Vijay Eswaran Stays Humble Through It All

In his work as the founder of QI Group, Vijay Eswaran is always able to look at every issue on an international level. He has traveled extensively for his work and has done business in several countries including the United States and Hong Kong. His college education was completed in London as well as the United States where he earned an MBA.

Vijay Eswaran is also able to stay humble with his success in business due to the simple beginnings that he came from. While he may be an executive chairman, he has also worked as a gas station attendant. He knows what it’s like to struggle and also that it takes a lot of hard work and motivation to make it to the top of your game.

This motivation is what has made Vijay Eswaran such a success today. He is able to live in the moment instead of looking too far into the future or the past. He has learned the teachings of spiritual leaders like Gandhi and values the integrity of himself and his company. In the end, he also gives credit to those who have guided and inspired him throughout his life.

In the year after college, Vijay Eswaran spent his time riding the rails and hitchhiking across Europe. At one point in his travels, he even stayed in a monastery in Assisi, Italy. Even during his travels, he was still working odd jobs to get by. Some of these were very labor intensive like being a farmhand.

Even though Vijay Eswaran is a close to unparalleled success in the business world, he still is working hard. Part of the reason why he is able to stay so motivated is that he enjoys his position. QI Group is now a big player in e-commerce in many different countries.