Edwin Miranda

Edwin Miranda Explains Key Roles In Customer Service For Marketing Consultants and More

Marketing consultants come with their own share of responsibilities, including customer service. Customer service is essentially dealing with public. You are going to deal with your fair share of problematic people too. These are the people who make a fuss but then essentially blame you for the chaos they have created. You will get that in marketing too just in a different capacity. Edwin Miranda has a few tips on how to handle every type of customer, including the problematic ones.

1) Edwin Miranda suggests you brush up on your speaking skills. You are going to spend a lot of your time talking. You will be required to use your voice to influence the customer, appealing to their feelings, or both.

Edwin Miranda explains that you will need to keep their feelings in mind, in spite of how they might treat you. Some investors are going to walk into the room with a bad attitude and take it out on you. Edwin Miranda explains you cannot let that bother you. Sometimes you have to show a little more empathy than normal to diffuse potential situation.

2) Edwin Miranda explains that you have to remain positive no matter which type of investor you deal with. Some investors are going to be easy going. Others will have a different dynamic. You have to be adaptable to every kind of situation that might come up.

An Example

I worked in retail for a few years. I had one customer essentially be rude to me and then turn around and blame me for their attitude. I had to remain positive at all times, including in front of the boss.

Think of consulting in the vain of customer service in a store. You are consulting with clients to make sure they get what the want. Some will be more demanding than others. You still need to maintain a positive attitude at all times.

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