Clay Hutson View on Technology and Productivity in Music Industry

Music is one of the fastest growing investment niches for the last three decades. Clay Hutson is one of the professionals that have been instrumental for this growth and many pundits refer him as the father of professional events management. For the last decade, Hutson has been instrumental for both events management and is one of the people that have been keen on improving the quality of sound engineering in the music industry. Due to his expertise in this industry, he has been part of some of the biggest musical events in the USA and festivals. According to him, musical events and festivals have unmatched potential.

Clay Hutson’s journey started as an employee to events companies in the vast live performance industry. During this active employment period, Hutson points out that this was a period where he has learned a lot about the music industry and what it takes for an investment to be successful. After working with many companies in events organization and being exposed to music engineering industry, Clay Hutson felt that it was his time to venture in the music industry and give the industry a different touch. In the years he has been part of the industry, Hutson has been one of the people that have strengthened the industry systems.

Clay Hutson, however, points out that running his company has made him have a different perception of the music industry. In a recent interview, Hutson pointed out that working under a label and running a venture are two different realities. However, with the right approach to work, the experience has been a game changer for him. According to Hutson, having a definite routine every morning is important for the company’s productivity. For example, his typical days start at 6 a.m. and starting a day at this particular time gives him the best time to handle administrative issues within the company before handling other important operations with his company.

Although Clay Hutson is one of the best sound engineers in the music industry, he points out that embracing technology has been his secret to remaining relevant in this industry. Just like other industries, the music industry is constantly changing. In the last 36 months, Hutson points out that his approach to operations have changed and this will continue in 2019.

Alex Pall Faces The Music

In his recent interview at, Alex Pall of the Chainsmokers talks at length about his desire to connect with his audience in a way, he feels, some other artists do not. By throwing himself into multiple aspects of the creative process, whether it’s the beats, lyrics, or design, he gets a chance to put a piece of himself into all aspects of his work.

Alex talks passionately about his desire to collaborate, and in many cases, his willingness to let another artist take the lead. While that has given Alex, and Chainsmokers partner Andrew Taggart, an opportunity to make multiple hits across a variety of themes and styles, the fans (and the label) were asking for an album. Alex talks about how this gave him a chance to explore new creative aspects like cover art and how that desire to touch everything they work on is a cornerstone to their success.

While Pall didn’t write the song “Closer” that they recently collaborated with Halsey on, he made it clear she was always his first choice for the hit. Alex discusses how Halsey is precisely the type of artist they work best with because she is so genuine and self-aware. He hopes they have future opportunities to work together.

Alex credits Instagram for giving him a way to see first hand how his music is impacting his fans. The ability to see people reacting to a release in real time across the globe inspires him and offers the feedback he needs to keep improving on his craft.

The most significant change Alex sees coming to his shows is that with partner Drew singing on the single “Closer,” they have added a layer of performance that was not involved before. Even with that challenge, The Chainsmokers continue to focus squarely on the customer and build on their momentum. I think we’re going to see a lot of their music in the years ahead.

Meet Alex Pall of the Chainsmokers

Sometimes what we love, may not equal the standards that we want to achieve the financial freedom. However, as we keep doing it more and more to get better at it, we realize it is what we were meant to do. It is the fulfillment that we feel that keeps us going. The Chainsmokers can relate to this illustration.

The Chainsmokers are currently enjoying success in the music field. They just released there song “Closer,” featuring the famous Halsey. This is a dream come true because they say that if someone asked them who they wanted to work with a year ago; Halsey was the number one artist on their list. That is one goal achieved. They are happy to be working with her. She has a great strong voice, and her personality is amazing. They say she is the kind of person who is never sorry to be who she is. She is the kind of artist that they would have loved to work with.

Alex Pall says that he has always been in love with DJing from a tender age. It was his hobby, and he went DJing around the New York City. It was eventually becoming his career. As much as he loved it, and was passionate about it, it was scary; he was dedicating his time to something that seemed to be fun rather than work.

