Dan Bethelmy-Rada’s Work With R.A.W


Matrix created R.A.W. from the realization that there is a large market for natural products all over the world. Dan Bethelmy-Rada and his team worked hard to make sure the standards set forth were met. Matrix took a complete commitment approach to it with the help of L’Oréal’s Sharing Beauty With All programme. The formulas rely on highly biodegradable, natural and effective ingredients. Even the packaging has a minimal environmental impact.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada and his team came up against overcame a number of challenges. One such challenge was the costs involved with these ambitious green goals. Working with the teams of Research and Innovation and Operations, Dan Bethelmy-Rada’s team verified the criteria for production, formulation, and packaging.

This proved to be a huge task. While making sure that these products aligned with L’Oréal’s standards, the cost of the tests raised the product’s price. Another big challenge was time. The teams worked on finding resources needed for the products but had to push back the launch of the product when the clay kept getting contaminated during transport.

The next big challenge for Dan Bethelmy-Rada and his team was to get the word about R.A.W.’s philosophy to salon professionals and consumers. You can’t lecture people on what they should buy for all natural products. They don’t respond to that. What you need to do is give the consumers the tools to draw their own conclusions. In order to do this, R.A.W. taught salon professionals how to work with less water and power.

In the 700 salons this was done in their daily routines were made more sustainable as well. To help spread the word on how to live more sustainable the #LiveRaw digital campaign was started. Their Instagram page is full of information and testimonials as well. A few months after the #LiveRaw digital campaign was started the feedback they received was encouraging.

Consumers were enthusiastic and grateful. Best of all acknowledging the quality of R.A.W. everyone worked so hard to create. After the R.A.W. products officially released in the US and were a success, they are now available in the European market.


Learn more about Rada on https://ideamensch.com/dan-bethelmy-rada/