Career life of Oren Frank

Oren Frank is a budding entrepreneur, and he has used his epic skills to make the lives of other people better. He is the co-founder of the famous online therapy firm, Talkspace Reviews. Through his venture, he has proved that mental illness is a disease just like any other, and he has continued to encourage people to handle such victims with care and respect. He works together with his highly trained team to bring back good health to his clients. He also treasures his clients, and he seeks to help them get back on their feet again regardless of the challenges they face in their lives. Check out this article of talkspace at

Oren Frank believes that every individual that has mental illness faces many challenges in their lives and at some, they feel like giving up or committing great acts like suicide. As a result, he always spends time with them online with the target of helping them get off their evil thoughts. Besides, he encourages them not to give up but rather keep pushing and trying harder to overcome their immense challenges. Moreover, he has also learned to exercise compassion in his work. He always pays a lot of attention to every detail that his clients share with him. He believes that there is still a solution to every problem that each of them brings up. His ability to give special care to his clients has encouraged them to keep traveling the hard and challenging journey regardless of the impact of their problems. His advocations have encouraged many people and challenged the harsh ones to stop showing stigma towards people with mental illnesses. The duo believes that he will continue helping people feel better with time and he gets encouragement to keep working harder through the high successes that he continues to achieve through his online therapy platform.

Reasons Roseanne Bennett Established The Center For Assessment And Treatment

For years, Roseanne Bennett had been working in the community as a family therapist. Bennett’s main focus was on offering in-house therapy, and she had worked with many families. It was when she was transferred to outpatient services that she noticed that patients had to wait for too long.

They were made to wait for up to nine months before getting treatment, and this was a dangerous trend. Therefore, she thought of ways of helping these patients so that they could get prompt treatment. That is how Roseann Bennett came up with the idea of the Center for Assessment and Treatment.


Reducing the costs of treatment

Apart from the long wait, Roseanne Bennett also noticed that most patients could not get the services because they could not afford the fees. Low-income earners had many problems, and therefore, they needed an organization which could help them access the services. She could not think of a better way other than staring a non-profit organization that would take care of the interest of such groups. She had discussions with other professionals in the industry and together, they co-founded the Center for Assessment and Treatment. From that time, they have helped many families that would still be suffering because of mental health problems.

The organization started in a humble mode. Roseanne Bennett says that she talked her husband into using some of their home furniture to furnish the offices. However, Bennett embarked on an expansion program that saw them raise funds for various purposes. Before long, Bennett found a lot of support from multiple quarters, and that is how the organization became popular in New Jersey. Today, the Center is the best option for anyone who is having social problems and mental illnesses. The Center counsel families and ensure that they overcome the situations that trigger emotional instability and deny them happiness.

In an article with Medical Daily Times entitled “Roseann Bennett, LFMT, Mental Health Awareness Week Spotlight”, licensed therapist Roseann Bennett offers quicks tips to keeping your Mental health in-check; tips people can use to stay on track with their well-being – both in and out of the workplace.


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Roseann Bennett Is Helping Couples And Families Heal With Therapy


Roseann Bennett of the Center for Assessment and Treatment is finding new ways to help people. She specializes in marriage and family therapist in Hackettstown, New Jersey. Her non-profit organization, the Center for Assessment and Treatment was founded back in 2009, when Roseann and her husband were making their dreams for the center a reality.

Each day, Roseann Bennett is focused on how she can make her organization better, and it truly shows. Her compassionate therapy style has made her a prominent figure in the her field and is adored by many. Roseann Bennett does not turn away any clients, regardless of their financial standing and whether they can pay or not.

When the successful therapist rises in the morning, she get straight to work as soon as possible. Roseann see her patients, problem-solves, checks in the her employees, and works on her computer until she has no more energy. Roseann Bennett also blogs regularly about women in the workplace and mental health. These two subjects are a particularly close to her heart.

Breaking down her day even more, Roseann can be seen developing programs, writing policies, finding new therapies to introduce to the center, and doing the mundane clerical tasks that is required for a business to run.

How does Roseann stay motivated and productive throughout the day. She is flexible with the energy of the day. One moment she will be focusing intently on a project or client, and then the next moment Bennett with be taking a moment to breathe by walking away. This keeps things fresh for her to accomplish as much as she does.

When Roseann and her husband set out the open the Center for Assessment and Treatment, it was not an overnight success. They had many challenges along the way that tested their resolve. They kept going, and now the center is thriving today. See This Page for more information.


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Family Expert Roseann Bennett Uses Canine Therapy To Get To The Heart Of The Matter

We all know how sensitive, intelligent and loving dogs can be, especially around children who have a hard time expressing themselves.


Popular family therapist Roseann Bennett, president of the northern chapter of the New Jersey Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, has found great success using Canine-Assisted Therapy at her practice in Hackensack, NJ. She believes that man’s best friend can dramatically help clients at nursing homes, libraries, mental health centers and other places. These wonderful dogs are specially trained to be comfortable and helpful in all kinds of social situations.


Roseann Bennett has been making a difference in the NJ area for more than a decade now. She also co-founded the Center for Assessment and Treatment that has already helped thousands of people. Bennett has given back to her community in several ways, including never turning away clients who cannot afford treatment.


Roseann Bennett has an excellent therapy dog named Jack, and he’s playful, respectful and delightful around her children clients. The therapy dog is different from a trained service dog in that the latter is great with people who have special needs. The therapy canine provides assistance with someone’s emotional needs. Anxiety, autism, shyness, etc. are something this dog can help a young client with.


Certain breeds like Labrador Retrievers, Beagles, German Shepherds and French Bulldogs make terrific therapy dogs. These loving animals are calming, and children respond well to them, Bennett says. Also, adults who might be lonely, despondent and not feeling well can benefit from canine-assisted therapy and improve mood, blood pressure and attitude. See Related Link for more information.


Bennett says that therapy dogs are especially adept at helping clients who have experienced trauma. Roseann Bennett is a certified clinical trauma professional and has seen how effective these special dogs can be in a person’s life.


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