Company. Bhanu Choudhrie has global investments in various industries including banking, aviation, utilities, and hospitality. He was born in June 1978 in New Delhi, India before moving to the United Kingdom in the early 2000s.

Choudhrie went to Boston University where he graduated with a degree in International Business and Marketing. He also went to Harvard Business School where he undertook an Owner Management Programme. He has been the senior executive director of C&C Alpha Group since 2001. Currently, he is responsible for the investment strategy at the firm.

The C&C Alpha Group Company invests in real estate, agriculture, aviation, hospitality, healthcare, and utility sectors. In the United States, Bhanu is a board member at Atlantic Coast Bank, Customers Bank, and New Century Customers Bank. Currently, Choudhrie is the director of the Path to Success which is a charity firm that was established by his mother.

The firm helps and supports disadvantaged individuals, especially women. It also helps them access disability accommodations as well as quality education. The charity organization is well-known for its vital role in helping the disadvantaged women reach their sports-centered goals. Visit Bhanu Choudhrie on facebook to learn more about his platform.

C&C Alpha Group Company’s Middle East Expansion Plans

The C&C Alpha Group Company is planning to expand its services to the Middle East countries. It is targeting various industries including liquid assets, tourism projects, and aviation. The firm already owns and manages a plant in Sharjah, and it is aiming to expand the operations across the Middle East countries.

C&C Alpha is currently in advanced talks to enter into the lucrative water purification market in Saudi Arabia. The company owns and manages the SWRO plant in Sharjah that generates over 0.5 million gallons of purified water every day.

Bhanu Choudhrie and the C&C Alpha Group own the rights to distribute purified water to Hamriyah Free Trade Zone Authority; however, the company plans to expand the plant to two million gallons daily as the demand grows. Bhanu Choudhrie also feels that there’s a market for the holistic wellness hotels in the Middle East countries such as Saudi Arabia.

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Matt Badiali Shares Valuable Advice with Hopeful Investors Who are Looking for a Solid Investment

Matt Badiali had no idea that he would end up being an investment expert when he first attended college. He earned his bachelor’s degree in earth sciences from Penn State University and also earned a master’s degree in geology while studying at Florida Atlantic University. Everything he did pointed to him being a scientist, and this was the case until a friend of his suggested that he consider looking into the financial and investment sector.

His friend believed that he would be able to use his scientific background to be able to spot solid natural resource investments. He also figured that Matt Badiali would be good at explaining what he knew to regular investors who could use his help. In 2004, Badiali took the leap and began to conduct research into investment opportunities. Along the way, he began to travel to different parts of the world to visit oil wells, abandoned mines, and the offices of corporations he was interested in investing in.

Matt Badiali has built a career out of his accuracy for making the right picks in the stock market. He decided to join Banyan Hill Publishing in 2017 in order to reach more aspiring investors with his words of wisdom. Today, he continues to serve as the editor of the Real Wealth Strategist, where he offers advice related to precious metals, agriculture, oil, and other natural resource investments. His writing style is one that takes complicated and mundane information and makes it understandable and interesting to his readers.

Matt Badiali is also the man who introduced Freedom Checks to the world. These are paid out to people who decide to invest in specific natural gas and oil companies that operate in the United States. These companies have signed up to be able to offer investors Master Limited Partnership opportunities, which allow an investor to receive payments for investing in their companies. These function a lot like stock dividends and enjoy many of the same kinds of tax benefits as they do. Matt Badiali also shares his valuable insight on Medium, where an interested person can read all about his latest finds on the stock market.

Organo Gold Has Put Their Own Creative Twist On Coffee And Network Marketing

First established in 2008, Organo Gold has pushed past several boundaries to become part of the well-established coffee culture around the world. Organo offers a variety of different products alongside its gourmet coffees, including nutraceuticals and personal care items. Organo is headquartered in British Columbia, but it operates in more than three dozen different countries around the world today.

A good cup of coffee needs to stand out, especially with all of the varieties and picky drinkers that love their coffee. Perhaps the most significant difference between Organo Gold coffee and regular coffee is the addition of a special Chinese mushroom known as the Ganoderma Lucidum. Many of the products offered through Organo Gold are infused with this remarkable natural ingredient, which is known to have a variety of benefits for the human body.

