Dr. Dov Rand Views on Consistency and Technology in Medical Rehabilitation

Medical world — just like any other profession — demands consistency from investors and medical professionals. Dr. Dov Rand understands this reality, and in the last one and a half decades, he has been instrumental in making the world of medical rehabilitation home to excellent practices (Newjerseyivtherapy).

Together with his team, he has not only made this medical niche home to inventions but also the ideal organization for human-centered practices. When he constituted his company, Dr.  Dov Rand points out that he was interested in passionate professionals and experts — that have the same dream as his. Currently Healthy Aging Medical Centers has assisted thousands of people to have a smooth transition to advanced age. Some of the lessons medical professionals can learn from the management of this entity include the following. First, Dr. Dov Rand understands the importance of researches in the world of medicine. Over the years, a considerable amount of the organization’s profits is reinvested back to the company through — research funding.

Thanks to this policy, the entity continues to be the best company in medical rehabilitation. Dr. Dov helps improve the lives of clients with better approaches to different medications. These advancements are consistent with the company’s blueprint and aspirations.

Second, Dr. Dov Rand appreciates the importance of proper operations in the medical world. Under this company, he has successfully assisted the organization to be productive. He understands that productivity is first — employees-centered. This brilliant interpretation has enabled him to remunerate his employees better — more than the industry standards.

The Dr. also understands that for a company to be productive, the management must lead by example. Dr. Dov Rand is always the first one in the company, and this approach has been instrumental in motivating employees to work hard. He has also made the company the most diversified organization in the world of medical rehabilitation.

Lastly, Dr. Rand appreciates technology in the world of medicine. As an individual in the medical world, he understands that medical rehabilitation solely depends on how well a company invests and uses machinery. This understanding explains the reason why Dr. Dov Rand is one of the biggest investors in medical technology –, especially in medical rehabilitation.

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