Finally, Alex Pall realized that he was spending so much time on his hobby, and decided to burn all the bridges and focus on it. He was still working with the manager he is working with today when he introduced him to Drew. Drew Moved to Maine, and they began working together.

There is nothing that pushes you closer to the big picture like a partner who shares your dreams. However, choosing the wrong partner may ruin your career. Alex Pall says that when he met Drew, he knew it could work out. Their partnership grew stronger over time, as they discussed what fascinated them in music and their childhood. They were on the same page and were willing to put enough time and energy to make it work.

Chainsmokers: jouney to stardom

It started in 2014 when “#SELFIE” was released and became the break through song, for the now, very popular, Chainsmokers. This amazing duo is a DJ and producing combination. With Alex Pall as the DJ and Andrew Taggart as the producer, these two work absolutely flawlessly together.

Having three hits in the top 5 and several others in the top 10, on the billboards top 100, the Chainsmokers are taking the music industry by storm! In July of 2016, the hit, “Don’t Let Me Down”, climbed its way to number 3, then after only a couple of months later, everyone’s favorite song, “Closer”, was pushed to number 1 in September of 2016. Next, in April of 2017, the Chainsmokers climbed their way to the top 5 again with “Something Just Like This” that came in at number 3.

Now, their newest release, “Somebody”, is gaining popularity with its Modular synthesizers and high pitched vocals. Some of the lyrics to “Somebody” were actually originally recorded for a completely different song, which is why they decided to change the pitch. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart actually took the time to give us a short tutorial in how they created their latest masterpiece, and all the time and detail that goes into every single one of their songs. Posting the video on their social media page, promising to give us a more in depth tutorial coming soon.

The Chainsmokers are definitely keeping other artists in their genre on their toes. At the iHeartRadio Festival, the young duo brought home awards for: Best Collaboration, Dance Artist of the year, and Best Dance Album of The Year. The future for these guys bright! They work hard and create amazing work together and I predict seeing a lot more of them in the coming years.

Clayton Hutson, his World Tours, and his Experience with Various Sound Engineering and Event Solutions

Clayton Hutson is a highly successful sound engineer and event manager with numerous customers around the world. He also has a larger number of famous performers in his clients’ list. The decades of services in the sound engineering and event services helped him to be expert in both the areas. Therefore, whenever there is a sound engineering console or event solution is introduced or released in the market, people look for his highly useful comments on each of those products to decide its verdict. Hutson perfectly understands that and provides his thoughts and insights about various systems to help the customers as well as the audience.



He is a big fan of DiGiCo sound engineering consoles and often speaks about his long relationship with its various products. In 2011, Hutson was one of the very first users of its SD11 console while he was collaborating with Aaron Lewis in a foreign tour. Interestingly, he also had used other consoles of the maker including SD7, SD8, SD5, and more and considered as an authoritative figure in giving accurate judgments on its various products. While talking about SD5, the first console of the marker he used, Hutson said that using a new console in a program was always considered as a huge risk, but the console worked fabulously, and he became a hardcore fan of DiGiCo since then.  Learn more:



Interestingly, he was using the console in the 2000s while he was collaborating with Marilyn Manson. While coming to SD11, the rack-mountable system, it is the smallest and cheapest from the maker with perfect solutions and features fitting to the needs of Hutson. He was in need of a compact system that he could carry in a tour that used multiple transporting options, and SD11 matched what he wanted. Hutson added that it is difficult for the consoles to achieve both consistency and control, especially working for regional sound companies. The console from DiGiCo fulfilled all those needs more than Hutson expected.



As an event manager, Hutson also appraises various event solutions that can fit different needs. Recently, he gave his insights about Kinesys Elevation +1 system that offers excellent audio, lighting, and LED video panels. According to Hutson, the system is brilliant and makes the job of the event operator easier and more efficient. Further, the movements are precise and repeatable that allows event managers to balance every input perfectly. Hutson appraised that the system works brilliantly with perfect execution.