Kimberly Bakker Shares How To Be An Effective Entrepreneur


The founder of Kimberly Bakker Events, Kimberly Bakker, says that in the event planning business it is the small details that can separate your company from others in the industry. She enjoys talking about events with her clients, adding in a lot of details, and creating something memorable that exceeds her client’s expectations.

She started her company in 2000 after having worked in the hospitality industry for several years. Additionally, Kimberly Bakker worked in the San Francisco Mayor’s office as its protocol officer, serving under Charlotte Mailliard Shultz who was the protocol chief. Beyond running her own company she also volunteers for a number of nonprofits such as Blue Star Music Camp and Children of Shelters where she is on the board of directors.

Her workday consists of getting things such as event furniture to the venue and getting everything set up by delegating tasks. Throughout the course of an event, she stays busy moving about and keeping an eye on all of the event’s facets such as catering and decorations.

Kimberly Bakker says that being organized is extremely important for any entrepreneur. For her, that means creating extensive lists of things like what she needs to do, who to contact, and so on. Most companies have a lot of moving parts that need to be kept track of and if they aren’t the whole thing can collapse. See This Page on IdeaMensch for additional information about Bakker.

One thing she advises others heading their own companies do is triple check all marketing, invitations, and other written correspondence. People are quick to get a first impression and seeing an invite with obvious spelling errors won’t leave a good impression, especially if you’re presenting yourself as a professional. The “Momtrepreneur” thinks every business owner should create effective and on-brand collateral in their business which will draw positive attention to what you do.


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Kimberly Bakker Is A Dedicated Mother And Mompreneur


Kimberly Bakker is a Momtrepreneur who loves waking up in the morning and getting to work. She starts her day out by making a healthy breakfast for her daughter and herself and does her best to as present as possible with her daughter. Before she leaves for the day, she goes over her to-do-list and ensures that everything is all lined up. While other entrepreneurs are still sleeping, Bakker is up and at out and getting everything ready for the events she will be putting together.

Kimberly Bakker always over delivers for her clients and loves to make their events as special as possible. She usually appears to gracefully have everything together and loves to mingle with people at the events she creates. Before these events are over, she is already getting to work in order to break them down, which ensures that everything goes smooth and is ready to go. Part of what makes Kimberly Bakker so special is her ability to pay close attention to the smallest of details so every single part of an event is something to remember forever.

Kimberly Bakker always ends her day by spending time with her daughter where they both talk about each others day. Bakker values this time and remains present with her daughter until she goes to bed. After this, she gets to work by looking over everything that she needs to get finished the following day. It has been easy for her to live a life outside of her work because she was raised this way. Refer to This Article for additional information.

She has wonderful memories of her own childhood, and this is exactly what she wants for her daughter. As her business continues to do well, she continues to enjoy the fruits of her labor and never regrets all of the hard work she puts in to build the kind of life she wants to live.


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