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Mrs. Paula Cronin of Agera Energy knows exactly what true customer care is and shows caring customer service to just about everyone. She interacts with since joining the Agera Energy company in January of 2015. Agera Energy is very thankful for all of Mrs. Paula’s work she has done and the company has awarded Mrs. Paula with the Customer Care award of 2017-2018.

Congratulations Mrs. Paula Cronin for all of your work and assistance becoming a great Customer Care Manager for Agera Energy. Paula Cronin is a woman who shows integrity for the Agera Energy company, gives genuine customer care for the customers, and listens to staff and others to answer any questions or concerns they may have with something. Mrs. Paula Cronin has come a long way in the Agera company and is still growing strong today. She has done well and is a smart Customer Care Manager within Agera Energy.

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Choosing the Benefits of Agera Energy

There are many customers who are making the switch to Agera Energy from other energy companies that they have found for themselves. Read more about Agera Energy at

If you are thinking of looking into this option, it is important to note that Agera Energy offers electric as well as natural gas services to make it easier than ever for you to get the production that you need. You can make the switch easily and without the worry that you are having to pay a small fortune. Read more at about Agera Energy.

There are many reasons why you might be considering Agera Energy for yourself. For one, making the switch is easy and done quickly. You will also find that it saves you quite a bit of money and gives you a chance to improve the type of service that you are receiving. There are a lot of people who are choosing Agera Energy for this reason and are able to make the switch.


Career life of Oren Frank

Oren Frank is a budding entrepreneur, and he has used his epic skills to make the lives of other people better. He is the co-founder of the famous online therapy firm, Talkspace Reviews. Through his venture, he has proved that mental illness is a disease just like any other, and he has continued to encourage people to handle such victims with care and respect. He works together with his highly trained team to bring back good health to his clients. He also treasures his clients, and he seeks to help them get back on their feet again regardless of the challenges they face in their lives. Check out this article of talkspace at

Oren Frank believes that every individual that has mental illness faces many challenges in their lives and at some, they feel like giving up or committing great acts like suicide. As a result, he always spends time with them online with the target of helping them get off their evil thoughts. Besides, he encourages them not to give up but rather keep pushing and trying harder to overcome their immense challenges. Moreover, he has also learned to exercise compassion in his work. He always pays a lot of attention to every detail that his clients share with him. He believes that there is still a solution to every problem that each of them brings up. His ability to give special care to his clients has encouraged them to keep traveling the hard and challenging journey regardless of the impact of their problems. His advocations have encouraged many people and challenged the harsh ones to stop showing stigma towards people with mental illnesses. The duo believes that he will continue helping people feel better with time and he gets encouragement to keep working harder through the high successes that he continues to achieve through his online therapy platform.

Organo Gold Has Put Their Own Creative Twist On Coffee And Network Marketing

First established in 2008, Organo Gold has pushed past several boundaries to become part of the well-established coffee culture around the world. Organo offers a variety of different products alongside its gourmet coffees, including nutraceuticals and personal care items. Organo is headquartered in British Columbia, but it operates in more than three dozen different countries around the world today.

A good cup of coffee needs to stand out, especially with all of the varieties and picky drinkers that love their coffee. Perhaps the most significant difference between Organo Gold coffee and regular coffee is the addition of a special Chinese mushroom known as the Ganoderma Lucidum. Many of the products offered through Organo Gold are infused with this remarkable natural ingredient, which is known to have a variety of benefits for the human body.

No fillers are added to Organo Gold’s coffee and every bag or cup contains 100 percent pure Ganoderma Lucidum powder as well as 100 percent Arabica bean. This combination tastes great but more importantly, it packed with healthy and natural nutrients. In past studies, Ganoderma has been found to support the immune system and provide anti-inflammatory effects throughout the body.

Coffee culture is vast, spanning dozens of countries around the world. It doesn’t appear to be slowing down either, with millions of people looking for their morning cup of coffee throughout the week. Organo Gold’s gourmet coffees are available far and wide, but they are most commonly picked up on the Organo Gold website and Amazon. Many independent retailers have also picked up Organo Gold products to sell on their shelves, which typically runs around 30 dollars per sachet box of Organo Gold coffee. The best part is, Organo Gold offers partnership to distributors looking to gain some revenue and add more product to the shelves.

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Edwin Miranda

Edwin Miranda Explains Key Roles In Customer Service For Marketing Consultants and More

Marketing consultants come with their own share of responsibilities, including customer service. Customer service is essentially dealing with public. You are going to deal with your fair share of problematic people too. These are the people who make a fuss but then essentially blame you for the chaos they have created. You will get that in marketing too just in a different capacity. Edwin Miranda has a few tips on how to handle every type of customer, including the problematic ones.

