Ted Bauman: Chinese Trade War

Ted Bauman is one of the world’s leading experts in the finance industry and has several investment advice columns which he publishes through Banyan Hill Publishing Company. He is a well-known advocate of asset protection and it describes the nature of his investment strategies as designed to help individuals create a lifestyle which is truly sovereign.In the news lately, there has been much commotion over the trade war that has been ignited between the United States of America and China under the Trump administration. Ted Bauman has recently published an article on some potential investment opportunities that have been created through this trade war.

The Trump administration hopes to negatively affect the Chinese economy by creating a number of tariffs that will be applied to Chinese goods. According to Ted Bauman, over $500 billion worth of Chinese goods will be subject to some of these new tariffs.Ted Bauman states that there are a number of companies which will be negatively affected in the United States as a result of these new tariffs however there are some potential investment opportunities for an expert investor as well. Typically a trade war will raise the cost of doing any transaction. For example, if there is a 10% tax that is placed on goods that are imported from China the average consumer can expect to pay an additional 10% for the same product.

Ted Bauman states that overall this can be considered a poor policy for economics but there are some opportunities for investment amidst the negative side effects of these new tariffs.A number of stocks in China are falling due to the decline in their consumer base. Mr. Bauman states that there will likely be an increase in these same stocks in the future so right now could be the perfect opportunity to invest in some Chinese companies.Ted Bauman  believes that the Chinese stock markets will recover as soon as the trade war is put to an end which will likely occur after the end of Trump’s presidency. This means that right now could be a rare opportunity to purchase undervalued stocks from Chinese companies.

Kimberly Bakker Shares How To Be An Effective Entrepreneur


The founder of Kimberly Bakker Events, Kimberly Bakker, says that in the event planning business it is the small details that can separate your company from others in the industry. She enjoys talking about events with her clients, adding in a lot of details, and creating something memorable that exceeds her client’s expectations.

She started her company in 2000 after having worked in the hospitality industry for several years. Additionally, Kimberly Bakker worked in the San Francisco Mayor’s office as its protocol officer, serving under Charlotte Mailliard Shultz who was the protocol chief. Beyond running her own company she also volunteers for a number of nonprofits such as Blue Star Music Camp and Children of Shelters where she is on the board of directors.

Her workday consists of getting things such as event furniture to the venue and getting everything set up by delegating tasks. Throughout the course of an event, she stays busy moving about and keeping an eye on all of the event’s facets such as catering and decorations.

Kimberly Bakker says that being organized is extremely important for any entrepreneur. For her, that means creating extensive lists of things like what she needs to do, who to contact, and so on. Most companies have a lot of moving parts that need to be kept track of and if they aren’t the whole thing can collapse. See This Page on IdeaMensch for additional information about Bakker.

One thing she advises others heading their own companies do is triple check all marketing, invitations, and other written correspondence. People are quick to get a first impression and seeing an invite with obvious spelling errors won’t leave a good impression, especially if you’re presenting yourself as a professional. The “Momtrepreneur” thinks every business owner should create effective and on-brand collateral in their business which will draw positive attention to what you do.


Learn more about Kimberly on https://www.theprojectforwomen.com/the-moms/kimberly-bakker/

Doe Deere Explains How Her LimeCrime Brand Was Formed By Her Dream Of America

The fashion icon and cosmetics mogul, Doe Deere is one of the world’s leading entrepreneurs with a history of working outside the usual influences of the fashion industry. In 2008, Deere began her Online cosmetics business, LimeCrime and found herself facing criticism for attempting to bring the retail sector into the 21st-century by established figures within the industry. As an immigrant from a small Russian city, Doe Deere has seen her determination to succeed built around her willingness to take risks and build on the close family unit she maintains with her husband, mother, and sister.

Born Xenia Vorotova in the small Russian city of Izhevsk, Doe Deere moved to New York City and its more than seven million people from a city with around half a million residents. Doe admits her life was turned upside down and the family took some time to adjust to their new surroundings and lifestyle, including the issue of making enough money to survive on Manhattan Island. Revealing the full extent of her immigrant story, the New York Institute of Fashion graduate explains she, her mother, and sister were forced to move into a homeless shelter when the money dried up.

