Mind, Body, And Soul: Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University in San Fransisco, California is creating and nurturing complete students. They understand that what is established in other schools is a divisive culture that hinders the student’s potential and growth. The culture I’m speaking of is the outdated formula of athletes vs the intellectuals. Why limit yourself? What’s best for the student and bears fruit is to combine mind, body, and soul.

ART U Urban Knights

They currently have 16 sports teams involved in the Pacific West Conference and NCAA Division II sports division competition. They participate in soccer, tennis, track & field, basketball, volleyball, golf, and much more. Contact the school for a full list of all the sports activities they offer.

The Benefits Of Sports And Art

Weaving the best of both worlds becomes streamlined when we understand the similarity of the two. Here are the most powerful elements:


The ability to work with other people is a must, no matter how good you are at completing your goals alone. Working in a team environment allows your goals to be met more efficiently. You can tackle large projects quicker and expedite your learning and growth.

Absorb And Utilize Criticism

When you’re in the middle of a game or task you might make a mistake. Acknowledge the mistake, pivot in your plan of attack and make the adjustments necessary. Most importantly, learn from the situation and understand that experience is the best teacher.

Mastering Time

Practice, practice, practice, will enhance your speed and proficiency in the sporting world. Don’t lollygag, procrastinate, or put off tomorrow what you can get done today. Create a daily to-do list and get yourself a calendar to mark important dates and events. If you have a syllabus strive to stay ahead of the class.

Vocabulary and Communication

The right words at the right time can make all the difference. It’s just as important to listen as it is to get your point across.

Arranging Your Life

Before you begin a game or any scholastic task you must be organized. Knowing where everything is without thinking about it makes any process better. Predetermined systems beat chaos.

Ambitions Of A Artist

You must have the drive, even if you don’t yet have the vision. As you develop into who and what you want to be, ambition will be your fuel to carry you into the future.

Don’t limit yourself or allow yourself to be put into a box that others define. Become the complete student heading into a bright future and career with the Academy of Art University.