Jim Dondero Efforts as an Entrepreneur

Jim Dondero is the co-founder and president of Highland Capital. He studied commerce at Virginia’s McIntire University. If you need to know how business acumen can be applied to philanthropy, then James Dondero is the perfect person you can learn from. He is an entrepreneur and at the same time a philanthropist who is known for his charitable efforts that have become successful in many organizations. At Highland Capital, he ensures that the mission of the organization includes charitable giving. Through Jim Dondero’s efforts, Highland Capital in Dallas assists charitable organizations that need their assistance to improve the lives of people living in Dallas. He ensures that his finance company is dedicated to providing support to organizations and businesses that are advancing the Dallas community.

Although every charitable organization has its causes and goals, his strategic approach that will help the organizations achieve their goals in the community. One of the assistance provided by Jim Dondero is the $1 million that he donated to the Dallas Zoo for developing a modern Hippo Outpost. His business contribution created a good reputation for Highland Capital, and it was named as Highland Hippo Hut which was for educational displays and private events. Visitors are welcomed to visit the Zoo and see the protection provided to the Hippos. Another donation provided by Highland Capital is the $2 million donated to the Southern Methodist University to help it create a Tower Scholars Program Fund for supporting exceptional undergraduates who need to study politics, international affairs, ethical public service, and foreign affairs.

The selected students will have an opportunity of studying abroad, exposure to policymaking, senior-year internship, and access to global investment leaders. Jim Dondero has also ensured that Highland Capital supports youths within Dallas who come from disadvantaged families and cannot afford to pay for their college education. It also provides the youths with mentoring assistance professional development, internships, and standardized test preparation at respected corporations and nonprofits. Therefore, Highland Capital is not all about credit and finances, but it focuses on making Dallas a better place to live in.


Shafik Sachedina: Humanitarian and Entrepreneur

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is a humanitarian who is an active volunteer working with humanitarian organizations. He has volunteered and also chaired the FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance International Co-Ordinating Committee. FOCUS is well known for work in regions which tend to have natural disasters such as mountainous and coastal areas of Pakistan. Dr. Shafik Sachedina’s volunteerism models and perpetuates the Ismaili tradition of helping others, especially those in need.

Born in Dar es Salam, Tanzania, in 1950, Dr. Shafik Sachedina came to England and attended the University of London where he studied dentistry at Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School. He graduated in 1975 as a dental surgeon. He worked in the field of dentistry for many years.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina has been involved in the healthcare sector in the United Kingdom. By following his heart which is not only one of volunteerism but also one of entrepreneurship, Dr Shafik Sachedina opened Sussex Health Care and Support Services. Sussex Health Care started off in 1985 with just one building which he reconstructed to make into the first elderly home. He built a team of compassionate, caring health care workers. As the word got out about this haven for the elderly, he enabled the growth of Sussex Health care to over 20 home and buildings for the elderly and for people with developmental and physical challenges. The homes also have specialized care for people with dementia. He is also currently co-chairman for the board of Sussex Home care with Mr. Shirza Boghani. To know more about him click here.

Sussex Health Care pays attention to the whole person. It is not just foremost in attention to health. It serves meals and other top-notch services which has made it known in the fields of hospitality and business. Sussex Health Care has received awards on the national and international level for these outstanding services.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina who was born in Africa, educated in the United Kingdom with global interests in Asia. He is a humanitarian, philanthropist, entrepreneur, leader and academic. He is passionate and cares about humanity from the most terrifying floods on coastlines to dangerous mudslides in mountainous areas.

Jacob Gottlieb’s Move to Invest in the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is projected to witness stimulating changes Jacob Gottlieb, the successful financial entrepreneur, is set to invest in the industry. He is said to be planning to add another investment to his catalog named Altium Capital, which is New York City-based pharmaceutical venture and focusses its investment in meaningful healthcare treatment advancement. Some of the recent investments by Altium Capital include Oramed Pharmaceuticals (ORMP), Oragenics, and Amarin Corporation (AMRN)

Altium’s Investments

The first investment the business made was to stake a 5.61% in Oramed that helped to develop an alternative oral treatment for diabetes patients who were initially receiving injectable drugs. The investment resulted in the successful release of orally ingestible insulin capsule named (ORMD-0801) another drug released is oral glucagon peptide (ORMD-0901). Oramed was able to achieve this innovation since it had a team of management that comprised of world-class scientific experts. Amarin, which is part of the investment by Oramed is based in Dublin Ireland is growing rapidly with Vascepa (AMR-101), which is a prescribed omega-3 fatty acid being the first drug approved by FDA.

