David McDonald-OSI Group

One of the important catalysts is that OSI understands the importance of becoming local. David McDonald is the COO and president of OSI Group. Regardless of the company being US based, they understand the needs to bring solutions to their local customers. Many customers are multi-national, Western or international customers. OSI Group searches and finds a solution that applies to their customers. Becoming local has allowed the company to be successful. Long-term partnerships also play a big role in the success of OSI Group. David McDonald explained how important it is to stay true to the principles. For China, OSI had to be flexible as part of its success. Customer quality and food safety aren’t compromised. Being patient and understanding the business culture, listening first and trying to apply solutions 2nd is key. David says that different countries are different than business cultures and that good relationship with customers takes time. Be patient and let trust develop in the relationship before trying to provide a solution.

Having an open mind, patience, and flexibility help the result of what the solution may or may not look like. Appreciation of the business culture is the most significant learning tool. Listening and gaining the customer’s trust is important because it allows you to see their point of view before you make a solution. David McDonald’s says that remaining patient was the company’s biggest hurdle. You can only understand the issues the countries face by traveling to the country. OSI goes through an engagement process to overcome hurdles.OSI waits for the catalysts to try getting organizations together to engage and partner as they try bringing solutions within China, manufacturing in Chine then transporting to another country. OSI is leading food-processing company and they celebrated twenty years with China on September 12, 2012. OSI China provided 113 tons of five kinds of products in 2008.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-mcdonald-a1b1137