Market America Celebrates A Few Employees Of the Month (Not Who You Would Think)

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it 1,000 times: Market America is about people.

People, people, people.

People are who the company supports. That’s the target audience, the target customer base, the target for new distributorships and the target for growing success. People, you could say, are the seed, the plant, the grain, the flower … the whole garden. That’s what we’re here for.

Well, not so fast. Scan the company’s website, as I did recently, and you can find yourself confronted with another class of workers who are dedicated, work for kibble and provide all of those warm and fuzzy intangible benefits that make them a best friend, a lifelong companion and, on top of that, the Employee of the Month.

Yes, we’re talking service dogs, which are just one of the prized focuses of Market America’s charitable contributions. The purpose of the program, called maCares Service Dog Support, is to cover the cost of service dog training and care for those with medical conditions that require support from a service animal. The company, according to the website, covers re-certification training, veterinary bills and medication, grooming costs and daily care, including food for these dedicated animals.

While a variety of pets serve as healing companions for many, the program is focused on those harnessed workers, invariably described as four legs, a tail, a wet nose, handsome, kind and loyal to a fault. These working canines are among the most rewarding of workers who provide so much more than the physical, tangible act of guiding a person across the street, because, they are, well, dogs.

And who doesn’t love dogs? Or, to put that more delicately, if you are someone who loves dogs, you are apt to be someone who cherishes them, as well. After all, they represent what a perfect relationship might be. They keep their own counsel. They are loyal and cute. But most importantly, they are so non-judgmental that they actually mirror the vibe that their owner’s give out. If you are happy, your dog is apt to be in a good mood. If you are sad, they are generally subdued and gentle. They may even put their head in your lap or give you a cold nudge with their noses to get you through a slump. But their reflective nature that is available with their unbiased dogma (sorry for that, I couldn’t resist) make them, if you will, emotional mirrors without baggage. That, to me, is a perfect friend.

This isn’t about a dog, but I remember a time my son was in grief over a difficult loss and I went in to talk to him. At a glance, I realized there were no words that could help him out, so I backed out of the room and went to fetch his pet bunny (name of Wink). I picked up the friendly rabbit and put him in my son’s lap and walked away without a word. If healing is a process, animals are great facilitators, not rushing anyone, but gently reminding you that life goes on. People are so addicted to words when we try to help someone in grief our egos always get in the way. Time, silence, breath in, breath out. Life is a process. Wink in his silence seemed to understand that.

Now back to those wag-tail types. The Market America website already sums up the program in the most effective manner that it possibly could by introducing you to various program recipients, who are posing in pictures with their photographic, furry friends. One after another, your heart will soar with wonder and joy considering the enormous benefits these working dogs provide.

The website introduces you to Brittany, described as “the first nonveteran to be welcomed into the maCares Service Dog Support Program!” This young woman suffers from Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, which also goes by the name of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Among its numerous manifestations, this condition has forced Brittany to use a wheelchair or walk with crutches. She has also lost “certain sensations” in her hands, such as the ability to distinguish hot and cold or sharp versus dull.

Then you are introduced to Griffin – by looks a light tan golden retriever with a doleful look on her (or maybe his, it’s hard to say) face.

Among Griffin’s tasks are to help Brittany negotiate her travels by giving her support, fetching items she may have dropped and even running for help when she falls. More than that, Griffin is a joy who is able to provider Brittany with a focus that distracts her from her pain.

And then there’s Maggie, the first youth to be welcomed into the program. Maggie has Type 1 diabetes and relies on Sugar with a capital S, as it is the name of her service dog, a concerned looking black Labrador retriever, at least by looks in the photo.

Sugar is more than a companion. This Employee of the Month has actually saved Maggie’s life “multiple times,” the write up says. She does this on occasion by actually signaling to Maggie when her blood sugar is dangerously high. Bordering on miraculous, on one occasion, Sugar “detected Maggie’s low blood sugar, while Sugar was at home and Maggie was at school!”

