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One of the important catalysts is that OSI understands the importance of becoming local. David McDonald is the COO and president of OSI Group. Regardless of the company being US based, they understand the needs to bring solutions to their local customers. Many customers are multi-national, Western or international customers. OSI Group searches and finds a solution that applies to their customers. Becoming local has allowed the company to be successful. Long-term partnerships also play a big role in the success of OSI Group. David McDonald explained how important it is to stay true to the principles. For China, OSI had to be flexible as part of its success. Customer quality and food safety aren’t compromised. Being patient and understanding the business culture, listening first and trying to apply solutions 2nd is key. David says that different countries are different than business cultures and that good relationship with customers takes time. Be patient and let trust develop in the relationship before trying to provide a solution.

Having an open mind, patience, and flexibility help the result of what the solution may or may not look like. Appreciation of the business culture is the most significant learning tool. Listening and gaining the customer’s trust is important because it allows you to see their point of view before you make a solution. David McDonald’s says that remaining patient was the company’s biggest hurdle. You can only understand the issues the countries face by traveling to the country. OSI goes through an engagement process to overcome hurdles.OSI waits for the catalysts to try getting organizations together to engage and partner as they try bringing solutions within China, manufacturing in Chine then transporting to another country. OSI is leading food-processing company and they celebrated twenty years with China on September 12, 2012. OSI China provided 113 tons of five kinds of products in 2008.

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The Success of OSI Solutions

OSI Food Solutions is a group that is committed to making the world better. This is an American privately owned holding company that of meat processors. The company services retail and food service industries around the world. Currently with its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois, OSI has more than sixty facilities in more than seventeen countries.

OSI Food Solutions recently made news as a result of its growth. In recent years the company has expanded and become one of the worlds largest food suppliers. Today the company has sixty-five facilities around the world. OSI is not just dominating in the food world, they are considered to be one of the largest privately held companies in the United States. They have built an incredible reputation for delivering excellent service.

In recent years OSI Food Solutions has partnered with various processing plants, warehouses, and farms. OSI’s ultimate goal is to become the world’s principal global food provider. They ultimately will provide services to Europe, the United States and all of North America. The company is currently working to have facilities in China, Australia and even the Philippines. The goal is to provide services all across the globe.

OSI Food Solutions recently made a major move when it more than doubled its chicken processing capacity. This was accomplished by investing more than seventeen million dollars into its facility in Toledo, Spain. The company is now able to process more than 24,000 tons of chicken allowing them to create a variety of products. The recent upgrades also helped increase the facility’s capacity to process other meats like pork and beef. This has created nearly 200 additional jobs as well.

OSI Food solutions if focused on continued expansion. They provide top notch service which makes people comfortable with partnering with them. They appear set for continued success for years to come.

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OSI Group Grows With McDonald’s

It’s odd to think that OSI Group, which has 65 facilities in 17 different countries, began as a local butcher shop. OSI began as Otto Kolschowsky’s German-influence retail meat market in 20th century Chicago. Otto moved to Chicago in 1907 and opened his butcher market two years later.

It didn’t take long for his business to grow into one of the largest meat suppliers in the region. Through both World Wars, his butcher company maintained its place as a vital part of American life in the Midwest. In 1928, his changed the named to Otto & Sons, following the path that many immigrant businesses took during those years.

While Otto ran the company, Otto & Sons survived both World Wars. When his sons took over the business, they formed a partnership that lasts to this day. In 1955, Ray Kroc opened the first McDonald’s in the world.

Before opening in Des Plaines, Kroc went around forming partnerships with local meat vendors to supply his restaurant. After the restaurant opened, many suppliers struggled to keep up with demand, causing many to break from McDonald’s. Otto’s sons, Arthur and Harry, never backed down and began investing in new technologies that helped them keep up with Kroc’s demand.

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In 1973, using cryogenic freezing machines, the brothers opened a factory in West Chicago that only produced for McDonald’s. Thanks to the new plant and their close relationship with Kroc, Otto & Sons became one of only four suppliers to continue working with McDonald’s.

