Alex Pall Faces The Music

In his recent interview at, Alex Pall of the Chainsmokers talks at length about his desire to connect with his audience in a way, he feels, some other artists do not. By throwing himself into multiple aspects of the creative process, whether it’s the beats, lyrics, or design, he gets a chance to put a piece of himself into all aspects of his work.

Alex talks passionately about his desire to collaborate, and in many cases, his willingness to let another artist take the lead. While that has given Alex, and Chainsmokers partner Andrew Taggart, an opportunity to make multiple hits across a variety of themes and styles, the fans (and the label) were asking for an album. Alex talks about how this gave him a chance to explore new creative aspects like cover art and how that desire to touch everything they work on is a cornerstone to their success.

While Pall didn’t write the song “Closer” that they recently collaborated with Halsey on, he made it clear she was always his first choice for the hit. Alex discusses how Halsey is precisely the type of artist they work best with because she is so genuine and self-aware. He hopes they have future opportunities to work together.

Alex credits Instagram for giving him a way to see first hand how his music is impacting his fans. The ability to see people reacting to a release in real time across the globe inspires him and offers the feedback he needs to keep improving on his craft.

The most significant change Alex sees coming to his shows is that with partner Drew singing on the single “Closer,” they have added a layer of performance that was not involved before. Even with that challenge, The Chainsmokers continue to focus squarely on the customer and build on their momentum. I think we’re going to see a lot of their music in the years ahead.

Meet Alex Pall of the Chainsmokers

Sometimes what we love, may not equal the standards that we want to achieve the financial freedom. However, as we keep doing it more and more to get better at it, we realize it is what we were meant to do. It is the fulfillment that we feel that keeps us going. The Chainsmokers can relate to this illustration.

The Chainsmokers are currently enjoying success in the music field. They just released there song “Closer,” featuring the famous Halsey. This is a dream come true because they say that if someone asked them who they wanted to work with a year ago; Halsey was the number one artist on their list. That is one goal achieved. They are happy to be working with her. She has a great strong voice, and her personality is amazing. They say she is the kind of person who is never sorry to be who she is. She is the kind of artist that they would have loved to work with.

Alex Pall says that he has always been in love with DJing from a tender age. It was his hobby, and he went DJing around the New York City. It was eventually becoming his career. As much as he loved it, and was passionate about it, it was scary; he was dedicating his time to something that seemed to be fun rather than work.

Finally, Alex Pall realized that he was spending so much time on his hobby, and decided to burn all the bridges and focus on it. He was still working with the manager he is working with today when he introduced him to Drew. Drew Moved to Maine, and they began working together.

There is nothing that pushes you closer to the big picture like a partner who shares your dreams. However, choosing the wrong partner may ruin your career. Alex Pall says that when he met Drew, he knew it could work out. Their partnership grew stronger over time, as they discussed what fascinated them in music and their childhood. They were on the same page and were willing to put enough time and energy to make it work.