And you thought Lassie was cool!

Then we met Dustin, a former first responder who relies on Tahoe to salve his many symptoms related to post-traumatic stress disorder, which causes headaches, dizziness, night terrors, muscle aches. Talk about a sixth sense, Tahoe even wakes Dustin up when sensing a he is about to enter a severe nightmare experience.

Finally, we are introduced to Wyatt and Hundley. The former is a nine-year-old with Attention Deficit-Hyperactive Disorder and two other anxiety-oriented psychiatric conditions. The later is a very clownish looking woofer with a goofy nose in front of a terrible case of floppy hair. Hundley’s comical appearance, generous personality, and oversized paws help Wyatt through the rough times. When Wyatt’s anxiety builds, Hundley goes to his side and lifts a paw to make physical contact with the youngster, attempting to remind him to stay centered and keep his human feet on the ground. Hundley’s mop of hair “serves as a tactile response,” for her sensitive owner, a delightful reminder that each of our senses can be used to connects us to others.


Kimberly Bakker Gives Event Planning Tips For Any Occasion


While the holiday season might the busiest time of the year for Kimberly Bakker; CEO of Kimberly Bakker Events, her clients are always planning events year-round. There are individuals who wish to celebrate milestones, birthdays, or just some spontaneous occasion during any time of the year.

Bakker is a professional event planner based out southern California and a local icon of her community. As someone who has been in the industry for years and a passion stretching back to childhood, she has the event planning process nearly perfected. In an article with Chronicle of the Week, she gives out a few tips to the average consumer.

After years of experience, Kimberly Bakker has determined that a list in the most effective starting point for any event. An individual needs a guide for how the event should come together and what to expect. She suggests listing everything from who they expect to invite, to the food to prepare, and the tiny details of what to wear. From this point, tasks should be divided up among trusted individuals. This helps lower the burden on the host, while making it more likely the event will come together on time. She finds that a classic pen and paper list or computerized list doesn’t make a huge difference in the long run.

Once the preparations are completed and event day comes around, Kimberly Bakker has a series of recommendations for things to consider. Simple aspects like lighting and music are easy ways to help encourage substantial socializing, while being mindful of the objects in the surroundings can help ground the event as something special. Go Here for related Information.

Lastly, Kimberly Bakker is a strong supporter of documenting the occasion. If people remember it, then the event is much more likely to happen again. The fun times should be shared with the next generation.

On a different note, Bakker also likes to give back to the community. she founded “The Project for Women” with Lauri Levenfeld in 2013. TPFW helps women plan all kinds of affairs like birthday parties and Bat Mitzvahs. TPFW helps women find the right outfits and makeup suited for them. The Project for Women empowers women who want to go into business for themselves, showcasing their product line. Women can join by beginning a portfolio that describes goals and what it will take to achieve them.


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Kimberly Bakker: A Dedicated Event Planner And Manager


If you’re contemplating a career in the industry of event planning and management, it’s essential to have a successful role model who has been in the business for a significant amount of time. A good event planner has vast experience in delivering high-quality services. Their roles and duties in the industry entail coming up with an organized event and ensuring that guests are well catered to. The event planner also has the responsibility and duty to deliver noble results that will delight families and colleagues.


Kimberly Bakker is one such event planner that has committed her life and career to making sure that her clients are pleased by the services they receive. Bakker who is a mother too, ensures that she receives referrals through her services. Not only has she mastered her role as an event planner and organizer but also developed healthy relationships with her clients. See This Page for additional information.


As many people would have it, upon her graduation from the University of Southern California with a degree in business, she sought employment opportunities where she was privileged to work with the government of San Francisco as a Protocol Officer. Bakker garnered immense skills while serving as a senior executive.


