Barbara Stokes, CEO Of Green Structure Homes Of Alabama, Continues Giving Back To Those In the Need

Barbara Stokes is a unique CEO. She runs a woman-owned small business by the name of Green Structure Homes of Alabama. The company is a unique contractor that deals with disaster relief. She is constantly at work with her team innovating new ways to engineer and build temporary housing for emergency situations. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

Her team uses multi-purpose materials and proprietary engineering techniques in order to erect temporary housing in a quick and efficient manner. This innovative housing solution earned them a $26 million contract from the Federal Emergency Management Agency when Hurricane Harvey hit the Gulf Coast.

GSH swooped into the communities of Texas and Louisiana to put up temporary housing at a blistering pace. Families in the area were appreciative of the urgency so they could get back to as normal a life as possible. Now Barbara Stokes has upped the ante to help even more people in the Alabama community.

Last year, she donated over $75,000 worth of building materials to Habitat for Humanity in Madison County. Now she has donated more than $50,000 worth of building materials to the same charitable organization. And she takes her charitable endeavors even a step further. She used her own logistics network to deliver the building materials on four different semi trucks in order to save Habitat for Humanity even more money on delivery costs. Read this article at

Habitat for Humanity stated that they will use the drywall and hardie fascia board to help construct nine new homes within the next year. The rest will be stored or sold in order to complete future projects. Drywall and hardie fascia board are expensive and important materials that provide insulation and protection from water damage. These materials are particularly important in the Alabama heat where rain and flooding are always a threat.

Habitat for Humanity in Hamilton County has been especially prolific. During their 31 years of existence, they have housed 272 families in the Huntsville area. Volunteers of helped Habitat for Humanity construct more than 200 homes and re-fab more than 60 others. Barbara Stokes’s donation, along with hard work from the people at Habitat for Humanity, will be helping Alabama families for years.