Sussex Healthcare makes a point of staying at par with other health organizations so that they don’t remain behind. They are often looking for ways that will improve the value of service and care that they give to their customers. The first step was to ensure that every employee at the organization had a clear channel of communication to air their views and also get help from management. This helped in avoiding miscommunication and in dealing with issues as soon as they came up. Sussex Healthcare owns several homes which are operated with trained staff that have the best interest of their patients at heart. They believe in making a difference to the world, and the efforts of the team are slowly bearing fruits.

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Steve Whittingham, the COO at Sussex is proud of the small improvements that are taking place in their homes. Although some people may not welcome change but see it as unnecessary, Steve believes that Sussex needs the changes to catch up with other organizations in the business. As a healthcare organization, Sussex is expected to deliver the best high quality services and the management is working to achieve this. They are collecting opinions from all their staff members on areas that they think require changes and working on those areas. Improving Sussex Healthcare is joint teamwork. The staff members consider themselves as a family and work together at every opportunity. One member, in particular, Lynn Lovett is a great champion for teamwork. She has 22 years’ experience working with Sussex Healthcare holding various titles. Currently, she is the Upper Mead Location manager.

Lynn is grateful for the fact that she gets to take care of older people as they progress on with life. Most of these residents are from Henfield with family and friends from the village. They are, therefore, comfortable knowing that they are close to their families who can visit them at any time. Sussex Healthcare keeps its residents on their feet by being proactive. It holds some activities each day that keep the residents entertained and happy. According to one of the residents, Lily each day is different from the previous one with new activities to enjoy.

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Sussex Healthcare- Providing Specialized Care

Sussex Healthcare has two decades of superb and exceptional caregiving services to elderly and adults who need particular attention. The healthcare is strategically located on the Southern Coast of England offering the perfect environment for their services. Sussex Healthcare is joint ownership of two educated gentlemen Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina who have worked together using their skills and knowledge opening more than 20 facilities countywide.


Sussex Healthcare started its operation in 1985 with essential amenities, but today the facilities have daycare, residential houses with full-time caring series and high technology operated gym with latest machines and equipment. Sussex Healthcare’s leading core is providing specialized care to older people who have dementia or Alzheimer by giving them live-in services. The company also caters for younger adults who suffer from various neurological disabilities and cognitive issues hence offering the needed attention and care for people with limited needs.


The company has well trained and knowledgeable support caregivers, and support team who are committed to ensuring the facilities run smoothly, and their residents have a comfortable stay. They are trained and committed to taking care of elderly and those with special needs and any Sussex facility residence. Sussex facilities have a robust hallmark of ensuring their staffs enjoy competitive compensation with opportunities for continuous education and in-house training. The facility provides care to their residents based on believe and philosophy of every person enjoys leisure, social and recreation time using different methods that are customized. The residents of Sussex Healthcare enjoy the rubric physical care and also embrace leisure activities hence enjoying the beauty of life. Click Here for more information.


The specialized company program ensures the residents are actively engaged in various things happening in their surrounding environment hence they created personalized leisure plans and activities based on the individual hobbies and interests. The kitchen chefs and staff have a high level of training on different ways to handle nutrition plans for daily intake of their residents adhering to their diets.


With the support of Sussex Health Care’s Training Academy and the quality of the nursing teams, Sussex Healthcare are able to care for senior people who have a variety of complex health and social care needs and, in addition, offer respite and residential care.


The company also holds a large range of accreditations bestowed by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization).


Shafik Sachedina life started in Tanzania in 1957, and later he moved to London and attended Guys Hospital Dental School in University of London and graduated as a dental doctor. He is successfully involved in Ismaili community and has successful dental surgeon career. Shafik is also an active member of FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance and even the Aga Khans Developments Networks. Shiraz Boghani is Kenyan born businessman who has a vast interest in hospitality and a member of the Splendid Hospitality. The duo has actively ensured Sussex Healthcare celebrates its 25 years in style providing most significant residential and nursing care.