The rise and rise of Guilherme Paulus.

Guilherme Paulus is the current president of the Board of advisers at CVC Brasil and GJP. He has overseen the growth of the two companies over the years to where they are today. When he first ventured in employment, he was barely eighteen. He began his career journey as an intern at IBM at a time when he had just realized his parents would not afford to pay for his medical school tuition fee. He was however determined that despite this temporary setback he would build himself up one way or the other. As time went by, he realized computers were not his, and it is at this point that he decided that once he left IBM, he would try and his another venture into business.

After leaving IBM, he went to work at Casa Faro. Here, he met Carlos Vicente Cerchiari who was a state deputy at the time. They shared ideas and soon after Carlos would inform him of his dream to open of opening a tourism agency. This is how CVC was born. Since Guilherme Paulus did not have much to invest, he would earn his share by working at CVC almost for free. This continued for four years until Carlos left to go and pursue other interest. At only 24 Guilherme Paulus had to figure out how to run the agency now that he was alone. Over the years he was able to incorporate his business ideas and slowly the company started making a profit.

As CVC grew, entrepreneur Guilherme Paulus realized that the tourism industry needed something else. The hospitality industry was not well catered for, and this is how GJP was born. Guilherme Paulus wholly owns the network of hotels that owns more twenty hotels and resorts. They have been able to expand to virtually every big city and tourist destination in Brazil and are still growing. Some of the areas where their hotels and resorts can be found include Rio de Janeiro, Maceió, Salvador, Recife, and São Paulo. Despite being named one of the richest men in BraziL, Paulus still wants to invest more in the tourism industry where he says his heart and soul lie.

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Shervin Pishevar Takes On Twitter

Ideas can be generated from almost anywhere, but the most valuable ones come from those who actually know what they are talking about. This is the kind of advice that you can take to the bank. Unfortunately, it is not easy to find reliable sources of valuable information. One of the places that you can get some important insights is from Shervin Pishevar on Twitter.

Shervin Pishevar was an early investor in some of the largest gig economy type of companies that you hear about today. He was wise enough to put his money into such ventures at the time, and it has paid off very well for him. These days you are just as likely to catch Shervin Pishevar dispensing pearls of wisdom on social media as you are to see him lurking around looking for the next great deal.

In a recent tweet storm Shervin Pishevar put to rest any debate about where he stands on a variety of pressing economic issues. He made it quite clear that he is a believer in the idea that the economy that we have now is not one that is going to last forever. As a matter of fact, he believes that the stock market is overdue for a correction of at least twenty percentage points from the levels that it is at right now.

Pishevar also holds a firm belief that it is going to be nearly impossible for new and innovative startups to begin their journey in the United States. He feels that the laws established right now make it all too easy for large corporations to run over smaller ones that are just getting their start. He expressed this in his recent tweet storm as well.

Fifty tweets spanning twenty-one hours might sound like a fairly boring thing to read about, but that is not the case if the subject matter is Shervin Pishevar. He simply brings the interesting information with him everywhere that he goes. You can rely on him to provide some of the most insightful and interesting content on the Internet if you are willing to check out what he has to say.

Paul Mampilly’s Quest to Help Investors Grow

Paul Mampilly is a well-known investor in America. He has exhibited his passion and the need to help individuals expand their investments and be successful. Paul Mampilly’s skills will help you grow your small business into an empire. His career path has had made him work with both local and international business firms in America. Paul Mampilly describes himself as a one-man idea machine. Given his history and knowledge, one can’t dispute that as he has made a name for himself.

The investment expert is the founder of Capuchin Consulting, a consulting firm that helps young investors get million-dollar ideas, which bring them useful returns when executed. In 2015, he worked for The Professional Speculator as an author and analyst. He was also the editor for Agora Financial’s premier biotech and life science franchise FDA Trader between March 2014-January 2015. His involvement in FDA Trader helped the company produce over $6million in sales. He has also previously worked for Common Sense Publishing as an author and analyst and taken the Senior Portfolio manager of Kinetic Assessment manager.

