Kisling, Nestico & Redick’s Generosity To Greenbriar Middle School Children


Giving back to the society through donations is just one of Kisling, Nestico & Redick 8(KNR) ways to helping children in Ohio. Students from Greenbriar Middle School received a donation worth 1200 dollars. The bags were 60 in number packed with essential foodstuffs ranging from fruits, bread, cheese, and peanut butter among others. The operation is aimed at helping the young ones attain their maximum potential.

Kisling, Nestico & Redick is a legal entity situated in the state of Ohio. The firm represents clients in the all over Ohio. It’s one of the Ohio recognized top personal injury firms attributed to personal service and in-depth comprehension of the insurance industry. The law firm has a broad legal understanding. The legal company was started in 2005 by three lawyers namely; Gary Kisling, Rob Nestico, and Robert Redick. Kisling, Nestico & Redick

 has grown to one of the top legal firms in the state with about 30 attorneys and support staff about a hundred of them. The firm also has 11 branches all over the state.

The donation to Greenbriar middle school was part of KNR’S annually campaign dubbed KNR Cares about Kids. The donation was made in spring break. At this time the children are off school, and it’s their time to relax. However, some of the children are faced with a dilemma not knowing when they will take their next dish. The donations were helpful to the families facing food problems. It was a donation that took the school by surprise, and it was more than what they would expect. Most of the students from the school receive about 50% of the total school population get free and cheap-priced meals. Go Here for related Information.

Food security is one of the problems affecting families in Parma town. During the breaks some of the kids do not have food; thus they may not enjoy time away from school. Therefore, the Kisling, Nestico, and Redick donation was a good act to help the children enjoy their time off and focus on being children.


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Rick Cofer Is An Austin-Based Criminal Defense Lawyer


Rick Cofer started his journey by getting his BA degree from the University of Texas in Austin. He began his studies with Government and History from the years 2000 to 2004 then went on to get his Doctor of Law degree from 2005 thru 2007. After nine years as a prosecutor, founded his own law practice; Rick Coffer Law PLLC, representing people charged with crimes in Central Texas.

Rick Cofer is an Austin-based criminal defense lawyer who has helped hundreds of juvenile defendants. Through his experience in the legal sector, he has noticed that being arrested or detained can be a humiliating and daunting experience that can affect anyone no matter their age. However, the trauma caused in a juvenile can be extreme. It is even highly likely that a juvenile will plead guilty to a crime they never committed.

In fact, the rate of confession for crimes not committed is higher in juvenile than adults. A juvenile is likely to be scared and nervous about an arrest. The anxiety goes up and the heartbeat increases. The mind races, making it hard for the juvenile to think straight. Juveniles are likely to submit to threats by police officers, a factor that might make the speak out of fear. For juveniles caught up in a crime scene, they might think to in big trouble no matter their innocence or knowledge of what happened.

Rick Cofer believes that many teenagers tend to give in to false confessions even though they can prove to be innocent. Another thing that comes out regularly in juvenile arrests is the issue of race. Race should never be a determinant of how one should be treated, but in reality, different things happen. If a juvenile, for instance, is black American or Hispanic and the arresting officer is Caucasian, the situation is likely to be abnormal. To some extent, the difference in race is likely to affect the way the officer will treat the juvenile. Go Here for more information.

In a state like Texas, it is not a requirement that a parent must be present before the juvenile is charged under criminal law. This can affect juveniles as young as ten years old. However, juveniles might have access to Miranda rights, although they might lose them in the line of questioning by the officers. If you come from Austin, Texas, it is important to seek the services of a good criminal defense attorney such as Rick Cofer who has spent many years helping hundreds of juveniles to deal with criminal cases. You need to understand that just because you are a parent might not make a big difference in the face of criminal charges. The services of a criminal defense lawyer are the most important thing you can get at that juncture.


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Jeff Herman Champions The Cause Of Victims Of Sexual Abuse


Jeff Herman is a nationally renowned attorney who devotes his practice to helping victims of rape, heinous crime, sexual abuse and sexual exploitation including childhood sexual exploitation. Jeff Herman is the founder and Managing Partner of his firm Herman Law.


Jeff Herman stays productive and efficient by focusing on the basics of the case. He bases his approach on the facts of the case. He diligently documents the case and checks whether the many theories that come up while studying the case can be presented as facts. He creates a visual picture of each case on a whiteboard using timelines and makes each piece fit in. This helps him present his often complicated cases effectively.


Online advocacy has given victims a secure platform to seek help. Jeff Herman is an attorney who appreciates the empowering nature of online advocacy for victims of sexual abuse because it ensures that they are not re-victimized. .


Sexual abuse is a heart breaking subject and Jeff Herman travels across the country championing the cause of victims. He has almost quit the type of work in the past because of the grueling schedule and the wearisome subject matter. He started biometric training to help overcome the emotional stress associated with his work by empathizing with his clients. He sought the help of a team of doctors who helped him understand that to effectively help clients, he should understand their experience. He should not try to make their experiences his own. Refer to This Article for more information.


Jeff Herman wants young people who plan on pursuing a legal career to understand that the profession is not easy. The work of a lawyer is extensive and hours that a lawyer has to work are not only long but exhausting. Young persons should have a passion for the law and making a difference before choosing the subject as a career. Lawyers need to stay motivated continuously. The lack of motivation has led to many a lawyer leaving the profession. Jeff Herman believes that young people should be willing to combine the law and a passion for making a difference before choosing the law as a career.




Jeff Herman Is An Advocate For Protecting Against Sexual Abuse

When it comes to cases in sexual abuse, Jeff Herman is one of the most well-known lawyers and defenders of victims out there in the United States. Jeff has his own practice which is located in Florida, known as Herman Law.

That majority of his cases done at Herman Law are from throughout the state, though there are a decent number of cases that come in from around the country as well.

Jeff Herman attended the University of Case Western Reserve and graduated in 1984 which his law degree and license to practice wherever he wanted in the United States. Once Jeff completed his studies, he focused on law pertaining to commercial litigations, which focuses on business to business lawsuits. Refer to This Article for more information.


According to Jeff, after around a decade of being in the law industry, he found that he didn’t have the purpose he originally entered the field with. He wanted to impose justice on those who truly deserved to be judged. This is when Jeff Herman was confronted with a sexual abuse case, which would be the turning point in his career, giving him a whole new direction. One of Jeff’s first cases of sexual abuse came from a close friend that lived in Boca Raton.

Before long, Jeff Herman was well versed in sexual abuse law and was able to take on his friends case to defend his friend’s daughter. It didn’t take long for Jeff to reveal that the person in question was actually a prior sex offender and was never supposed to be hired at the daycare where the offense happened in the first place.


One of Jeff’s daily goals is to share with others on how they can Protect Their Children Against Sexual or Child Abuse. Accord to Jeff, the majority of all sexual abuse cases are actually committed by people that the kids and parents already trust to some extent. Jeff takes the time to educate others on what scenarios to what out for and how to teach kids to avoid these dangerous situations.


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