New Senior Executive Of GCPS: Aaron Lupuloff


Aaron C. Lupuloff a resident of Norcross was announced as the senior executive director for the Gwinett County Public Schools Foundation or GCPS Foundation this week. He brings with him a great deal of experience in forming the Norcross High School Foundation which pays off in his new position. President David Seago released a statement this week following Lupuloff being elected as the senior executive director about how blessed he felt that they were able to have his expertise on the board.

When on the board of the Norcross High School Foundation, Lupuloff served in several different capacities which afforded him the great deal of experience that he carries with him now. At the time of his service there he served as president, vice president, and treasurer which has given him several different viewpoints to bring to his new position.

Not only does he carry vast experience and knowledge from his past endeavors of other boards, but he happens to be a founding member for the GCPS Foundation as well as a founding member of Georgia Tech Parents Advisory Board in which he also previously served. Visit This Page for additional information.

He has worked in finances since 1982 giving him over 20 years of experience in dealing with finances and administration. He received his degree in finance and administration from the University of Alabama and has worked hard ever since.

Aside from his newly elected position working as senior executive director for the board of the Gwinett County Public Schools Foundation, Aaron Lupuloff is a hard working philanthropist for his community. He and his wife work together to support worthy causes in the community to help youth, women, young adults, and more.

They support causes both financially and with hands on efforts in causes such as Partners Against Domestic Violence which help women, men, and children who have gone through or are going through domestic abuse. He also helps with Camp Twin lakes, and the Diabetes Foundation. In 2011, Aaron Lupuloff and his wife were inducted into the NHS Foundation Hall of Fame recognizing them for the hard work they do to help better their community.


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