Matthew Fleeger and Gulf Coast lead oil business

Gulf Coast Western LLC is recognized as the Managing Venture of Oil and Gas General Partnerships or Joint Ventures for short. Through the materials, skill and knowledgeable forces within the company, it focuses on the deep investigation, growth and attaining of domestic oil and gas found in the gulf coast of the United States. It goes even deeper by zeroing in on geological matters and the positive side that comes with them and their strong structural engineering. This leads them to pursue ventures that could possibly net a considerable return and measure the risk those they do business with could experience. Gulf Coast Western President and CEO Matthew Fleeger oversees operations of a company that seeks to form powerful connections with businesses that are clear and come with no tricks but have trust as a foundation.

Gulf Coast Western started in 1970 in Dallas and expanded further in Texas while building places in Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Colorado.

The company made waves in Southwestern Louisiana and grew by way of two of their partnerships. Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration is one of their partners and has allowed Gulf Coast Western to obtain assets from Orbit Energy Partners located mainly in Lafayette, Louisiana. In doing this as well as acquiring massive amounts of land in the area, Gulf Coast Western has been able to find many areas to drill into and various oil sources. The collaboration with Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration and Orbit Energy Partners has led to more prospects being sought out stretching across for almost 1,000 square miles in places such as Acadia, Allen, and Evangeline.

Some of the transaction falls under the idea, made with Warhorse Oil and Gas, that the company has control over the wells. Other companies have made certain to procure wells for themselves in Louisiana.

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