Grace Farms Presided By Sharon Prince

The community center and cultural institution named as Grace Farms is spread out on 80 plus acres of land having an abundance of natural beauty. The attractive outdoor surroundings help to raise thought, promote communications and education among people, develop understanding about the world and give an opportunity to appreciate every aspect of nature on a wide scale.

Being seven days open for public, Grace Farms undoubtedly provide better reasons to enjoy life with an open heart.


Seasonal Cherishing

Summers are celebrated greatly at Sharon Prince Grace Farms. It provides visitors with engaging activities like catch-and-release fishing at Cattail Pond and explore the magnificent stance of lush nature in vast walking trails.

Winter brings with it the attractive and stunning topography, accompanying with justified desire to explore photography in huge snow-capped trees. Winters also let the visitors engage with all wildlife that has been raised throughout recent months.


Fruitful Act of Gardening

Sharon Prince Grace Farms ensure shines and benefits of self-sustainability, natural involvement and relief from stressful phases by providing an immensely fruitful act of gardening.

Within the Community Garden at Grace Farms, individuals are invited to enhance their gardening skills by learning sustainable farming methods which are taught by expertise. When eventually yield produces, it serves the purpose of aiding others. See This Page for additional information.


Earth Day

Sharon Prince Grace Farms celebrates Earth Day annually with all its mesmerizing vision of nature, increasing communication and preserving wildlife, all carried out in a remarkable way. Each sector of activities is thoughtfully planned to encourage individuals of all ages to interact with nature and feel less cynical about life which is imperative in this mechanic world.

Sharon Prince, the president of Grace Farms, holds a BS/BA and MBA degree from the University of Tulsa. Sharon Prince has vehemently fought against child exploitation, human trafficking, women violence on a local, national and international level.


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