Soon after that, Otto & Sons divided their company into two sectors: one that continued serving the community and one that worked solely with McDonald’s. In 1975, the family business transformed one more time and became OSI Industries. To lead the new company, the brothers brought in Sheldon Lavin, who currently runs OSI Group and its subsidiaries.

Along with David McDonald, Lavin built OSI Group into an international success. They have over 20,000 employees worldwide dedicated to providing clients with the most innovative food solutions.

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OSI Group and McDonald’s Long Partnership

In 1909, Otto Kolschowsky opened a meat market in Illinois after he arrived in the USA. In 1917, he expanded the food business into a wholesale and moved it to Maywood, Chicago. In 1928, the business adopted “Otto & Sons” as its name.Ray Kroc opened the first McDonald’s eatery in Illinois and made Otto & Sons. McDonald’s made Otto & Sons its sole fresh ground beef patties supplier. With the introduction of Cryogenic food processing, Otto & Sons became one of OSI Group McDonalds meat suppliers.In 1973, Otto & Sons established a special freezing and patty-forming facility. It also formed Glenmark, a unit for non-McDonald’s businesses. Come the year 1975, Otto & Sons changed the name to OSI Industries.

Before opening his first OSI Group McDonalds restaurant, Kroc had earlier entered into a handshake agreement with Kolschowsky’s sons—Harry and Arthur—to be supplying his firm with fresh ground beef. This agreement would later offer Kroc more benefits than he earlier anticipated. Within a short time, Kroc bought out the McDonald’s and became the CEO of the current McDonald’s corporation. As the company took off, Otto & Son’s symbiotically joined in to provide the McDonald’s high quality brand with beef patties.Because of OSI Group McDonalds rapid growth, OSI Group was forced to improve its manufacturing abilities In 1977, the firm opened its first meat processing meat outside Chicago. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, the company opened more unique food facilities in other areas of North America.

As McDonald’s became an international firm, OSI Group also became a multinational company. The two companies got into a joint venture in Germany in 1978 and Spain in 1980. OSI Group was not becoming a complicated and sprawling international firm. Over the years, OSI Group has opened a series of franchise stores and plants in several parts of the world. For instance, in 1990, the OSI Group McDonalds, together with Alaska Milk Corporation and General Milling Corporation, established GenOSI in the Philippines. In 2002, OSI Group established OSI China.The OSI Group and McDonald’s have a long history. The two shared superior relationships and embraced technological innovations and available growth opportunities. These two factors led to the growth of a small butcher shop and restaurant to two of the most recognised food processing brands in the world.

OSI Food Solutions offers great food service

On November 25, 2016 at the Drapers’ Hall in London, the British Safety Council awarded the OSI Food Solutions UK with the Globe of Honour Award for their exceptional work in handling issues in the environment. Out of 18 companies who were recipients of the Globe of Honour in 2016 (an award presented to companies for their stellar handling of environmental matters), OSI Food Solutions UK was one of them. Companies are able to vie for the prestigious award on the strength of an overall exemplary performance in the organization with environmental management and managing the five stars needed to be considered. The organization has shown exemplary work throughout the years and it is proven in their 2013 and 2015 Globe of Honour. Visit forcepoint.com

Later in 2016, OSI Food Solutions acquired well-renowned foodservice operator Flagship Europe whose products are frozen poultry, pies and other foods and food-specific items. By gaining Flagship Europe from the Flagship Food Group, OSI has been able to expand their food presence in Europe to better serve customers domestically and abroad. With more than six decades of food business under their belt, OSI has provided plenty of protein as well as many other food items to their customers through more than 60 facilities spanning across 16 countries.

Through OSI Food Solutions’ acquisition of Baho Food, they have been able to extend their European reach and cover many areas not already served by OSI like Germany and the Netherlands. With Baho Food’s subsidiaries and wide-ranging scope of products that include but are not limited to snacks, convenience foods and deli meats, OSI has the capability to grow their brand further into one intent on building a larger customer base through more efficient customer service and quickly improving their growth as an overall organization. This has helped and will continue to help them reach higher goals they have set for themselves.

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