The investment in Oragenics founded in 1996 as a replacement treatment therapy by physicians through Altium has invested in antibiotics, which is a form of replacement therapy. This focuses on replacing harmful bacteria with useful bacteria strains that allow patients to achieve therapeutic health enhancing the result. This kind of treatment helps to accelerate biotherapeutics, which treat oral mucositis and other respiratory diseases.

Previous Works by Gottlieb

Currently, Gottlieb shares space with Stuart Weisbrod in investing in the healthcare system where they had worked together at Biomed. Other previous investments include Visium Asset Management, which was based in New York City. Before working at visium, he initially worked at Balyasny Asset Management where he was a top earner.

InnovaCare Health adds Penelope Kokkinides in new leadership additions

InnovaCare Health’s management recently announced Jonathan Meyers, Penelope Kokkinides, and Mike Sortino as the new additions to their teams. These new hires come at a time that the organization is looking to improve on its services and foster positive change to the managed health care industry. These new hires were announced by the organization’s Chief Executive Officer and President, Rick Shinto. During this announcement, Rick expressed his hopes that the three new hires will help the organization fulfill its mission and achieve its goals.

A blessing to InnovaCare Health

The three newly hired executives bring a lot of talent and experience to InnovaCare Health. This will be very crucial in helping the company achieve its goals of revolutionizing health payments systems. The organization is pushing the entire industry to shift to a quality-based payment system rather than the traditional quantity-based system. The new talent and experience brought in by the new hires will be essential in this.

Jonathan Meyers who was hired as the Chief Actuary Officer has a lot of experience in working at high profile healthcare sector organizations. Prior to his appointment for the new job, Meyers worked at Horizon BCBS – the top New Jersey health plans carrier – as the Medicare and Medicaid Director of Actuarial Services. Before this, he worked at Heritage Medical Systems’ New York-based HealthCare Partners as the Chief Actuary.

Before joining InnovaCare Health, Penelope Kokkinides had over 20 years in managed healthcare sector experience. She had built her career around Medicare and Medicaid. She is now the new Chief Administrative Officer and is expected to use her expertise to improve the already better health plans offered by the organization. She previously worked at CenterLight HealthCare as the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President.

Mike Sortino was appointed InnovaCare’s Chief Accounting Officer. He also has a great career record having worked for Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Company as its Controller. He has also worked as the Chief Financial Officer at HCC Specialty.

About InnovaCare

InnovaCare is today the largest Puerto Rico based health plan provider. This organization is made up of over 120 years of service to the community of the island. Over the years, InnovaCare has been fundamental in driving positive change in the managed health care sector. Currently, the organization is working alongside other partners to improve medical care systems in the country. This move will see to it that patients across the nation receive quality healthcare.


Gareth Henry Talks About Using A Strategy To Decide Between Hedge Funds And Equity Bonds

Gareth Henry has an actuarial mathematics degree from the University of Edinburgh Scotland. This is typically a degree that lands graduates at an insurance company. Gareth Henry was always special. He says he always had a knack for networking on a more personal level. Other mathematics students may have struggled with that. Since he had that ability, he started to be more attracted to the investor relations and capital raising side of things. Gareth Henry’s experience working with contacts at various types of funds has taught him how investors look at hedge funds, equity and bond investments. He uses his experience daily while talking to investors and comparing hedge funds to traditional stocks and bonds, explaining how they can diversify a portfolio. View Henry Gareths’s profile at Linkedin.

The Importance Of Choosing Wisely

It’s important to analyze the characteristics of potential bond, stock, and hedge fund investments as a risk vs return ordeal. According to Gareth Henry, risk-adjusted return is important to the investors he deals with. Institutional investors mainly, are needing to diversify by adding hedge funds along with their stocks and bonds. Even though hedge funds have struggled to keep up with the surging market, they have the resilience to outperform the others stocks when the market takes a turn. It’s the sophisticated investors that have an understanding of how this works.

Learn The Strategies

Even with high performance potential the ability of hedge funds as an asset has the potential to be volatile. An investor will need to know the strategy of a fund and its performance history. Equity investments can be volatile as well, however their patterns are more predictable. The ability to track patterns in the history of stocks and bonds have made them a regular choice for all investors. Hedge funds are more of a niche choice picked by more investors with a high net worth.

Hedge Funds Can Be A Reliable Risk

Gareth Henry reports that in 2018 a volatile stock market still provided over double the average hedge fund’s return over the same amount of time based on information from HFR. If you look at it from a broader angle and analyze the hedge fund from a risk-adjusted point of view, the results are not the same. When there is a risk adjustment, the hedge funds can deliver larger returns than the index.