1) Edwin Miranda suggests you brush up on your speaking skills. You are going to spend a lot of your time talking. You will be required to use your voice to influence the customer, appealing to their feelings, or both.

Edwin Miranda explains that you will need to keep their feelings in mind, in spite of how they might treat you. Some investors are going to walk into the room with a bad attitude and take it out on you. Edwin Miranda explains you cannot let that bother you. Sometimes you have to show a little more empathy than normal to diffuse potential situation.

2) Edwin Miranda explains that you have to remain positive no matter which type of investor you deal with. Some investors are going to be easy going. Others will have a different dynamic. You have to be adaptable to every kind of situation that might come up.

An Example

I worked in retail for a few years. I had one customer essentially be rude to me and then turn around and blame me for their attitude. I had to remain positive at all times, including in front of the boss.

Think of consulting in the vain of customer service in a store. You are consulting with clients to make sure they get what the want. Some will be more demanding than others. You still need to maintain a positive attitude at all times.

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The Business Ventures of Ashley Lightspeed

Prototyping was fun for Ashley Lightspeed. Even as a child she has fond memories of sitting with her father in their garage to sketch buildings and come up with different designs and ideas. It was while at Duke University for her Bachelor’s degree that she felt an attraction to prototyping ideas to do with business as opposed to what she used to do with her dad all those years past. After graduation, she started consulting at Bain. Follow Ashley Lightspeed on Twitter.


Consulting for several years at Bain exposed Ashley, and soon she felt a desire to explore Silicon Valley. She went on to join Thumbtack in the capacity of category manager. This meant that she was responsible for the customer experience. This position also included events and weddings management. Ashley believes prototyping to be a central gadget in the entrepreneur’s toolkit.


At Thumbtack Ashley Lightspeed learned about venture capital. It was while on a fundraising pitch that she was exposed to it. Years later she went to Stanford GSB to study while at the same time trying to start her own company and consulting for startups. Her curiosity led her to the realization that she liked trying out different industries and working with entrepreneurs to help them realize their dreams.

Lightspeed Venture Partners

With her MBA and experience in spades, Ashley Lightspeed joined ‘Lightspeed Venture Partners’. Today she works with new companies helping them realize their growth strategy. Craftsmanship is her passion as it compels her as a creator to feel deeply for the people and companies she is helping create ideas. The creator gets to the point where he/she is patient enough to comprehend the needs of the client and to convert the understanding into tangible solutions for the clients. Craftsmanship she feels helps make it easier for the client so that they need not worry too much about their venture

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Robert Deignan’s Lifestyle

Robert Deignan is a successful businessman whose expertise and skill set has seen recognized in the business industry. His role as co-founder at ATS Digital Services showcases his leadership skills which are quite admirable. His education background could be attributed to being the cause of his success in leadership.

It is because he is a Purdue University graduate where he specialized in administration. His journey in entrepreneurship goes to showcase his resilient nature and strong belief system in determination and visionary goal setting.

Founded in 2011, ATS Digital Services offer a variety of technological services. It draws its inspiration from previous frustrations encountered by Robert Deignan In his last line of work.

He thus came up with a solution which was to be first tested through a trial based strategy to fight malware and technical issues. This strategy he states worked towards the rapid growth of the company. Furthermore, Efficiency based solutions resulted in increased income levels for the company.

Robert Deignan follows a routine which allows him to remain productive. This he states is quite essential to maintain proper flow of ideas which are implemented in business. He values his family as he ensures that he spends time with them during morning hours.

It is imperative to note that his work schedule involves analysis of opportunities in the technology space which he states require teamwork and preparation. He remains aware of the trends in the technology space and remains appreciative of the shift towards home-based technical solutions which align to his business model.

He recommends that aspiring entrepreneurs engage in learning on ideas which will assist them in profit maximization. Taking time off to think about new ideas is critical for a business owner, and hence Robert advises on time off from technology.

He is an avid reader and attributes this to gaining insight on the importance of following up ideas with action. Identification of a good working team is essential to Robert Deignan who states that personality and skillset are important in recruitment. He has over the years overcome so many challenges, but he continues to rise in business showing his expertise in his line of work.

