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Since Lime Crime’s launch in 2008, its founder Doe Deere has been hailed as the beauty world’s Queen of Color. Though she was born in Russia Doe Deere gained her fashion chops in the heart of New York City. Though it sounds unbelievable, Doe Deere was actually one of the first successful female entrepreneurs to launch a makeup line. When asked about the origins of Lime Crime, Doe Deere focused primarily on her fashion roots. She originally designed clothing to fit her own unique aesthetic, which wasn’t heavily represented in America’s fashion scene. In 2004, Deere began selling clothes on eBay and elsewhere. Less than a year after selling her original designs, she was able to make steady sales and begin working on cohesive clothing lines which expressed her attention to craftsmanship and design. The success of Doe Deere’s clothing eventually led to her being able to launch her own makeup line in 2008, less than five years after the start of her clothing company.



Lime Crime is currently based Los Angeles. The line is truly one of a kind. Awash in deeply pigmented colors from some kind of dream world, it’s also cruelty-free and certified vegan, which makes it a favorite of even the most conscious consumers. Lime Crime’s early product lines were relatively limited but it has since expanded to include deeply pigmented eyeshadow palettes and loose pigments, liquid liners in a multitude of colors, nail polishes, lip glosses, and some of the most unique lip colors to come out in the last decade.



Doe Deere has always had a love for two things: Fairy tales and Makeup. Lime Crime was created to combine those two loves and to create an imaginative and cruelty-free brand that is accessible to everyone. The company mascot is a unicorn which is designed to represent individuality the rareness of beautiful creatures and the idea that compassion and kindness to all animals is necessary.


Entrepreneurship can be difficult, especially for artistic ventures. When asked if she was ever doubtful about the success of her business, Doe discussed her early days as a fashion student and her decision to drop out to start her own clothing line. It was the freedom to explore different art forms, as she devoted time to fashion that lead her to start creating her own makeup. In the days before Lime Crime, Deere focused primarily on her blog which showcased makeup tutorials in a variety of color palettes, themes, and aesthetics. She often held contests and giveaways for makeup fantasy style accessories and other prizes.


With a built in fan base of fashionable, yet uniquely stylish customers, Doe Deere’s Lime Crime was set up for success. Deere is a strong promoter of companies listening to the feedback provided by customers and critics. She says that it’s important, for new businesses especially, to take criticism in stride. It’s also important to stay inspired and engaged in a business so that whatever products or services it’s providing will be works of love.


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