It was during the time in the homeless shelter the Poppy Angeloff founder met her first mentor, attorney and activist Dorchen Leidholdt who encouraged the family to continue the fight to achieve their own version of the “American Dream.” After encouragement from her new mentor, Deere applied to the New York Institute of Fashion and began her studies which would lead to her becoming a successful business leader. The unwillingness to bend to the conventional rules which led the family to New York is easy to spot in Doe Deere as she continues to create cosmetics and fashion lines using bold colors and a fairytale-based style.

Doe Deere would like the world to know her opinion that America is still a great country offering countless opportunities for immigrants and those born in the U.S. By moving to the U.S., Doe Deere was given the opportunity to start a successful business, buy her own home, and see her family achieve the majority of their dreams.


Louis Chenevert Brief History about Yachts

Louis Chenevert was born in Montreal, Quebec. He pursued his education in HEC Montreal where he attained a B.Sc. degree in Commerce and majored in production management. He used to work as the production general in General Motors for 14 years. In the year 1993, Chenevert accepted a post at Pratt & Whitney in Canada where he served as the president. He became the President and the CEO of UTC in 2008. In 2015, he decided to retire partially to satisfy his interest that incorporates spending some time on the beach and venture into other projects as well.

In the corporate world, Louis Chenevert is known as a free thinker. He is recognized as a man who engaged himself in his business requirements. Besides the fact that yacht customization is a complex process, Louis Chenevert the Debbie Lou in line with his specifications and requirements. This took him 12-18 months to plan. This is inclusive of 6 – 8 months used to determine the boat’s electronics. It took an additional two years to construct the Debbie Lou. He stated that Horizon was much interested in the installation of anything that he wanted. This is what triggered him to establish his package. According to him, it was quite necessary to have the best there is. This can be easily achieved by safety and ensure that things work out expected. Louis Chenevert Debbie was the one who designed and crafted the décor, and the interior of the yacht thus shares some pride of this yacht.

Safety was the priority since Louis Chenevert and with his wife decided to cruise with their daughters, the sons-in-law and the grandchildren. As a result, they ensured that Debbie Lou had two radar systems. These radar systems are commercially graded and open-arrays, AIS and night vision. It also has a satellite –TV receiver as well as a high-grade transceiver in conjunction with a satellite system that provides phone communication together with data transmission all across the world. The other tremendous and credible specifications of this particular yacht incorporates five 19-inch touch screen pilot console monitors at the helm. Debbie Lou had a GPS system that helps to increase the accuracy and the certainty of the location of the yacht. The GPS also served a backup for the navigation system. This yacht is just a little heaven.


Robert Deignan: The Passion Behind ATS Digital Works

The last two decades have experienced the prime years of the technology industry with so many innovations coming into place. Thriving and becoming an expert in such a demanding industry is another thing. In this piece, we look at Robert Deignan, co-founder and current CEO of ATS Digital, a market leader in the tech industry.

Robert Deignan knew what he wanted in life immediately after graduating from Purdue University in 1995, with a Bachelor’s in Business Management. He wanted to go the entrepreneurial way, so he partnered with Fanlink, Inc in 1998 and founded his first business, a digital technology solutions venture. The company was dissolved three years later in 2001. Robert became the executive vice president in 2002 at iS3 Inc. and continued to work for the next nine years after which he left in 2011. The software venture provided a wide variety of services including computer optimization, digital security, and personalized technical support.

In 2011, he decided it was time to put all his knowledge, expertise and passion all into one basket and founded ATS Digital Services LLC. This was going to be the peak of his life. His management and leadership experience from his previous roles came handy, and he also became CEO at his newly founded company. Today the company solves any technology-related issues, both home, and commercial needs. Robert Deignan instilled the culture of providing top-notch customer service which has helped the company become a favorite to many clients. In that same year, 2011, Robert also founded Inbound Calls Experts where he serves as a digital support provider to clients from all parts of the globe.

ATS Digital Service prides itself in offering the very bests services regarding quality and timing. The company strives to bring convenience to all clients in need of their services. They are well equipped with the latest technology advancements placing them as the best in the market.

Robert Deignan has been recognized with his commitment to offer the best customer service. ATS Digital Solutions became the first company to be certified by App Esteem that requires a company to show how they provide premium customer and support services in the tech world.


