JD.com Sells Hungarian Wine to Consumers

JD has partnered up with a leading Hungarian winery. The Chinese retail conglomerate began distributing Grand Tokaj wine which is one of the most well known in the world. Both Jingdong and Grand Tokaj have agreed to begin selling the wine in the Chinese market during the past year. For JD, it will add yet another wine product for consumers to choose from when purchasing wine. It has offered to help research the markets to find out what Chinese consumers are looking to get from wine products. Jingdong will also handle the shipping tasks as well. For Grand Tokaj, it will have one of the most reputable retailers in the world sell one of its leading products to consumers. As a result, this looks to be a very beneficial business relationship between the two parties.

Jingdong will begin selling a wine product that is among the most distinguished in the world. Grand Tokaj wine is made from raisined grapes through a process called noble rot. With this process, the wine is very sweet and is therefore quite tasty. It is also one of the oldest wines in the world as it has been made since the year 1630. Part of what has made the Grand Tokaj wine one of the longest lasting brands is its affiliation with the Hungarian government. The winery is backed by the national government so it will be widely available for both national and international consumers.

Recently JD put the wine product on the market and has seen excellent results. Within ten hours of putting the Grand Tokaj wine up for sale, 1,000 bottles were sold and over 400,000 consumers followed the wine product. With this amount of popularity, the Grand Tokaj wine is now best seller. Jingdong has revealed that three quarters of consumers prefer to purchase a foreign wine. Consumers such as young women are among the primary groups of consumers who purchase the Grand Tokaj wine. As of today, Grand Tokaj wine is the second most popular in China. JD is very pleased to sell this very popular wine product as it believes that it will be a product that satisfies its many customers.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong: The Success Of JD.com Explored


What determines a successful company? Is it just about how much money the company makes or is it something more? If it’s just about money, then JD.com is very successful; currently valued at more than $57 billion. If it’s about something more, then JD.com is still very successful; having survived one of China’s darkest hours.

The history of JD.com’s ups and downs starts with the company’s founder and current CEO, Richard Liu Qiangdong. Richard Liu comes from an extremely humble background; his family was impoverished. His parents owned their own business but didn’t make much shipping coal from north to south.

When Richard Liu went to college, he earned attendance at Renmin University and graduated with a Sociology degree. Initially, he planned to pursue a career in politics, but his grandmother’s illness derailed that pursuit. Instead, he learned computer programming and worked as a freelance code writer to make enough money to pay for her treatment.

Working as a freelancer gave him a taste for being his own boss. He focused more on pursuing entrepreneurial ventures even after his grandmother received her treatment. Liu’s newfound passion led him to business school where he earned an EMBA.

While attending the China Europe International Business School, he bought a restaurant as a first attempt at owning his own business. The restaurant failed miserably, as he only devoted two hours a week to operations. After that, he took a job at Japan Life, where he worked for two years. Go Here for more information.

In 1998, he opened another business, which he named Jingdong. Jingdong was more successful than the restaurant, and by 2003, he had 12 stores through the Beijing region. Unfortunately, 2003 also brought the SARS outbreak that shut down many of China’s retailers.

Not one for giving up, Richard Liu moved Jingdong online and renamed it JD.com. He added more products and created a delivery system that allowed customers to receive their purchased items in 24 hours or less; many received their packages within six hours.

Due to his hard work throughout the years, Mr. Qiangdong has managed to accrue a few important accolades over the years. One of these incredibly amazing awards was the “2017 Variety500 Honoree” in the variety honors. JD.com is currently well over $44 billion in worth which is looking to continue growing upwards with time.


JD.com Launches Two Smart Delivery Stations Ahead Of The Consumer Electronics Showcase (CES) Event


JD.com is the largest retailer in China, where it concentrates on the cutting-edge technology. As part of its high tech works, the company recently launched two of the most advanced smart delivery facilities located in the city of Hohhot and Changsha. The two stations will be piloting the staff training and solving issues regarding mile delivery.

With this JD.com intends to ease the delivery of parcels by using smart vehicle robots to transport them to distances of up to 5-kilometer radius. What’s more, the vehicles are designed with the latest technology where they can avoid obstacles, plan the routes to be used, and even adhere to the traffic lights rules. Besides, the technology used will have facial recognition for improved security for users collecting the parcels, where they will transport over 2000 packages daily.


What the JD.com Firm Intends to Show Case at the CES Event

JD.com intends to showcase its cutting-edge technology delivery system at Las Vegas, Nevada, which will be the world’s largest technology and innovation event. Moreover, JD’s technology is already transforming the shopping style in China where the showcase of their advancement in technology is set to revolutionize the global business at large.

Also, JD.com will again demonstrate how drones can be used to deliver medical supplies or any kind of goods in remote places in China. In a nutshell, this will be an ultimate glimpse of the complete automated system of the fulfilment center of how cutting-edge technology will change how delivery will work in cities. Go Here for more information.

Further, the audience of the CES will be given a chance to test the future technology at first hand in the firm’s interactive booth. This will include an up-close experience of drones in virtual reality aside from seeing how the company’s augmented styling software and reality fitting works.

Furthermore, JD.com’s “Internet of Things” technology will also be showcased where the CES attendees can be shown how consumers of the products can use their smart devices remotely from the comfort of their homes or cars. Better still, special exoskeleton attire will also be shown at the CES where the attendees can experience how it works when the JD.com staff use it in lifting heavy objects.

In addition, Chen Zhang, the Chief Technology Officer of JD.com that started in 1998 stated, that the firm is ready to open up its business to other companies as they embrace the automated features of innovative technology.


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Breakthrough Indonesian Drone Flight For Jingdong


An innovative leader, JD.com is China’s largest retailer that has made a historic first drone flight in Indonesia. Dubbed a breakthrough for delivery via drone in Southeast Asia, with new regulation approval, this flight may pave the way for commercial drone use in not only Indonesia but in other parts of Southeast Asia.

There were agents from various agencies such as Civil Aviation and Air Navigation and Indonesia’s Ministry of Transportation on hand to witness the event. News of the breakthrough drone flight was also announced at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting.

On the 8th of January, 2019 the test flight from Jagabita Village in Parung Panjang to MIS Nurul Falah Leles Elementary School was completed. The test flight made a delivery of books and backpacks to happy students who soon asked when deliveries could be made to their homes. This delivery was part of a greater donation of school supplies from Jingdong. JD has a history of philanthropy, often supporting people immediately after various disasters in China.

Jingdong and JD.ID are pioneers in providing the highest quality e-commerce to Indonesia, serving more than 20 million customers across Indonesia. Their logistics network includes ten warehouses that cover more than 480 cities and they are using this expansive network to meet their goal of being able to deliver more than 80% of their orders on the same or next day. In keeping with their philanthropic goals, JD.ID is also leveraging their logistics and other tools and resources to support humanitarian aid efforts such as earthquake disaster relief.

JD.com Chief Strategy Officer, Jon Liao says “We have been using drones for real deliveries in China for over two years now, and have seen the profound impact that the technology can have on people’s lives around the country. We look forward to working closely with WEF and the Indonesian government to realize the full potential of this technology, and provide more convenience to Indonesian citizens.” Get Related Information Here.


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