Bakker then worked for other companies as she continued to grow her expertise until the year 2000 when she established her company, the Kimberly Bakker Events. The firm has since served notable customers such as Dom Perignon, Moet & Chandon, Sutter Hill Ventures and Louis Vuitton.


By being keen to every detail of her service, Bakker’s business has been standing out. She handles every step of her service delivery with diligence to ensure that clients aren’t disappointed in the long run. Through proper planning, she ensures that the result of her work is welcoming and friendly thus bringing comfort and relaxation to the hosts of the events and their attendees. Kimberly Bakker also has the expertise to handle different types of occasions.




Vinod Gupta Talks Self-Made Success


Vinod “Vin” Gupta is likely most commonly known as the CEO of Everest Group. He recently gave an interview with IdeaMensch to discuss his self-made success story and share with his readers what he believes is the foundation of his notoriety in business as well as his personal fulfillment.

Gupta was born in India and started his first business venture with only a $100 bank loan. From those modest means, Vin Gupta was able to build a company worth more than $680 million. His company was called InfoUSA and specialized in business to business marketing strategies. This eventually grew into InfoGroup, which consists of several companies that dominate the marketing industry.

The foundation of Gupta’s business model is compiling databases of information that other companies can use in their marketing plans. He says that he is most impressed with the development of artificial intelligence and thinks that advancements in that field will help take his businesses to the next level. Gupta spends most of his working time focused on long-term planning for growth. Vin Gupta prides himself on hiring a competent team so that the daily operational tasks of his businesses are able to run smoothly without him having to micromanage anything.

Gupta also shares his “Business Lessons” to budding entrepreneurs about how to make the most of the opportunities that they are afforded. He says that it is important to take calculated risks in business. However, it is even more important to be conservative in how entrepreneurs use their funding sources.

He says that it is crucial to conduct a cost-benefit analysis for each decision that an entrepreneur makes in launching a business. Gupta says that there are plenty of opportunities within existing markets for businesses to expand. They just need to take stock of available technology and leverage it to make their products or services more valuable. See This Page for additional information.


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Planning The Perfect Party With Kimberly Bakker


When she’s not operating her boutique marketing firm, managing business affairs, being a mother, Kimberly Bakker is throwing some of the most memorable house parties in San Francisco. Everyone is always up for a good party, right? And with major holidays such as Christmas and New Year’s right around the corner, a party is definitely on everyone’s mind.

Bakker is a “Momtrepreneur” who runs Kimberly Bakker Events. Bakker brings over 15 years of experience as an event planner, fundraiser and PR account executive. Bakker’s work ethic has mothers everywhere wondering how she does it and how she seems to be flawless in all aspects of life despite her busy schedule. In life and in business, she has a meticulous plan for everything in order to ensure the best results for her loved ones and clients. In addition, she was a Founding Partner of the well-known Le Colonial restaurant and worked on its successful launch, resulting in over $5 million in revenue in the first year.

How about this time instead of being the attendee at someone else’s party, you hand out the invitations? Amongst the many things Kimberly Bakker excels at, it’s knowing how to throw a party remembered for years to come, and she wants you to follow through with your perfect party plans with a little assistance from her.

The first thing which is quite crucial when it comes to planning a party is to stay calm and maintain your composure. This might sound like something you’ve heard a million times before. Something like, ‘don’t forget to sleep right or drink enough water,’ it’s one of those things you feel like is a given and you don’t need anyone to tell you about. However, because people think it’s so obvious and doesn’t need to be said, people tend to forget about it. It’s understandable how the stress of planning everything right down to the dot can take a toll on you. You just have to understand that if you’re in a sour mood, it’ll show through in your event and everyone will have a bad time.

Next comes planning out the agenda. Now, we’ve all become accustomed to considering lavish and extravagant as the ultimate cornerstones for greatness. That’s definitely not the case. While there’s definitely nothing wrong in splurging a little here and there, you have to plan a party which isn’t too heavy on your pockets. If you plan a good one, you’d be expected to plan more ahead. You don’t want to lose consistency or regret any purchases. The other crucial thing to take note of – is to take notes! Trust me when I say, making lists is going to save you both time and energy. Make numerous lists on different agendas and go through them. Your memory might be great, but a back-up is never a bad idea.