No fillers are added to Organo Gold’s coffee and every bag or cup contains 100 percent pure Ganoderma Lucidum powder as well as 100 percent Arabica bean. This combination tastes great but more importantly, it packed with healthy and natural nutrients. In past studies, Ganoderma has been found to support the immune system and provide anti-inflammatory effects throughout the body.

Coffee culture is vast, spanning dozens of countries around the world. It doesn’t appear to be slowing down either, with millions of people looking for their morning cup of coffee throughout the week. Organo Gold’s gourmet coffees are available far and wide, but they are most commonly picked up on the Organo Gold website and Amazon. Many independent retailers have also picked up Organo Gold products to sell on their shelves, which typically runs around 30 dollars per sachet box of Organo Gold coffee. The best part is, Organo Gold offers partnership to distributors looking to gain some revenue and add more product to the shelves.

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Edwin Miranda

Edwin Miranda Explains Key Roles In Customer Service For Marketing Consultants and More

Marketing consultants come with their own share of responsibilities, including customer service. Customer service is essentially dealing with public. You are going to deal with your fair share of problematic people too. These are the people who make a fuss but then essentially blame you for the chaos they have created. You will get that in marketing too just in a different capacity. Edwin Miranda has a few tips on how to handle every type of customer, including the problematic ones.

1) Edwin Miranda suggests you brush up on your speaking skills. You are going to spend a lot of your time talking. You will be required to use your voice to influence the customer, appealing to their feelings, or both.

Edwin Miranda explains that you will need to keep their feelings in mind, in spite of how they might treat you. Some investors are going to walk into the room with a bad attitude and take it out on you. Edwin Miranda explains you cannot let that bother you. Sometimes you have to show a little more empathy than normal to diffuse potential situation.

2) Edwin Miranda explains that you have to remain positive no matter which type of investor you deal with. Some investors are going to be easy going. Others will have a different dynamic. You have to be adaptable to every kind of situation that might come up.

An Example

I worked in retail for a few years. I had one customer essentially be rude to me and then turn around and blame me for their attitude. I had to remain positive at all times, including in front of the boss.

Think of consulting in the vain of customer service in a store. You are consulting with clients to make sure they get what the want. Some will be more demanding than others. You still need to maintain a positive attitude at all times.

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Felipe Montoro Jens Advises New Entrepreneurs to stay Focused

Felipe Montoro Jens is a finance expert. He has worked for established companies in the industry. He is based in Brazil but has clients all over the world. He is majorly known as a project expert and consultant. He has worked with many professionals and firms during his career. He has an illustrious career and is consulted by many. His experience and knowledge has helped his career and made him a household name. He is a recognized personality in financial matters and infrastructure. Learn more about Felipe Montoro Jens at

Felipe Montoro Jens attended Oregon University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and History. He furthered his education because he wanted to increase his chances of getting a good job. Most of his peers were studying for a master’s degree, and he thought it was a good idea to further his education. He acquired his master’s degree from Kinesiology and Health Promotion. Felipe Montoro Jens holds several positions on the boards of different companies. He is the director of Fonte Nova Negocios SA, CEO of Concessionary Interoceanic and principal of Peru Inversionesen Infrastructure SA.

Felipe Montoro Jens likes spending time with family in the morning before going to the office. He believes less is more so he does not spend late hours in the office. To bring ideas to life, he reads serious and curious news to challenge his mind. Watching movies helps him unwind and think clearly.

Furthermore, Felipe interacts with smart people to get ideas to improve his skills. He focuses on what he wants to achieve at a particular time to increase the chances of attaining success. He advises young people to do their best and ask questions when stuck. Don’t be afraid to ask or make mistakes. Mistakes help you grow and become a better person. Focus on the present, live and enjoy life. Felipe Montoro is an inspiration to new entrepreneurs.

Read:–felipe-montoro-jens-os-vencedores-do-premio-ppp-awards-2018-revelados-em-dezembro&partnerid=69&releaseId=195210 Takes Its Drones To Japan In JV With Rakuten Inc. or Jingdong Mall, may be known as a premier digital retailer for Asia and Europe, but it is also a global leader for autonomous package delivery. Founder Richard Liu Qiangdong is a pioneer in the realm of commercialized drone operation. The concept has been around for a while with numerous companies, including Amazon, promoting its usage as a form of unmanned delivery.