Read more: https://en.everybodywiki.com/Gareth_Henry


Experience The Uniqueness of Waiakea Water

With the bottled water industry being estimated as a one hundred billion dollar industry, and many brands already available to choose from, it is essential that any new brand entering the market find a way to stand out as special in a way that will appeal to consumers. Some brands do this by enhancing their water with vitamins or by promising a better filtering process. Regardless of their method, the ability to be unique will attract buyers.

One company established in 2012, Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water, has several claims to uniqueness. First of all, the company is based in Hawaii, so all the associations of natural, good, fresh Hawaiian products are built into the brand. The word Waiakea comes from the Hawaiian language and means “broad waters.” The second special feature is that Waiakea water is actual volcanic water. The process of filtration involves the water running through the volcanic rock of the Mauna Loa volcano. No other bottled water product on the market can make such a claim, so Waiakea Water provides a unique experience that many consumers want to try.

In addition to providing a bottled water that stands out from the competition in name, content, and process, Waiakea Volcanic Water benefits don’t stop there. Not only does the company use low-emission vehicles for delivery, but it also addresses the environmental aspect of what happens to the plastic bottles once the water has been consumed. Our oceans are polluted with over eight million tons of plastic each year, so finding ways to reduce this number is essential.

Waiakea addresses the problem by providing the first fully degradable water bottle in the world. Instead of the one thousand year process that is necessary for a typical water bottle to degrade, a Waiakea bottle will take only fifteen years to fully break down. The bottles also contain one hundred percent recyclable plastic. Waiakea is a leader in the environmental issues surrounding bottled water production.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water has been named as one of the fastest growing American companies by Inc. 500. This title seems well deserved as the company has found a way to provide a unique, environmentally friendly product.




Doe Deere Explains How Her LimeCrime Brand Was Formed By Her Dream Of America

The fashion icon and cosmetics mogul, Doe Deere is one of the world’s leading entrepreneurs with a history of working outside the usual influences of the fashion industry. In 2008, Deere began her Online cosmetics business, LimeCrime and found herself facing criticism for attempting to bring the retail sector into the 21st-century by established figures within the industry. As an immigrant from a small Russian city, Doe Deere has seen her determination to succeed built around her willingness to take risks and build on the close family unit she maintains with her husband, mother, and sister.

Born Xenia Vorotova in the small Russian city of Izhevsk, Doe Deere moved to New York City and its more than seven million people from a city with around half a million residents. Doe admits her life was turned upside down and the family took some time to adjust to their new surroundings and lifestyle, including the issue of making enough money to survive on Manhattan Island. Revealing the full extent of her immigrant story, the New York Institute of Fashion graduate explains she, her mother, and sister were forced to move into a homeless shelter when the money dried up.

It was during the time in the homeless shelter the Poppy Angeloff founder met her first mentor, attorney and activist Dorchen Leidholdt who encouraged the family to continue the fight to achieve their own version of the “American Dream.” After encouragement from her new mentor, Deere applied to the New York Institute of Fashion and began her studies which would lead to her becoming a successful business leader. The unwillingness to bend to the conventional rules which led the family to New York is easy to spot in Doe Deere as she continues to create cosmetics and fashion lines using bold colors and a fairytale-based style.

Doe Deere would like the world to know her opinion that America is still a great country offering countless opportunities for immigrants and those born in the U.S. By moving to the U.S., Doe Deere was given the opportunity to start a successful business, buy her own home, and see her family achieve the majority of their dreams.


Louis Chenevert Brief History about Yachts

Louis Chenevert was born in Montreal, Quebec. He pursued his education in HEC Montreal where he attained a B.Sc. degree in Commerce and majored in production management. He used to work as the production general in General Motors for 14 years. In the year 1993, Chenevert accepted a post at Pratt & Whitney in Canada where he served as the president. He became the President and the CEO of UTC in 2008. In 2015, he decided to retire partially to satisfy his interest that incorporates spending some time on the beach and venture into other projects as well.

In the corporate world, Louis Chenevert is known as a free thinker. He is recognized as a man who engaged himself in his business requirements. Besides the fact that yacht customization is a complex process, Louis Chenevert the Debbie Lou in line with his specifications and requirements. This took him 12-18 months to plan. This is inclusive of 6 – 8 months used to determine the boat’s electronics. It took an additional two years to construct the Debbie Lou. He stated that Horizon was much interested in the installation of anything that he wanted. This is what triggered him to establish his package. According to him, it was quite necessary to have the best there is. This can be easily achieved by safety and ensure that things work out expected. Louis Chenevert Debbie was the one who designed and crafted the décor, and the interior of the yacht thus shares some pride of this yacht.