And, well there you have it! Some of the fundamental tips when it comes to planning a great party for which you’ll be known and appreciated. Refer to This Article to learn more.



Vin Gupta Is Dedicated To Building Schools For Girl’s In India


Some people come difficult beginning and make something great out of their situation. They strive to be better and do something remarkable. While some people reach certain levels of success and forget where they came from, Vin Gupta has not. He humbly helps people from all walks of life through his philanthropy. He knows what it means to struggle and wants to give back to ease people’s suffering.

Vin is the true definition of a self-made man. He started his company with just a $100 loan and a lot of determination. Now Mr. Gupta is the CEO of Everest Group in Lincoln, Nebraska. Although Vinod grew up in a small village in India, he wanted to fulfill his American Dream of entrepreneurship by moving to the United States as a young man.

He attended to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in his college days. The successful businessman earned a Bachelor of Science in agricultural engineering. Since graduating, Vin Gupta has spent over 40 years in the business world, achieving great feats of success. His first company, which was called InfoUSA at the time, later sold for $60 million dollars.

His hard work, determination, and great leadership has not gone unnoticed. Former American President Bill Clinton recognized Mr. Vin Gupta as a very fair-minded individual when it comes to hiring people from all walks of life. Vinod has given back so much to people in his career, it’s unbelievable.

Some of his causes that he is particularly passionate about is girl’s education, especially in his home country of India where there is major lack of. Vinod Gupta has spent lots of his own resources to build these school, and will continue far into the future. The village he grew up in did not have the most basic resources including toilets, running water, electricity, and even TV. Get Related Information Here.


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Kimberly Bakker Shares How To Be An Effective Entrepreneur


The founder of Kimberly Bakker Events, Kimberly Bakker, says that in the event planning business it is the small details that can separate your company from others in the industry. She enjoys talking about events with her clients, adding in a lot of details, and creating something memorable that exceeds her client’s expectations.

She started her company in 2000 after having worked in the hospitality industry for several years. Additionally, Kimberly Bakker worked in the San Francisco Mayor’s office as its protocol officer, serving under Charlotte Mailliard Shultz who was the protocol chief. Beyond running her own company she also volunteers for a number of nonprofits such as Blue Star Music Camp and Children of Shelters where she is on the board of directors.

Her workday consists of getting things such as event furniture to the venue and getting everything set up by delegating tasks. Throughout the course of an event, she stays busy moving about and keeping an eye on all of the event’s facets such as catering and decorations.

Kimberly Bakker says that being organized is extremely important for any entrepreneur. For her, that means creating extensive lists of things like what she needs to do, who to contact, and so on. Most companies have a lot of moving parts that need to be kept track of and if they aren’t the whole thing can collapse. See This Page on IdeaMensch for additional information about Bakker.

One thing she advises others heading their own companies do is triple check all marketing, invitations, and other written correspondence. People are quick to get a first impression and seeing an invite with obvious spelling errors won’t leave a good impression, especially if you’re presenting yourself as a professional. The “Momtrepreneur” thinks every business owner should create effective and on-brand collateral in their business which will draw positive attention to what you do.


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JingDong is the largest e-commerce company by revenue in China. The company is a member of Fortune Global 500 and has recorded tremendous growth since it launched, in 2011. is a user-friendly and content-rich website that provides consumers with an enjoyable online experience.

JingDong launched the JD Cloud Warehouse Management Solution in December 2017. The new initiative is a cloud-based supply chain management system that upgrades existing warehousing solutions by incorporating JD’s supply chain capability.


