A Discussion on how Rocketship Education Operates.

Rocketship Education is an educational institution that was set up to serve the learners from low income families. Currently, it operates in three states. Thousands of students have benefited from the program. Over the years, it has attracted the attention of prominent individuals who have come on board to make donations. Earlier this year, Reed Hastings, the Chief Executive Officer of Netflix made a $2 million donation to the institution. The money was to facilitate the expansion of the school networks around the country to benefit more students. According to a report released to the members of the public, the school was planning to raise $17 million to finance its expansion projects. So far, the institution’s network has grown to 11 schools which are located in California, Milwaukee, and Nashville. There are plans to roll out more schools in a few years.

In 2016, Rocketship Education opened a school Washington D.C after an approval by the relevant board of directors. A majority of the board members voted in favor of establishing the new school. The institution is the most popular chartered school around the globe. Danner is the founder of the schools. He is also involved in politics. He believes that technology has the potential to revolutionize any organization. The institution uses modern technology in the learning process. The first step involves the setting of the learning goals by the teachers. After that, the system produces the relevant content stored from the school’s library. The learners are given some time to do the exercises by use of two modes.

One of the modes involves competing among the learners while the other working as a group to solve the problem. When a student solves a problem, they earn points. The schools offer tailor-made services to the learners. Some of the premium features require the parents to pay more for the services. The Rocketship Education’s founder points out that the parents are normally underestimated. According to him, the parents are not involved in the learning of their children. Before leaving the institution, he was known to be keen on effective time management.