In Jingdong’s case it is not just a concept but an actual reality. Drone delivery is available and used in certain regions of China.’s drones performing commercial package delivery for a certain group of its 300 million plus consumers. Now, in a recent business venture with Rakuten Inc.,’s drones will be flying over Japan.

Rakuten Inc. is to Japan what is to China. Like Jingdong, Rakuten is a innovation company operating in the realm of e-commerce. It created its drone program in 2016 and has been working with local government in trial runs ever since. formed its drone program in 2015 and has since logged over 400,000 flight-time minutes. Its technology is cutting edge and exactly what Rakuten needs to increase the success of its drone service. The JV comes right on the heels of’s work in Indonesia, where the retailer performed the first government-sanctioned test-flight. Go To This Page for additional information.


Jingdong first came on the scene in 1998 as a series of retail storefronts selling optics. The company, founded by Richard Liu Qiangdong, went online in 2004 and has since become a multi-billion dollar e-commerce giant. Going under the name, Jingdong changed its name to in 2013. It has since expanded its service beyond its Beijing origins.

Jingdong Mall provides a wide-range of products through its various platforms, invests in numerous start-ups, and currently serves Asia and Europe. is also known of its use of AI. uses autonomous services to make deliveries, run factories, and is even working on the development of unmanned delivery trucks.


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Robert Deignan’s Lifestyle

Robert Deignan is a successful businessman whose expertise and skill set has seen recognized in the business industry. His role as co-founder at ATS Digital Services showcases his leadership skills which are quite admirable. His education background could be attributed to being the cause of his success in leadership.

It is because he is a Purdue University graduate where he specialized in administration. His journey in entrepreneurship goes to showcase his resilient nature and strong belief system in determination and visionary goal setting.

Founded in 2011, ATS Digital Services offer a variety of technological services. It draws its inspiration from previous frustrations encountered by Robert Deignan In his last line of work.

He thus came up with a solution which was to be first tested through a trial based strategy to fight malware and technical issues. This strategy he states worked towards the rapid growth of the company. Furthermore, Efficiency based solutions resulted in increased income levels for the company.

Robert Deignan follows a routine which allows him to remain productive. This he states is quite essential to maintain proper flow of ideas which are implemented in business. He values his family as he ensures that he spends time with them during morning hours.

It is imperative to note that his work schedule involves analysis of opportunities in the technology space which he states require teamwork and preparation. He remains aware of the trends in the technology space and remains appreciative of the shift towards home-based technical solutions which align to his business model.

He recommends that aspiring entrepreneurs engage in learning on ideas which will assist them in profit maximization. Taking time off to think about new ideas is critical for a business owner, and hence Robert advises on time off from technology.

He is an avid reader and attributes this to gaining insight on the importance of following up ideas with action. Identification of a good working team is essential to Robert Deignan who states that personality and skillset are important in recruitment. He has over the years overcome so many challenges, but he continues to rise in business showing his expertise in his line of work.

Jojo Hedaya Explains The Learning Process Behind

Jojo Hedaya and business partner Josh Rosenwald began their career with the email subscription service startup, as a way of handling their own problem with email junk. Entrepreneurs are always encouraged to find a problem and solve it in a new and innovative way to ensure their success, which is what the two college dropouts did. The co-founders have been friends since childhood and found themselves struggling to find emails from each other in the junk mail they received during their college days when the idea for was formed.

Referring to Jojo Hedaya as a college dropout may seem a little harsh, particularly when he was just three credits short of receiving his Bachelor’s degree at Boston College and was Vice-President of the Student Government. Jojo Hedaya believes the workplace and educational sectors have evolved in recent years to place the focus of most employers of experience over academic achievement. The decision by the New York native to leave college prior to graduation and focus on his entrepreneurial skill was based on his desire to build the business he and Josh Rosenwald had created.

The arrival of Jojo Hedaya as an entrepreneur came with the knowledge his first attempt at creating a business was probably destined for failure. Upon forming the research completed by the current Chief Product and Consumer Officer showed 95 percent of startups fail in their first few years.

Perseverance is obviously an important factor in the character of Hedaya as the first attempts at producing a working version of were unsuccessful. Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald remained confident their email subscription service would work and rolled out the initial version of the software just two months after forming their company. Hedaya points to this as a major milestone in the career of himself as despite the initial offering not working particularly well, the interest from major publications led to hitting one million subscribers in a short time. Despite selling to the Slice group, Jojo Hedaya remains committed to the idea of his email subscription service and decided to remain an active part of the brand moving forward.

