Louis Chenevert’s Insights on Improving Productivity through Investing in Workers

On March 2006, Louis Chenevert joined United Technologies holding numerous positions in the corporation including the Director, Chief Operating Officer, and President. In 2010, Louis Chenevert climbed his way up into operating as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Chenevert’s excellence traces its roots from his professional experience and educational background. He attended HEC Montreal University where he received his production management degree. Upon leaving the university, Louis entered the career field with his motive being developing his skills and influencing the millennial. As such, he worked in different prestigious enterprises including possessing a board membership in the Friends of HEC Montreal committee.

As an executive in the corporate globe, Louis Chenevert provides insights on enhancing your business by investing in the workers. He postulates that focusing on your current employees is perhaps the best alternative to stimulate your business. He provides different tips regarding how an employer can invest in the workers guaranteeing productivity. Louis Chenevert premier suggestion is the provision of a conducive working environment. The providence of an optimal workplace will make the employees enjoy reporting for their duties instead of turning into clock watchers. Numerous activities including having lunch your employees make the workplace fun. Mr. Louis postulates that employers should give workers precise reasons to enjoy working thus enhancing productivity.

Besides, you can incorporate an employee scholar initiative in your company’s operations. Often, the program finances the education of the workers thus helping them pursue lifelong learning. According to Louis Chenevert, financing your employees’ studies is essential in aiding them to acquire the skills and degrees appropriate for stimulating the operations in your firm. Chenevert understands that education is a vital element to run a highly productive organization. Mr. Chenevert postulates that under his management, United Technologies Corporation has tripled its stock prices. This factor was possible through the education of the company’s workers, which made them more effective.

Louis Chenevert postulates that investing in individual workers is as important as fostering teamwork. Team building is thus an essential element in ensuring the achievement of progress in a company. Through cooperation, the activities in your organization can run smoothly thus guaranteeing optimal performance and success.