Through JD Cloud Warehouse Management Solution, has made it possible for small and medium-sized companies to increase their customer base and the orders they get at the same time improving efficiency. In this way, these companies can, in turn, lease their physical and unutilized warehouse spaces to other parties.


In the beginning, JD designed this solution to help cater to its vast logistics network in the regions that it operates in. JingDong is an online and offline retailer that recently launched a parcel delivery service that serves both business and residential addresses. Get More Information Here. proprietary supply chain management technology has made it possible for the company to do deliveries for over 90% of orders in 48 hours.


300 million customers are at th service of JD. This has seen the company increase its Gross Merchandise Volume from RMB32.7 billion in 2011 to RMB658.2 billion in 2016.


JD is a technology-driven company and therefore has banked heavily on running its operations on a highly scalable technology platform which helps move products and services at unprecedented speeds thereby distracting traditional supply chain methods which move at a slower rate, cumbersome and are built for a more predictable market base. has made it possible for companies that produce various types of products and the ever demanding consumers who need to get the products to have a common platform on which they can conduct their business.


Recently, Gieves & Hawkes, a British brand that manufactures bespoke menswear opened a flagship store on is the fourth member of the Hong Kong-based Ruyi’s trinity group that has partnered with to allow consumers access to tailor-made services through JD luxury delivery services and logistics network.


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Kimberly Bakker Is A Dedicated Mother And Mompreneur


Kimberly Bakker is a Momtrepreneur who loves waking up in the morning and getting to work. She starts her day out by making a healthy breakfast for her daughter and herself and does her best to as present as possible with her daughter. Before she leaves for the day, she goes over her to-do-list and ensures that everything is all lined up. While other entrepreneurs are still sleeping, Bakker is up and at out and getting everything ready for the events she will be putting together.

Kimberly Bakker always over delivers for her clients and loves to make their events as special as possible. She usually appears to gracefully have everything together and loves to mingle with people at the events she creates. Before these events are over, she is already getting to work in order to break them down, which ensures that everything goes smooth and is ready to go. Part of what makes Kimberly Bakker so special is her ability to pay close attention to the smallest of details so every single part of an event is something to remember forever.

Kimberly Bakker always ends her day by spending time with her daughter where they both talk about each others day. Bakker values this time and remains present with her daughter until she goes to bed. After this, she gets to work by looking over everything that she needs to get finished the following day. It has been easy for her to live a life outside of her work because she was raised this way. Refer to This Article for additional information.

She has wonderful memories of her own childhood, and this is exactly what she wants for her daughter. As her business continues to do well, she continues to enjoy the fruits of her labor and never regrets all of the hard work she puts in to build the kind of life she wants to live.


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The Efforts Of Vinod Gupta To Be Successful


It is said that bite what you can chew, but at times, you have to more than you can show. Life changing opportunities just come one, and if you are not careful, you might never benefit from them. When such an opportunity comes your way, you have to dig dip and scoop as much as possible. These statements can be supported by Vinod Gupta, one of the successful business people in the world. Vinod became successful by spotting an opportunity that he took full advantage of. It was his time to go up, and he never hesitated to fulfill that dream.

Vinod Gupta was working with Commodore Corp when he was given a task to compile a list of mobile home dealers from all over the country. When compiling the list, he realized that most of the information that was available was either wrong or unavailable. He decided that he would use that opportunity to create the most accurate database for business information. He says that at first, he did not even know where the idea would lead. Vinod Gupta requested for all the 4,800 yellow pages book from all over the country to begin the compilation work. Many people would have quivered at the sight of the workload, Vinod was not.

Vinod Gupta got down to work and made every effort to make get the list completed with the most accurate data. He would stay in office for long hours so that he could finish up on this idea. After completing the work, Vinod Gupta requested permission from his boss to sell the list to other interested clients. He started getting many, and he was overwhelmed by the money he was receiving from the sales. This list would later become a company that he sold for 4680 million in 2010. Read This Article for additional information.


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