Dick DeVos: Making a Tremendous Economic Impact For Grand Rapids

Dick DeVos is a man of many passions, and that is definitely demonstrated in his willingness to work for his family, his business and his community. One of the areas where this drive to succeed was on full display was demonstrated in 1991, when there was a plan floated by Grand Rapids lawmakers to build a large multi-purpose in a suburb north of downtown. DeVos realized this was a terrible idea simply because he saw the economic effects of Detroit’s decision to build sports arenas for the Pistons and Lions in suburbs instead of right in town. Needless to say, he picked up the phone and started calling in some favors, lobbying as strongly as he could against the idea. It worked out well for both the DeVoses and for Grand Rapids. Moreover, it was the start of greater things for Dick and Betsy DeVos.


His social activism would eventually lead to the construction of such notable Grand Rapids landmarks as the DeVos Place Convention Center, the Van Andel Arena, the DeVos Performance Hall, the medical school affiliated with Michigan State University and the Grand Rapids City Market.


If the only contribution this power couple had been able to offer to the greater Grand Rapids area was that, it would have been impressive. However, they did much more than that and they are now influencing politics on a national level as well.


First of all, from 1989 to 2015 the Dick DeVos Family Foundation became well-known for giving away as much as $138 million to initiatives such as the churches, health and human service organizations, arts and culture operations, education reform initiatives and private school scholarships. Secondly, the DeVos family is also well-known for the causes they champion. Dick DeVos has always had a passion for aviation, and he took his love of education reform and combined the two interests, founding an aviation charter school at the Grand Rapids Airport. Either way, he has had a few bumps in the road, including an unsuccessful run for Michigan governor against Jennifer Granholm in 2006. However, both he and his wife picked themselves up, dusted themselves off and continued to work on education reform.


They continued to work on their advocacy for private school vouchers, and it not only has led to a sea-change and difference of opinion nationwide, but it also culminated in Betsy DeVos becoming the secretary of education under the current Trump Administration. There is no question about it; if the DeVos has anything to do about it, the education system in this nation is definitely going to change for the better. We might even start catching up to other nations somewhat quickly too! This is what the power of advocacy can do.


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Rocketship Education is Making It Easier to Access Higher Quality Education

Rocketship Education or R has been working to provide quality education solutions throughout select states in the U.S. As a network of public charter schools, it is able to achieve this feat while also serving underprivileged members of local communities.

Serving in areas such as California, Tennessee, Wisconsin and Washington D.C., Rocketship Education has a number of locations that all operate under the same charter of making higher education solutions possible for those who are in need of them.

Rocketship Education or R works on the basis of teacher-parent collaboration, which allows students to benefit from a propitious learning environment whether they are in school or at home. This means that no matter if school hours are over, if a student has a desire to learn more, they could always interact with their parents to enhance their education hours further.

Rocketship Education or R also uses technology to its advantage, where it analyzes the data for its current education programs to ensure that it is making consistent changes and improvements if and when they are required. This contributes to a consistent cycle of improvement in processes, which results in each student accessing learning opportunities that are tailored to their requirements.

Due to this personalized approach to education, Rocketship Education or R has been able to achieve high test scores for its students throughout each service area, which contributes to the success of the organization as a whole.

Rocketship Education or R has faced some critique in the past, but for most reasons, that critique is aimed at it controlled processes that require time management and focus – which are just a part of the educational system.

Instead, Rocketship Education or R actually focuses on allowing its students to explore their own skills through imaginative thoughts and creative thinking, which adds to a healthy environment that lets students be themselves while also benefitting from the expertise that they need.

Due to these processes, Rocketship Education or R has become one of the most sought after entities in the education sector – providing that publicly funded schools could still provide immensely high quality of education.

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Local Betsy DeVos Versus National Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos is the kind of person that you can’t judge based on one particular way of viewing her. She has multiple different sides, and a lot of people have very differing opinions based on the context in which they know Mrs. DeVos.


The average American may not have heard of Betsy DeVos directly prior to her selection as the Secretary of Education for the Trump Administration. She was thrust into the spotlight when her selection was made. She went through a controversial confirmation process in which she was only swept through by the narrowest of margins. Fifty Senators voted in favor and fifty against. The only way to break the tie was to have the Vice-President cast the deciding vote. He voted in favor of her and she was passed through into her current post.


Those who have seen only the public face of DeVos sometimes have a negative view of her based on their politics. They see that she is in favor of charter schools and that she has helped to implement policies that the Trump Administration has put in place that some feel are discriminatory against transgender students. That leaves a bad taste in the mouths of some in the public.


While there is definitely a chance that Betsy DeVos really does have a side that most people disagree with, they need to consider her complete personality. She has a lot of positive things going for her as well such as the fact that she and her husband have given a lot of money to charity and non-profit causes in their home town of Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Grand Rapids has benefited greatly from having the DeVos family in their area. The family did not have to give as much as they have, but they consider it part of something they want to do in life.


It may be easy to place Betsy DeVos in a box and only view her in the way that you originally saw her, but there is a lot more to consider. Make sure you always consider the full resume of a person before putting them into just one category.


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New Senior Executive Of GCPS: Aaron Lupuloff


Aaron C. Lupuloff a resident of Norcross was announced as the senior executive director for the Gwinett County Public Schools Foundation or GCPS Foundation this week. He brings with him a great deal of experience in forming the Norcross High School Foundation which pays off in his new position. President David Seago released a statement this week following Lupuloff being elected as the senior executive director about how blessed he felt that they were able to have his expertise on the board.

When on the board of the Norcross High School Foundation, Lupuloff served in several different capacities which afforded him the great deal of experience that he carries with him now. At the time of his service there he served as president, vice president, and treasurer which has given him several different viewpoints to bring to his new position.

Not only does he carry vast experience and knowledge from his past endeavors of other boards, but he happens to be a founding member for the GCPS Foundation as well as a founding member of Georgia Tech Parents Advisory Board in which he also previously served. Visit This Page for additional information.

He has worked in finances since 1982 giving him over 20 years of experience in dealing with finances and administration. He received his degree in finance and administration from the University of Alabama and has worked hard ever since.

Aside from his newly elected position working as senior executive director for the board of the Gwinett County Public Schools Foundation, Aaron Lupuloff is a hard working philanthropist for his community. He and his wife work together to support worthy causes in the community to help youth, women, young adults, and more.

They support causes both financially and with hands on efforts in causes such as Partners Against Domestic Violence which help women, men, and children who have gone through or are going through domestic abuse. He also helps with Camp Twin lakes, and the Diabetes Foundation. In 2011, Aaron Lupuloff and his wife were inducted into the NHS Foundation Hall of Fame recognizing them for the hard work they do to help better their community.


More about Lupuloff on https://www.crunchbase.com/person/aaron-lupuloff