Safety was the priority since Louis Chenevert and with his wife decided to cruise with their daughters, the sons-in-law and the grandchildren. As a result, they ensured that Debbie Lou had two radar systems. These radar systems are commercially graded and open-arrays, AIS and night vision. It also has a satellite –TV receiver as well as a high-grade transceiver in conjunction with a satellite system that provides phone communication together with data transmission all across the world. The other tremendous and credible specifications of this particular yacht incorporates five 19-inch touch screen pilot console monitors at the helm. Debbie Lou had a GPS system that helps to increase the accuracy and the certainty of the location of the yacht. The GPS also served a backup for the navigation system. This yacht is just a little heaven.


Robert Deignan: The Passion Behind ATS Digital Works

The last two decades have experienced the prime years of the technology industry with so many innovations coming into place. Thriving and becoming an expert in such a demanding industry is another thing. In this piece, we look at Robert Deignan, co-founder and current CEO of ATS Digital, a market leader in the tech industry.

Robert Deignan knew what he wanted in life immediately after graduating from Purdue University in 1995, with a Bachelor’s in Business Management. He wanted to go the entrepreneurial way, so he partnered with Fanlink, Inc in 1998 and founded his first business, a digital technology solutions venture. The company was dissolved three years later in 2001. Robert became the executive vice president in 2002 at iS3 Inc. and continued to work for the next nine years after which he left in 2011. The software venture provided a wide variety of services including computer optimization, digital security, and personalized technical support.

In 2011, he decided it was time to put all his knowledge, expertise and passion all into one basket and founded ATS Digital Services LLC. This was going to be the peak of his life. His management and leadership experience from his previous roles came handy, and he also became CEO at his newly founded company. Today the company solves any technology-related issues, both home, and commercial needs. Robert Deignan instilled the culture of providing top-notch customer service which has helped the company become a favorite to many clients. In that same year, 2011, Robert also founded Inbound Calls Experts where he serves as a digital support provider to clients from all parts of the globe.

ATS Digital Service prides itself in offering the very bests services regarding quality and timing. The company strives to bring convenience to all clients in need of their services. They are well equipped with the latest technology advancements placing them as the best in the market.

Robert Deignan has been recognized with his commitment to offer the best customer service. ATS Digital Solutions became the first company to be certified by App Esteem that requires a company to show how they provide premium customer and support services in the tech world.


Meet Guilherme Paulus, an Influential Person in Brazil Tourism Industry

Guilherme Paulus is one of the most prominent people in Brazil. He is known for his vast investments in the tourism industry. One of his business ventures that has been very successful is CVC, a tour company based in Sao Paulo. He founded the tour company in 1972 in partnership with Carlos Vicente Cerchiari. CVC has grown rapidly to become a multiple award-winning international company.Born in 1949, Guilherme Paulus hails from Sao Paulo. He pursued business administration in college and went ahead to practice the skills he acquired in various companies before starting CVC. The tour operator grew tremendously, thanks to the capable leadership of Guilherme Paulus. The company had a competitive edge because the leadership of Paulus introduced contemporary packages.

In 2009, he asked a global investment fund for help which helped the company spread its wings even further. CVC now earns a revenue of $5.2 billion every year and it has also become a public company. To improve its revenues even more, the company has initiated a plan to open 100 stores each year and expand to less populated areas. Paulus is also leading CVC’s innovation efforts and specifically, he is looking for an innovative business solution to help online vendors to connect easily with physical stores using Omni Channel Concept.The businessman has extended his prowess to the hotel sector by founding GJP Hotels & Resorts. Guilherme Paulus founded the network of hotels in 2005 and it has garnered a lot of success.

It now controls over 15 hotels in Brazil. He had channeled about $600 million to hotel investments, a record that attracted a lot of attention.Recently, the renowned entrepreneur was featured in Forbes’s billionaire list. The work he has done in the tourism industry has gained him a lot of recognition. Guilherme Paulus has been recognized by the French government for promoting the tourism industry. Paulus has also received many awards including “Entrepreneur of the Year Award” and “Personality of the Year Award”. The awards and recognitions are well-deserved because the developments he brought to the tourism industry were amazing. He bought webjet while it was still struggling to get to its fit and established it to become one of the largest airline companies in Brazil.