Jim Dondero Efforts as an Entrepreneur

Jim Dondero is the co-founder and president of Highland Capital. He studied commerce at Virginia’s McIntire University. If you need to know how business acumen can be applied to philanthropy, then James Dondero is the perfect person you can learn from. He is an entrepreneur and at the same time a philanthropist who is known for his charitable efforts that have become successful in many organizations. At Highland Capital, he ensures that the mission of the organization includes charitable giving. Through Jim Dondero’s efforts, Highland Capital in Dallas assists charitable organizations that need their assistance to improve the lives of people living in Dallas. He ensures that his finance company is dedicated to providing support to organizations and businesses that are advancing the Dallas community.

Although every charitable organization has its causes and goals, his strategic approach that will help the organizations achieve their goals in the community. One of the assistance provided by Jim Dondero is the $1 million that he donated to the Dallas Zoo for developing a modern Hippo Outpost. His business contribution created a good reputation for Highland Capital, and it was named as Highland Hippo Hut which was for educational displays and private events. Visitors are welcomed to visit the Zoo and see the protection provided to the Hippos. Another donation provided by Highland Capital is the $2 million donated to the Southern Methodist University to help it create a Tower Scholars Program Fund for supporting exceptional undergraduates who need to study politics, international affairs, ethical public service, and foreign affairs.

The selected students will have an opportunity of studying abroad, exposure to policymaking, senior-year internship, and access to global investment leaders. Jim Dondero has also ensured that Highland Capital supports youths within Dallas who come from disadvantaged families and cannot afford to pay for their college education. It also provides the youths with mentoring assistance professional development, internships, and standardized test preparation at respected corporations and nonprofits. Therefore, Highland Capital is not all about credit and finances, but it focuses on making Dallas a better place to live in.


Meet Guilherme Paulus, an Influential Person in Brazil Tourism Industry

Guilherme Paulus is one of the most prominent people in Brazil. He is known for his vast investments in the tourism industry. One of his business ventures that has been very successful is CVC, a tour company based in Sao Paulo. He founded the tour company in 1972 in partnership with Carlos Vicente Cerchiari. CVC has grown rapidly to become a multiple award-winning international company.Born in 1949, Guilherme Paulus hails from Sao Paulo. He pursued business administration in college and went ahead to practice the skills he acquired in various companies before starting CVC. The tour operator grew tremendously, thanks to the capable leadership of Guilherme Paulus. The company had a competitive edge because the leadership of Paulus introduced contemporary packages.

In 2009, he asked a global investment fund for help which helped the company spread its wings even further. CVC now earns a revenue of $5.2 billion every year and it has also become a public company. To improve its revenues even more, the company has initiated a plan to open 100 stores each year and expand to less populated areas. Paulus is also leading CVC’s innovation efforts and specifically, he is looking for an innovative business solution to help online vendors to connect easily with physical stores using Omni Channel Concept.The businessman has extended his prowess to the hotel sector by founding GJP Hotels & Resorts. Guilherme Paulus founded the network of hotels in 2005 and it has garnered a lot of success.

It now controls over 15 hotels in Brazil. He had channeled about $600 million to hotel investments, a record that attracted a lot of attention.Recently, the renowned entrepreneur was featured in Forbes’s billionaire list. The work he has done in the tourism industry has gained him a lot of recognition. Guilherme Paulus has been recognized by the French government for promoting the tourism industry. Paulus has also received many awards including “Entrepreneur of the Year Award” and “Personality of the Year Award”. The awards and recognitions are well-deserved because the developments he brought to the tourism industry were amazing. He bought webjet while it was still struggling to get to its fit and established it to become one of the largest airline companies in Brazil.

Graeme Holm Makes Infinity Group Australia the Most Innovative Firm of the Year

Graeme Holm Makes Infinity Group Australia the Most Innovative Firm of the Year

In 2013, Infinity Group Australia came into existence due to the joint effort by Graeme Holm and his wife, Rebecca Walker. It is among the quickest growing money administration and credit reduction firms in helping the many ordinary Australians settle their debts as early as possible. Also, aids them in improving their private finances and making sure they secure a safe and sound future for them hence enhancing their living standards. For the five years that the Group has been in operation, it has accomplished many things and also being honored in several ways such as being the most Innovative firm of the year 2018, recognition from Australian Financial Review. In specific, it has been ranked to be position 58th among the 1000 companies that were nominated within Australia and across New Zealand.


Infinity Group Australia has been experiencing exponential since it was formed, this has been the reason why it has established several stations in different geographical areas such as in Bella Vista and New South Wales. The idea behind is to ensure that all its activities are accommodated and services received by as many people as possible. The cause of the Group’s success has also been identified to be the dedication that it puts to the customer experience. Continuing guidance and support of customers via their credit journey has been determined by Holm to be the primary reason they decided with Rebecca to establish Infinity Group Australia.


Infinity Group Australia provides services that have enabled its clients to repay their loans as early as possible before it is too late for them to be able to handle the principal amount and its interest. For example, the borrowers can repay their debts that are termed for thirty years within a period of fewer than ten years. The Group by the aid of Holm and Rebecca has adopted a supportive approach that has turned to be liked by most borrowers. It is because they have enabled them to spend adequate time with their families without any worry of their debts because they are assured that the bills are being taken care of by someone else.


Finally, Graeme Holm is the founder of Infinity Group as well as its director. He has also been ranked to be among the top 100 MBA dealers. Also, immediately he was done with his academics, he got the opportunity to begin his career by serving in a Big Four banking Industry and proceeded to deliver the financial services up to right now that he has seventeen years of Experience. In his advice to the young entrepreneurs, Graeme Holm urges the young generation to get aggressive at showcasing their talents and skills even if for no payment. It is through this course that their skills would be identified by potential customers and start earning from them. Learn more: https://au.linkedin.com/in/graeme-holm-b99b94ab