Jacob Gottlieb’s Move to Invest in the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is projected to witness stimulating changes Jacob Gottlieb, the successful financial entrepreneur, is set to invest in the industry. He is said to be planning to add another investment to his catalog named Altium Capital, which is New York City-based pharmaceutical venture and focusses its investment in meaningful healthcare treatment advancement. Some of the recent investments by Altium Capital include Oramed Pharmaceuticals (ORMP), Oragenics, and Amarin Corporation (AMRN)

Altium’s Investments

The first investment the business made was to stake a 5.61% in Oramed that helped to develop an alternative oral treatment for diabetes patients who were initially receiving injectable drugs. The investment resulted in the successful release of orally ingestible insulin capsule named (ORMD-0801) another drug released is oral glucagon peptide (ORMD-0901). Oramed was able to achieve this innovation since it had a team of management that comprised of world-class scientific experts. Amarin, which is part of the investment by Oramed is based in Dublin Ireland is growing rapidly with Vascepa (AMR-101), which is a prescribed omega-3 fatty acid being the first drug approved by FDA.

The investment in Oragenics founded in 1996 as a replacement treatment therapy by physicians through Altium has invested in antibiotics, which is a form of replacement therapy. This focuses on replacing harmful bacteria with useful bacteria strains that allow patients to achieve therapeutic health enhancing the result. This kind of treatment helps to accelerate biotherapeutics, which treat oral mucositis and other respiratory diseases.

Previous Works by Gottlieb

Currently, Gottlieb shares space with Stuart Weisbrod in investing in the healthcare system where they had worked together at Biomed. Other previous investments include Visium Asset Management, which was based in New York City. Before working at visium, he initially worked at Balyasny Asset Management where he was a top earner.