Alex Sellem Gives Insight Into The Day To Day Operations Of The Gold Mining Industry

Alec Sellem is the CEO and Founder of Sellem Industries, LLC., a gold mining firm based in England. They differ from other gold mining firms, as Sellem Industries have streamlined the process on gold mining and refining. They operate in the African countries of Sierra Leone, and Senegal, where they have created an infrastructure to mine and refine gold. Majority of gold mining companies that operate in Africa mine the gold locally but refine it offshore.


Instead, Sellem hires local workers and refines the gold in the villages where it was mined. This has helped grow the local economies in Sierra Leone and Senegal. As CEO, Alex Sellem remains very hands-on in the day to day operations of his company.


Alec Sellem met up with to talk about his unique “big picture” business process, the idea behind his company and his typical day.


The idea behind Sellem Industries came from Sellem’s love for trading gold and his love for Africa. He attended university in Switzerland and studied abroad in Africa. While in Africa, he fell in love with the landscapes, the wilderness and the local cultures of the continent.


Alec has a deep respect for the local cultures in Africa and that’s what makes him an effective businessman in the mining industry. This has allowed him to create a new synergy between African governments, local villagers and his company that has improved the lives of everyone.


Before opening his mines, Alec Sellem performed extensive research on the gold mining industry. He realized that most mining companies were “small picture” thinkers and only focused on short term profitability. Sellem himself is a “big picture” thinker and focuses on long term sustainability. To achieve this, he constructed new infrastructure from scratch that has helped ensure long term sustainability.


Due to the changing nature of the mining industry, Alec Sellem doesn’t have a typical day. When he is on-site in Africa, he is always on his feet. He is constantly checking operations, meeting with workers, discussing new ideas and running the day to day operations.


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