Paul Mampilly’s goal is to see everyone succeed. His experience and skills will turn the average investor into a millionaire. He has helped a lot of notable names make profits while on Wall Street. The skills he gained while working as a hedge fund manager made him aware of what clients need and what can work for them. To get where he is, Paul Mampilly says that he pays attention to the things he didn’t do right. By doing this, he can note and rectify his mistakes.

Paul is the guy you need in your quest to become the next top investor. You are assured of making good money after consultations. Paul Mampilly was of great assistance during the stock crash in 2009. The pro in investment and financial management converted $50m into $88m after he entered a Templeton Foundation competition, which a 76% gain. The Internet of Things megatrends and the millennial mega trend are the two trends that interest him the most.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong About His 20-Year Journey In The World Of Retail

Richard Liu Qiangdong attended 2018’s World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, and talked about his journey that changed the landscape of the retail industry through supply chain innovation. From a restaurateur to an important figure within the world of retail, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of is one of the wealthiest men in China, having a net worth of $11 billion, according to Forbes.

Richard Liu started his business in 1998, selling computer accessories out of a 4 square meter store in Beijing. His business expanded and by 2003 he had 12 physical stores, but due to the SARS outbreak and having both his staff and his customer house-bound, his business was at risk. He ended up closing all 12 stores by the end of 2004, and out of necessity he started retailing online, thus creating Despite the fact that he thought in 1998 that the online market was chaotic, once he started doing business online he realized that the logistics costs were lower and recognized the fact that e-commerce was the trend for the future.

In order to prove that he is serious about his business, Richard Liu Qiangdong decided to not sell any counterfeit products on his platform, he provided receipts and wanted to provide a good experience to customers, in order to make his company more unique. Due to the limited amount of money, the platform only sold IT products and mobile phone initially, but added new products every year. Nowadays, the platform has a market value of $60 billion, and in 2017 they added 30,000 new employees, for a total of 167,000. Richard Liu considers that the largest e-commerce platform in China will also be the biggest in the world.

The company has 500 logistics centers and can deliver products in as little as 3 hours in Beijing. Their most popular products are consumer goods, foods and fashion items. 57% of orders are delivered within 6 hours in China, 97% of them arriving in 10 hours. The company also delivers around the world, and it could take 10 to 15 days for products to get to Washington.

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James Dondero – Dallas philanthropy

James Dondero is a perfect example of someone who always had a vision to not only find success in his professional endeavors but also in the form of giving back to the community. He has lived in the Dallas, Texas area for a very long time now and has never backed off from serving the people in the slightest possible way. He could definitely be counted among those successful businessmen who have the acute nerve to apply their business acumen into philanthropy. Because of his countless number of charitable programs around the North Texas region, he is highly regarded in the community and is a household name in the region. Some in the professional world also consider him to be a rarity. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero.

Being the co-founded as well as the president of the Highland Capital Management, James Dondero always wanted his firm to give charitable contributions right from the beginning. In other words, he made sure that giving back to the community was not only in the best interest of his organization but also in his company’s DNA. He has been very strategic in terms of the developments he wished for the Dallas region; another way it actually helped his organization is to build trust and loyalty among the people as well as his clients. His focus on making some tangible impacts on the community has had some tremendous focus on him as a unique business leader.


Mr. Dondero also has some special affinity towards Dallas, Texas as he relocated to the northern big city in the state of Texas in 1994 after having moved the company’s headquarters from Los Angeles. He was welcomed by the city because of which he has never backed off from bring about improvements in the area through his philanthropic and noble causes. Even though his organization has a global reach, he chooses to serve the local community so that his firm could bring about some creative impacts in his own backyard. It is because of his unique vision that he is respected by his professional and personal peers, leading him to more successes every day. Read this article at