“Identifying and Averting Burnouts – James River Capital Corp. “

It is a well known fact that the work environment can really be stressful – and this is amplified if the work environment is too rigid, doesn’t foster positivity and has an overall toxicity to it. An unhealthy work environment not only decreases work productivity, but it can also increase employee turnover, decrease the worklife-span and easily spark burnouts within the employees – and this is the worst case scenario for any employer or team leader, a scenario any one should avoid.


Burnouts are experienced by employees who are overly worked, unhealthily stressed and extremely unmotivated at work. It is important to note that burnout aren’t the employees fault, but of the system they are working in. The effects of burnouts should not be blamed on the employee, because this will cause the employee to burn out even faster. This is why it is very important for team leaders to spot and identify burnouts immediately so that they can avoid it. James River Capital provided an easy guide on how to identify and how to avert burnouts in the work environment.


  1. Loss Of Control – employees experiencing burnouts will tend to lose a sense of control over the simplest things like keeping track of time, following schedules and loss of management in general. This will instill a mindset and feeling of helplessness and hopelessness – which are key factors of driving a burnout. This is why having a work structure and backbone is important – they serve as a foundation to lean on when employees are lost. However, these work structures should not be too rigid and must have a breathing space and a comfortable structure for the employees. It is highly recommended that employers give their team a good 15 minute required break twice a day separate from their lunch break to keep their minds relaxed. Employers should also provide mini goals for their teams that are easily achievable to give them a sense of control over their tasks.
  2. Transparency and Rewards – it is important that employers give credit where credit is due. When employees fee like they are undervaluated, or they are not recognized for the work they are doing, or when they see another employee being commended for work that they themselves are doing as well – a burnout will be experienced by this employee. With this, employers and team leaders should always keep track of the activity and accomplishments of their members – and openly communicate on what they can improve on to better their products and to give praise where praise is needed. Never underestimate the effect of positive reinforcement.


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