Organo Gold Empowering The World Through Coffee

Organo Gold, a self-termed global network marketing company is making waves in the gourmet coffee industry by providing a healthy alternative to the world’s second most prefered drink – Coffee. Read the reviews at

Organo Gold achieves the global network through an interesting take on the Multi-level Marketing System. The company has distributors that sell their products and are able to invite other prospective distributors. The interesting part of their system is their faith in their distributors by removing any other avenues of sale when it comes to their products. Their gourmet coffee and other products are exclusively sold via their distributors, with a very generous 50% commission to their distributors.

With a network that spans over 51 countries, Organo Gold’s reach has truly become global. The quality of their products speaks for the growth they’ve experienced. Using a technology to extract the spores from the Ganoderma Lucidum, a mushroom that has medicinal properties that have made it important in Asian medicine in the last 4000 years. The mushroom, known for its anti-oxidant properties has proven to be very strong in the fight against various diseases. Visit Bizfluent to know more about Organo Gold.

It’s the infusion of this medicinal spores of the Ganoderma mushroom that makes Organo Gold different from other supplement or nutritional programs and products in the world.

Organo is more than just a company, they have a vision for a healthy future and they recognize the importance of children’s well being in that future, the company’s social outreach foundation named the OG Cares Foundation works with children from countries like USA, Canada, Mexico, among others by providing tools and resources to help their education and make their future a little brighter.

Organo Gold’s founder and CEO Bernardo ‘Bernie’ Chua’s commitment has been crucial behind the growth of the company, with their training program for distributors – OG Academy being an important source of information and training for their distributors, securing Organo’s future.