Tech Genius Alex Hern

Alex Hern is a professional that is a freelancer and expanding his business reach all over the world to help companies not only get off the ground but to help companies with the technology that they use. Technology is changing all the time and is expanding all the time as virtual reality is the new big thing. But while the majority of people think about virtual reality for gaming or something that people see in movies, it has real world applications in workplaces all over the world.

The headsets that people use for the gaming systems can be linked to computers in such a way that meetings can be held virtually. The earphones can be used for communications with customers, other employees, and partners so that traveling has to happen less often and there is overall better communication system that can happen in the company.

The benefits are many so Alex goes around the world demonstrating precisely what can be done with the virtual reality headsets in the workplace and why they can increase the productivity by a lot for any company that is communicating with others regularly. Alex Hern thus is one of the most successful hired helpers to companies in the technology world.


Talk Fusion and video email

Talk Fusion Company was founded in 2007. The primary goal behind this establishment was to help organizations to increase their market margins and grow their sales and profits. Talk Fusion is the world’s largest all in one video marketing platform. Additionally, the Fusion Company allows other organizations to have more effective and outstanding market efforts with the help of video email. At the moment, Talk Fusion is present in over 140 countries. The company just expanded its video apps through the addition of a new video chat app.

The Talk Fusion that is on the Go App comes with a quite a lot of functions and features that help companies to increase their convenience. The Talk Fusion Company allows firms to sustain their competitive advantage in the marketplace. One can find the Go app on iTunes and Google Play store. Clients can download the app to their iPods, iPads, and iPhones.

Talk Fusion company’s leading product id video emails. This app allows organizations to connect with their clients efficiently. Through Apple or Android device, the users of the app can send video email messages to their clients. Hence, through video email, it is possible for companies to oversee their marketing campaigns from anywhere. In addition to this, organizations can personalize a message on their marketing campaigns to specific target groups. Organizations can customize messages to reach their customers, team of employees as well as vendors though video communications solution. Moreover, personalized messages always receive a warm welcome and can lead to increased sells. The app allows organizations to have real-time engagement with their clients which generally leads to increased sales.

Talk Fusion is an international company that is growing so speedily. The company offers cutting-edge video communication solutions to companies and individuals. The company has been in business since 2007. The company’s current CEO is Bob Reina. Talk Fusion offers an excellent income opportunity that is based on a brilliant perspective of the company’s business model connected to relationship marketing. Some companies have to pay year commissions every week or month. Nonetheless, Talk Fusion has developed the first and only instant pay compensation plan in the world. Video communications have brought the world closer. The video email has delivered so many solutions to so many challenges that the current companies are facing. Moreover, the management team at the Talk Fusion have the passion and enthusiasm to support the communities and many non profit organizations.


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Bob Reina and the fruits of his persistence in network marketing and direct selling business.

Bob Reina is one who draws his satisfaction from helping others achieve success. His passions and interests were the force behind the birth of Talk Fusion a company launched in 2007 with the Video Email as its flagship product. Bob Reina has over two decades of experience in network marketing and the business of direct selling. Bob Reina first stumbled upon the idea of network marketing when he was doing an off-duty job directing traffic. There and then, Bob realized that he could put together a team and leverage the effort and time of a group to extend his success. Bob ventured into the business, but it was one full of stumbling blocks like most of the teams he built failed when the company they worked for shutting down. His breakthrough came in 2004 when he tried to email a video of the house he was touring in North Carolina. To his dismay, he could not send a video through email and linking up with an old friend and IT guru Dr. Jonathan Chen; Talk Fusion was born with the Video Email as their first product. Bob Reina went ahead and vehemently marketed their product through his longtime skill of trade-direct selling. Bob Reina is very enthusiastic about everything that he ventures into and always pushes himself to achieve phenomenal results. The principle behind the birth of Talk Fusion is based on the oldest trick in the book where Bob Reina identified a gap in the market and was able to address the problem better than anyone else. Bob Reina firmly believes in the power of the video as a marketing strategy and an opportunity to create new businesses. He is of the firm opinion that the video is a medium that enhances the connection between people and a crucial aspect of building brand personalities and relationships. Talk Fusion employs products of video marketing that help clients and associates enhance their marketing capabilities. Bob Reina is a dreamer and believes in working hard to achieve one’s dreams. He is always thinking outside the box and tries to avoid complacency and works tirelessly to achieve his goals. Learn more: