Tim Ioannides: Dermatology Expert Elaborating On The Therapeutic Effects Of Vitamin D On The Skin


Tim Ioannides is the managing director and founder of Treasure Coast Dermatology. He has served for over 15 years. The company is a multi-location skin practice with a proactive approach to medical treatment. Dr. Tim Ioannides is an accredited member of the American Board of Dermatology among other recognized boards in the dermatology sector.

The dermatologist enrolled at the University of Miami in the School of medicine and earned a degree. He later joined the Medical School of Medicine Health Science Center at the University of Florida for an internship. In addition, Tim Ioannides attended his residency through the medical school at the University of Miami in the Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery department at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Skin diseases are a sensitive topic. Dr. Tim Ioannides acknowledges that unhealthy skin may be an indication of an underlying medical problem of the body. One of the challenges caused by skin issues like eczema is destroying self-confidence. However, there are many treatment options. The goal of Dr. Tim Ioannides is to ensure people can access high-quality skin care in order to focus on other important issues.

In an article with Medical Daily Times, Dr. Ioannides “Explains How Vitamin D Can Help Calm Skin Conditions”. The article discusses why the “sunshine vitamin” is a crucial vitamin for your health while being a cheap treatment that is readily available.

Some of the common dermatological issues include rosacea and psoriasis. However, vitamin D from the sun as well as vitamin D supplementation can minimize or prevent skin conditions. Different individuals have different levels of vitamin D depending on factors such as the amount of sunshine they are exposed, amount of vitamin D in the diet, excessive use of sunscreen among others. See Related Link for more information.

Dr. Tim Ioannides has explained that though it is almost impossible, there are ways of assessing levels of vitamin D in the body. It includes recording time spent outside in the sun and keeping a food chart. He recommends 10-15 minutes of sunshine exposure daily. This has made a tremendous change in his life.


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Tim Ioannides Cosmetic Dermatological Work

Tim Ioannides is not only a medical Dermatologist but also he has ventured into successful businesses. He has proven to be a trusted community leader having worked for past 15 years and having experience in dermatological needs and also in skincare. He has also managed to have a chain of businesses in five operating locations. This expansion has led to increased number of served patient. Tim Ioannides went to Miami School of medicine for his university studies where he got his medical degree. He later earned a scholarship to further his studied at school of medicine health science center, University of Florida.

He started working in the private sector for another physician whose main services was to offer cosmetic dermatological. That is where Tim Ioannides discovered his interests in cosmetic dermatological services. This services included tumors, skin cancer treatment, and treatment of skin conditions .He decided to venture into this business and he started Treasure Coastal Dermatology. The aim of this firm was to provide dermatological procedures, diagnosis and treatment. Tim Ioannides is regarded by his patient and staff as a person who creates personal relationships with his clients. He also gives direct attention to everyone and he foster trust with each patient.

Dr . Tim Ioannides is also board certified in the field of dermatology. Tim Ioannides says that the idea of him starting the Treasure Coastal Dermatology came when he was at the university. He was employed by a plastic surgeon where he conducted many cosmetic procedures. When he later opened his firm, his main aim was not to perform cosmetic procedures but medical skin care. He thought of creating a firm where dermatology is the center of practice.

Dr . Tim Ioannides is the founder of Treasure Coastal Dermatology which is a multi-locational dermatology practice to medical care. He got his medical degree from school of medicine in university of Miami. He went for internship at school of medicine health science center at university of Florida. He later completed his residency at Jackson memorial hospital which is at school of medicine and department of cutaneous surgery and dermatology at the University of Miami. Go Here for related Information.


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