Kevin Seawright Makes Baltimore Economy His Focus

Kevin Seawright is a financial leader who is well known for have a strategic point of view. He also has the ability to achieve his goals and then reach for new opportunities. Kevin has a lot of experience in finances and a strong team to work beside him. He has gained the spot of Chief Financial Officer for a company called Newark Economic Development Corporation.

Kevin Seawright at one point in his career worked for a company that was located in Washington D.C. This company was called Tito Contractors. When he worked for this company he worked on many different housing projects. He enjoyed working on housing projects, and he often hosted fundraisers to help out with residential development. Seawright has also worked on many different non profit organization boards. Follow Kevin Seawright on Twitter for updates.

Seawright has accomplished a lot of things for many different companies. One of the biggest things that Seawright did during his career was helping those people who were living in low income situations. A lot of these people would get turned down by banks for loans on housing. Seawright wanted to make sure that everyone received a fair opportunity to get into the house they wanted, so he came up with a way for people living in low income situations to receive help with housing.

Kevin Seawright is very smart when it comes to financial opportunities. He has taken a lot of different paths during his career, and worked with a lot of different companies. He really started gaining a name for himself when he started helping those people living in low income situations. Seawright is a very smart individual who is just getting started. Seawright has a very bright future ahead of him, and he is going to continue to grow his name as the years go by. Seawright is leading the way to the future of finances.

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Louis Chenevert’s Insights on Improving Productivity through Investing in Workers

On March 2006, Louis Chenevert joined United Technologies holding numerous positions in the corporation including the Director, Chief Operating Officer, and President. In 2010, Louis Chenevert climbed his way up into operating as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Chenevert’s excellence traces its roots from his professional experience and educational background. He attended HEC Montreal University where he received his production management degree. Upon leaving the university, Louis entered the career field with his motive being developing his skills and influencing the millennial. As such, he worked in different prestigious enterprises including possessing a board membership in the Friends of HEC Montreal committee.

As an executive in the corporate globe, Louis Chenevert provides insights on enhancing your business by investing in the workers. He postulates that focusing on your current employees is perhaps the best alternative to stimulate your business. He provides different tips regarding how an employer can invest in the workers guaranteeing productivity. Louis Chenevert premier suggestion is the provision of a conducive working environment. The providence of an optimal workplace will make the employees enjoy reporting for their duties instead of turning into clock watchers. Numerous activities including having lunch your employees make the workplace fun. Mr. Louis postulates that employers should give workers precise reasons to enjoy working thus enhancing productivity.

Besides, you can incorporate an employee scholar initiative in your company’s operations. Often, the program finances the education of the workers thus helping them pursue lifelong learning. According to Louis Chenevert, financing your employees’ studies is essential in aiding them to acquire the skills and degrees appropriate for stimulating the operations in your firm. Chenevert understands that education is a vital element to run a highly productive organization. Mr. Chenevert postulates that under his management, United Technologies Corporation has tripled its stock prices. This factor was possible through the education of the company’s workers, which made them more effective.

Louis Chenevert postulates that investing in individual workers is as important as fostering teamwork. Team building is thus an essential element in ensuring the achievement of progress in a company. Through cooperation, the activities in your organization can run smoothly thus guaranteeing optimal performance and success.

Talkspace is There for Busy People

Individuals will find that there are a variety of factors that are keeping busy. More work hours, traffic, and other factors make it to where individuals may have to push off a few things that may be critical in the long run. Needless to say, this can have negative affects on their health and on their life in general.

Individuals must not take their mental health for granted, it is something that is a sort of foundation for life. Without the proper mental health care, individual may find themselves to be burned out and may not have the ability to be as productive, as clear, and as effective as they may need to be succeed and contribute to the world in their own very unique fashion.

Different healthcare professionals saw a need to fill the gap and they came up with a solution called Talkspace.

Read more about talkspace at

What’s even more interesting is that they have partnerships with people such as Michael Phelps!

What is Talkspace?

Talkspace is an application which allows you to connect with a therapist at your convenience. The application allows you to connect with a therapist when you need to. The application provides you with a way to connect to a therapist in a streamlined fashion and meet your specific needs. The designers of the application know that everyone is not the same, that everyone has different needs and everyone needs to be able to express themselves to the right therapist. The application is able to match you to a therapist who will be able to serve you the best.

As you let the application know what drove you try the application and the types of therapy you’ve tried in the past, it provides you with a therapist who will be able to speak and connect with you in real time. You are able to feel as if you are talking with a therapist in real life because the process is rather similar and parallel to the physical process.

It is a rather unique and interesting application and it shows how individuals are able to improve their lives if they focus and find the help they need.

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