Betsy DeVos and Her Work in Education

There have been quite a few critics of Betsy DeVos who just didn’t think she was cut out for the 11th Office of US Education Secretary. However, those statement have proven to be invalid. She has worked hard to help students and parents, while also listening to the concerns of teachers. However, she doesn’t believe that they understand how the programs work, nor does she plan to stop her campaigning for more states getting on board with educational choice.


For a long time, Betsy DeVos was an activist working in Michigan. She started by supporting local schools in west Michigan, but then she quickly realized that she could do so much more. After graduating from Calvin College and marrying Dick DeVos, she started to grow her business ties and began working with the Republican party to change educational systems in Michigan.


She wanted to create a system that would cater to students and allow them to pick whatever school they wanted to go to. This has helped many students gain an interest in school and even get into other programs that would carry them through to their dream careers.


DeVos knows that students have a hard time going to school these days. It’s difficult to find a program that truly allows you to learn different things, especially when common core is one of the biggest reasons that parents try to pull their kids from zoned schools. President Trump has said that common core method will be ended during his administration, but so far it is still being taught in most big cities.


For the past year, DeVos has also been working on school safety initiatives. Since the Parkland shooting, many have noticed that schools do seem safer. DeVos had many policies enacted ahead of the new school year in 2018. These policies would make it possible for schools to have guards and security points where students would have to x-ray their bags.


DeVos has been working hard to keep schools safe. She believes that students should come first, and that is the reason that she has been visiting schools with First Lady Melania Trump. She believes that these schools need more options to become a bigger part of the community, especially because of the benefits that they offer students in underprivileged communities.


For the next two years, DeVos will be working with other students around the country to get more feedback on educational choice and hopefully bring it to more states in 2019.


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