Cassio Audi: The Experienced Investment Expert

Recent headlines focus on Brazil’s stagnated economy that has been caused by a troubled political crisis. The country is also amidst a huge wave of economic recession. The economy of the country has been shrinking since 2014 after contracting by 4 percent in 201. It’s still expected to shrink this year. Earlier in the month, investment experts said they see the recession continuing into the two next years. Cassio Audi, an experienced financial analyst, has been helping Brazilians to cope with the complex state of the economy. Read more at Linkedin about Cassio Audi.

With a primary cadence that profoundly resonates with the history of Brazil when it comes to music, Mr. Audi appeared on the music scene in early 1985. He was an aspiring musician and a drummer for a rock club called Viper, which was one of the most envied music bands in the country.

Viper was active between 1980 and 1990. The band was also prominent for its pop as well as rock songs that were released amongst some albums. It was launched in 1985, with Audi taking over the marketing and vocal departments. In 1987, they released the first song called Soldiers of Sunrise. It was a huge success. Two years later, they released Theatre of Fate which showcased the classical element of the Viper band. Visit Crunchbase to learn more about Cassio Audi.

Cassio Audi left the music industry in 1990 and joined the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo to study Business Administration. Moving forward into the current world, he is the CFO of Peninsula Participacoes, a private investment firm that specializes in equity markets and real estate.

Audi is a skilled finance and investment expert. He has over two decades of experience in the industry that he first practiced in when he joined JP Morgan Chase serving as a trader. He has since worked with numerous companies including Proctor and Gamble and Brookfield Brasil Real Estate.


Pillar of Infinity Group Australia

New in the industry, Infinity Group Australia is making heads turn. The financial management firm was established in 2012, but in 2017, it was nominated for various awards including the Optus Business Award and Vow Financial Altitude Awards. Additionally, it ranks among the best debt reduction firm in Bella Vista, NSW. This was after it was successful in helping very young couples to reduce a debt of approximately $96,271 in only 12 months. Infinity Group Australia has also been praised for the ability to include everyone in assessing their services irrespective of their age. Just recently the firm a 22 years old navy officer by the name Paul Gallen was successful in obtaining his second investment property from the firm. So what is the secret behind this triumph?


While there are no precise answers, there are speculations that one of its co-founders and now the sitting director (Graeme Holm) is responsible for the tremendous victory the Australia Infinity Group. This is because Graeme has been in the financial industry for 15 years which gave him the experience he needed to establish a fulfilling firm like Infinity Group Australia. Moreover, Graeme Holm was recognized as MPA Top 100 Broker and is licensed with Real Estate Agent (LREA) based in Queensland and South Wales. His principal areas of specialization include mortgage broking, property investments, debt consolidation, debt reduction and financial planning.


It was the idea of Graeme Holm to incorporate a new and unique strategy of financial coaching to the firm. The procedure deals with the allocation of a private bank tutor to all their clients who get to manage and advise the clients on how to manage their funds in order to secure a future for their finances, help them to quickly reduce their debts and hence create wealth in the long run. According to this great director, the idea of establishing the Infinity Group Australia was not something he had planned for. Rather it was influenced by the gap he identified which was the providence of poor financial deals to clients that drove ways willing bankers from the middle and lower class.


Indeed, Graeme Holm holds the strongest pillar of success in Infinity Group Australia. However, his team is also to be congratulated because, in the absence of great coordination and observance of business ethics, it would have been impossible for Graeme’s idea and Infinity Group to thrive in the industry. Learn more: