What Fountain House Did with Jeremy Goldstein’s Wine Dinner Donation

When people donate money to charities, the charities don’t always explain where the money went. As society moves in a more consumer-led direction, organizations are becoming more transparent. Fountain House was always transparent when it comes to what they do with large donations.

When Jeremy Goldstein hosted two elegant wine dinners atop the NoMad Hotel in New York, he raised over $56,000, which he donated to Fountain House. For years, Goldstein has been an avid supporter and advocate for Fountain House and their mission. Fountain House deals with the recovery and reintegration of patients with mental illness.

Goldstein hosted those dinners to bring awareness to mental illness. Despite what many believe, developing treatments and medicine is no longer the bigger issue. The stigma around mental illness creates more victims than stress. People aren’t getting the help they need because they’re scared of public humiliation.

Fountain House devoted nearly all their resources to tearing down the walls of stigma. Recently, society made huge advances in accepting mental illness and talking openly about issues. The next step is normalizing open discussion and making people comfortable with getting help as soon as problems arise.

Even when people fully and openly talk about mental illness, there’s still the issue of patients finding employment after treatment. Currently, upward of 85 percent of people living with some form of mental illness are unemployed. Fountain House takes the next step in helping them get their lives back on track after treatment.

The money Jeremy Goldstein raised with his two wine dinners went to the Fountain House Employment Program. Goldstein raised that money specifically to support that particular program. As a business professional, he understands the value of earning a living.


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