Paul Mampilly’s Quest to Help Investors Grow

Paul Mampilly is a well-known investor in America. He has exhibited his passion and the need to help individuals expand their investments and be successful. Paul Mampilly’s skills will help you grow your small business into an empire. His career path has had made him work with both local and international business firms in America. Paul Mampilly describes himself as a one-man idea machine. Given his history and knowledge, one can’t dispute that as he has made a name for himself.

The investment expert is the founder of Capuchin Consulting, a consulting firm that helps young investors get million-dollar ideas, which bring them useful returns when executed. In 2015, he worked for The Professional Speculator as an author and analyst. He was also the editor for Agora Financial’s premier biotech and life science franchise FDA Trader between March 2014-January 2015. His involvement in FDA Trader helped the company produce over $6million in sales. He has also previously worked for Common Sense Publishing as an author and analyst and taken the Senior Portfolio manager of Kinetic Assessment manager.

Paul Mampilly’s goal is to see everyone succeed. His experience and skills will turn the average investor into a millionaire. He has helped a lot of notable names make profits while on Wall Street. The skills he gained while working as a hedge fund manager made him aware of what clients need and what can work for them. To get where he is, Paul Mampilly says that he pays attention to the things he didn’t do right. By doing this, he can note and rectify his mistakes.

Paul is the guy you need in your quest to become the next top investor. You are assured of making good money after consultations. Paul Mampilly was of great assistance during the stock crash in 2009. The pro in investment and financial management converted $50m into $88m after he entered a Templeton Foundation competition, which a 76% gain. The Internet of Things megatrends and the millennial mega trend are the two trends that interest him the most.

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