BetterWorks Is Working Hard To Offer Today’s Businesses The Solutions That Increase The Efficiency Of Their Operations:

BetterWorks is an innovative company that launched in 2013 and has subsequently enjoyed significant growth due to its business model of providing today’s businesses with the latest in software geared toward performance management. BetterWorks has achieved a significant amount of praise by helping businesses to run their daily operations to a higher degree of efficiency. When a business makes use of the software offered by BetterWorks, they gain access to programs that can improve their ability to set goals and to keep track of how the members of their team are progressing in their job positions. Today’s business owners love the outstanding features that the BetterWorks software offers them in improving how their businesses operate.

Today’s business owners that are looking to get ahead understand that having the right tools to improve efficiency can make all the difference. This is the service that BetterWorks has been offering to its clients since 2013 and the company recently got some great news that will help it continue to fulfill this goal.

BetterWorks recently got a huge boost to its continued growth when it attained a total of $65 million in Series B funding. This impressive injection of capital will be put toward some of the most important points of growth that the firm is currently working toward. This includes helping BetterWorks to continue on its impressive path of generating innovative products. The Series B funding is also going to be used to take advantage of rapid sales momentum that is going on within organizations of an enterprise nature.

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