Serge Belamant and Blockchain Technology

Serge Belamant and Blockchain Technology. Serge Belamant is the founder of blockchain technology. Serge was born in Tulle, France but his family relocated to South Africa when he 14; since his father had to continue working as a tiler. Serge graduated with a bachelor’s degree in computer science and technology from the Johannesburg’s Witwatersrand University. Throughout his career, Serge has worked with a variety of firms dealing with various goods and services. Serge has built a name for himself through his vast knowledge of computers and expertise in coding. Serge Belamant has created multiple technologies that have becomes successful and are beneficial to the worldwide financial system. He has contributed a lot to the growth of banking and ease in running banking operations. Serge Belamant launched his company in 1989. The company, Net1 UEPS Technologies focuses on the development of the UEPS (Universal Electronic Payment System.) Serge developed the UEPS systems without any ones help. In 1995, Visa came to him to ask for help in the creation of an offline chip card. The card is currently used globally as the credit and debit cards. Serge was also working to create a payment system that worked on a digital platform. The payment system would make the transfer of cash in throughout South Africa easier. The payment system is currently used across several countries including Russia. Serge is presently working with Zilch Technologies a firm based in the UK. Serge came up with the idea to develop Zilch through the help of his son. Serge and his son were discussing a technology that would help young individuals with their finances. The technology will analyze how one spends and saves their money and provide valid solutions with better financial approaches. According to Serge Belamant, he makes money by creating technologies that would benefit individuals across the globe. Serge begins his ventures by looking for valid opportunities that need to be addressed rather than looking for capital making opportunities. He believes that by alleviating people’s conditions or needs by creating specific technologies to make the needs then making capital will become easy. According to Serge for one to develop something he must have passion and motive to produce a useful and essential product.

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