Alex Pall Faces The Music

In his recent interview at www.interviewmagazine.com, Alex Pall of the Chainsmokers talks at length about his desire to connect with his audience in a way, he feels, some other artists do not. By throwing himself into multiple aspects of the creative process, whether it’s the beats, lyrics, or design, he gets a chance to put a piece of himself into all aspects of his work.

Alex talks passionately about his desire to collaborate, and in many cases, his willingness to let another artist take the lead. While that has given Alex, and Chainsmokers partner Andrew Taggart, an opportunity to make multiple hits across a variety of themes and styles, the fans (and the label) were asking for an album. Alex talks about how this gave him a chance to explore new creative aspects like cover art and how that desire to touch everything they work on is a cornerstone to their success.

While Pall didn’t write the song “Closer” that they recently collaborated with Halsey on, he made it clear she was always his first choice for the hit. Alex discusses how Halsey is precisely the type of artist they work best with because she is so genuine and self-aware. He hopes they have future opportunities to work together.

Alex credits Instagram for giving him a way to see first hand how his music is impacting his fans. The ability to see people reacting to a release in real time across the globe inspires him and offers the feedback he needs to keep improving on his craft.

The most significant change Alex sees coming to his shows is that with partner Drew singing on the single “Closer,” they have added a layer of performance that was not involved before. Even with that challenge, The Chainsmokers continue to focus squarely on the customer and build on their momentum. I think we’re going to see a lot of their music in the years ahead.



JingDong is the largest e-commerce company by revenue in China. The company is a member of Fortune Global 500 and has recorded tremendous growth since it launched JD.com, in 2011.


JD.com is a user-friendly and content-rich website that provides consumers with an enjoyable online experience.

JingDong launched the JD Cloud Warehouse Management Solution in December 2017. The new initiative is a cloud-based supply chain management system that upgrades existing warehousing solutions by incorporating JD’s supply chain capability.


Through JD Cloud Warehouse Management Solution, JD.com has made it possible for small and medium-sized companies to increase their customer base and the orders they get at the same time improving efficiency. In this way, these companies can, in turn, lease their physical and unutilized warehouse spaces to other parties.


In the beginning, JD designed this solution to help cater to its vast logistics network in the regions that it operates in. JingDong is an online and offline retailer that recently launched a parcel delivery service that serves both business and residential addresses. Get More Information Here.


JD.com proprietary supply chain management technology has made it possible for the company to do deliveries for over 90% of JD.com orders in 48 hours.


300 million customers are at th service of JD. This has seen the company increase its Gross Merchandise Volume from RMB32.7 billion in 2011 to RMB658.2 billion in 2016.


JD is a technology-driven company and therefore has banked heavily on running its operations on a highly scalable technology platform which helps move products and services at unprecedented speeds thereby distracting traditional supply chain methods which move at a slower rate, cumbersome and are built for a more predictable market base.


JD.com has made it possible for companies that produce various types of products and the ever demanding consumers who need to get the products to have a common platform on which they can conduct their business.


Recently, Gieves & Hawkes, a British brand that manufactures bespoke menswear opened a flagship store on JD.com.It is the fourth member of the Hong Kong-based Ruyi’s trinity group that has partnered with JD.com to allow consumers access to tailor-made services through JD luxury delivery services and logistics network.


Watch them on https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj1O__aZW_05RdTCL8E3kUA

President Malcolm CasSelle of WAX 

The company Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) is an organization that protects virtual gamers when they trade gear online. There is an ongoing security issue with the third-party when virtual gamers trade. Hackers interfere with the transaction by intercepting the trades and charging a high fee to the gamers for their services. The company WAX’s purpose is to provide blockchain security, which is a decentralized exchange platform offering the most secure trading transactions for virtual gamers. WAX has been extremely successful at their mission. They have been ranked the number one company to provide a secure exchange of blockchain-based products.

The president of the Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) company is Malcolm CasSelle. CasSelle is an entrepreneur in the digital world. He co-founded a company named OPSkins. This company provided CasSelle a foundation to be a cryptocurrency advocate. Later, CasSelle introduced the WAX token to OPSkin. The WAX token is the primary tool that allows a decentralized trading platform. The token is a cryptocurrency used by the company as the method of payment.

Malcom CasSelle has a lengthy track record. Before he become the president of the Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) company, he was not only co-founder of the OPSkin company but Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and president of New Ventures at tronc, Inc., so his president position at WAX isn’t his first. Also, CasSelle was Senior Vice president and General Manager, Digital Media of SeaChange International, which was prior to his postion at New Ventures. Later in his career, CasSelle became confident enough to lead his own digital companies, which include MediaPass, Xfire, and Groupon’s joint venture with Tencent.

CasSelle studied at MIT and Stanford University. He obtained a master’s degree in Computer Science from Stanford University and a B.S. from MIT. CasSelle’s position at WAX is followed by multiple investments in Facebook, Zynga, and cryptocurrencies. CasSelle’s track record supports his credibility in leadership positions. He has been founded in multiple positions in the chain of command as well as leading his own companies.

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OSI Food Solutions Continues It Global Expansion

OSI Food Solutions is one of the biggest players in the food solutions industry. They are based in Aurora, Illinois, and have facilities in 17 countries including in Europe, Asia, and Australia. They are a privately held company which provides them with the flexibility they need to offer customized food solutions to their customers.

OSI Group sell food to major restaurant chains and create retail food brands. They don’t brag at this company about their success which means that although many people have never heard of them they have almost certainly eaten something made by this company.

Around the world, chicken is increasingly in demand as a food. OSI Food Solutions has expanded in a few different ways to meet this increasing demand, In the United States, they bought a food processing facility that had been owned by Tyson Foods. They bought this poultry processing plant in June 2016 for $7.4 million. The next year they expanded their Spanish facility to enable it to double the amount of chicken it could process annually. They can now produce in total 45,000 tons of pork, beef, and chicken products with over half of that being chicken.

OSI Food Solutions has been expanding through acquisitions as well in recent years. In August 2016 their President and Chief Operating Officer David McDonald announced that his company had acquired a Dutch food manufacturer, Baho Foods. He said this acquisition gives his company a broader European presence and added more to what they can offer their customers. Baho Food has five subsidiaries which include Q Smart Life, Gelderland Frischwaren, Henri van de Bilt, Vital Convenience, and Bakx Foods.

Later that year, in December, OSI Food Solutions made another acquisition. This was Flagship Europe based in the United Kingdom. They acquired this company from Denver, Colorado-based Flagship Europe Group. The chief executive of Flagship Europe, Russell Maddock, said that being purchased by OSI Food Solutions was an exciting development in his company and he looked forward to working with them. He said that by being acquired his company could serve customers better, gain access to a bigger market, and open up new opportunities.

See: https://www.stepstone.de/cmp/de/OSI-Food-Solutions-Germany-GmbH-81796/

Meet Guilherme Paulus, an Influential Person in Brazil Tourism Industry

Guilherme Paulus is one of the most prominent people in Brazil. He is known for his vast investments in the tourism industry. One of his business ventures that has been very successful is CVC, a tour company based in Sao Paulo. He founded the tour company in 1972 in partnership with Carlos Vicente Cerchiari. CVC has grown rapidly to become a multiple award-winning international company.Born in 1949, Guilherme Paulus hails from Sao Paulo. He pursued business administration in college and went ahead to practice the skills he acquired in various companies before starting CVC. The tour operator grew tremendously, thanks to the capable leadership of Guilherme Paulus. The company had a competitive edge because the leadership of Paulus introduced contemporary packages.

In 2009, he asked a global investment fund for help which helped the company spread its wings even further. CVC now earns a revenue of $5.2 billion every year and it has also become a public company. To improve its revenues even more, the company has initiated a plan to open 100 stores each year and expand to less populated areas. Paulus is also leading CVC’s innovation efforts and specifically, he is looking for an innovative business solution to help online vendors to connect easily with physical stores using Omni Channel Concept.The businessman has extended his prowess to the hotel sector by founding GJP Hotels & Resorts. Guilherme Paulus founded the network of hotels in 2005 and it has garnered a lot of success.

It now controls over 15 hotels in Brazil. He had channeled about $600 million to hotel investments, a record that attracted a lot of attention.Recently, the renowned entrepreneur was featured in Forbes’s billionaire list. The work he has done in the tourism industry has gained him a lot of recognition. Guilherme Paulus has been recognized by the French government for promoting the tourism industry. Paulus has also received many awards including “Entrepreneur of the Year Award” and “Personality of the Year Award”. The awards and recognitions are well-deserved because the developments he brought to the tourism industry were amazing. He bought webjet while it was still struggling to get to its fit and established it to become one of the largest airline companies in Brazil.