Louis Chenevert’s Insights on Improving Productivity through Investing in Workers

On March 2006, Louis Chenevert joined United Technologies holding numerous positions in the corporation including the Director, Chief Operating Officer, and President. In 2010, Louis Chenevert climbed his way up into operating as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Chenevert’s excellence traces its roots from his professional experience and educational background. He attended HEC Montreal University where he received his production management degree. Upon leaving the university, Louis entered the career field with his motive being developing his skills and influencing the millennial. As such, he worked in different prestigious enterprises including possessing a board membership in the Friends of HEC Montreal committee.

As an executive in the corporate globe, Louis Chenevert provides insights on enhancing your business by investing in the workers. He postulates that focusing on your current employees is perhaps the best alternative to stimulate your business. He provides different tips regarding how an employer can invest in the workers guaranteeing productivity. Louis Chenevert premier suggestion is the provision of a conducive working environment. The providence of an optimal workplace will make the employees enjoy reporting for their duties instead of turning into clock watchers. Numerous activities including having lunch your employees make the workplace fun. Mr. Louis postulates that employers should give workers precise reasons to enjoy working thus enhancing productivity.

Besides, you can incorporate an employee scholar initiative in your company’s operations. Often, the program finances the education of the workers thus helping them pursue lifelong learning. According to Louis Chenevert, financing your employees’ studies is essential in aiding them to acquire the skills and degrees appropriate for stimulating the operations in your firm. Chenevert understands that education is a vital element to run a highly productive organization. Mr. Chenevert postulates that under his management, United Technologies Corporation has tripled its stock prices. This factor was possible through the education of the company’s workers, which made them more effective.

Louis Chenevert postulates that investing in individual workers is as important as fostering teamwork. Team building is thus an essential element in ensuring the achievement of progress in a company. Through cooperation, the activities in your organization can run smoothly thus guaranteeing optimal performance and success.

“Identifying and Averting Burnouts – James River Capital Corp. “

It is a well known fact that the work environment can really be stressful – and this is amplified if the work environment is too rigid, doesn’t foster positivity and has an overall toxicity to it. An unhealthy work environment not only decreases work productivity, but it can also increase employee turnover, decrease the worklife-span and easily spark burnouts within the employees – and this is the worst case scenario for any employer or team leader, a scenario any one should avoid.


Burnouts are experienced by employees who are overly worked, unhealthily stressed and extremely unmotivated at work. It is important to note that burnout aren’t the employees fault, but of the system they are working in. The effects of burnouts should not be blamed on the employee, because this will cause the employee to burn out even faster. This is why it is very important for team leaders to spot and identify burnouts immediately so that they can avoid it. James River Capital provided an easy guide on how to identify and how to avert burnouts in the work environment.


  1. Loss Of Control – employees experiencing burnouts will tend to lose a sense of control over the simplest things like keeping track of time, following schedules and loss of management in general. This will instill a mindset and feeling of helplessness and hopelessness – which are key factors of driving a burnout. This is why having a work structure and backbone is important – they serve as a foundation to lean on when employees are lost. However, these work structures should not be too rigid and must have a breathing space and a comfortable structure for the employees. It is highly recommended that employers give their team a good 15 minute required break twice a day separate from their lunch break to keep their minds relaxed. Employers should also provide mini goals for their teams that are easily achievable to give them a sense of control over their tasks.
  2. Transparency and Rewards – it is important that employers give credit where credit is due. When employees fee like they are undervaluated, or they are not recognized for the work they are doing, or when they see another employee being commended for work that they themselves are doing as well – a burnout will be experienced by this employee. With this, employers and team leaders should always keep track of the activity and accomplishments of their members – and openly communicate on what they can improve on to better their products and to give praise where praise is needed. Never underestimate the effect of positive reinforcement.


James River Capital Corporation (also known as James River) was founded in 1986 aa former KP Futures Management Corp. operating under Kidder, Peabody and Co. James River separated itself from the company and became an independent investment firm in 1995. The two main senior officers of the company, Paul Saunders and Kevin Brandt, acquired the business from Kidder. James River is registered as an Investment Advisor with the SEC, and as a Commodity Trading Advisor and Commodity Pool Operator. Learn more: