Neurocore: Therapy Rather Than Drugs for ADHD

There are literally millions of children and adults who suffer from ADHD. ADHD which stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder has been blamed for causing many children in school from making good grades. It affects their ability to concentrate which stems from either lack of sleep at night or issues at home that carry over into the child’s school life.

With a diagnosis of ADHD, right away the child is usually put on some type of drug therapy. Unfortunately, drug side effects can be far worse than the actual problem. Additionally, the side effects can mask other problems that could be going on with the child’s physical or mental health. Neurocore introduces a more effective alternative to the drug therapy.

About neurofeedback therapy, Neurocore specializes in a way of training the brain to remain calm making it safer than drugs that can cause children to be sluggish and drowsy. While Neurocore’sneurofeedback therapy is effective for helping children with ADHD, adults who suffer from the disease can benefit from it as well. The cost of this therapy can also be greatly reduced because most insurance companies cover this type of therapy. Neurocore’s main objective is helping people to have healthier brains.

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Dr Jennifer Walden work as a cosmetic surgeon and philanthropic activities

The founder of Laser Center Dr Jennifer and Walden Cosmetic Surgery, Jennifer Walden says that the philosophy of her organisation is the promotion of health and well-being through a personalised approach to cosmetic surgery. Her work involves an operation that enhances beauty and body image. The organisation will help you attain inner beauty and beautiful outward appearance. Dr Jennifer Walden is a renowned doctor who will help you achieve your confidence and boost your self-esteem. Her work involves a gentle approach and perspective on your image. The centre offers you the best patient care that is safe and will leave you satisfied

Dr Jennifer Walden involvement in philanthropic activities

Amanda Bush, a member of the energy investment and a member of the Bush family, held fundraising that will be conducted nationally. Her immense work involves raising money to create awareness for Leukemia and Lymphoma diseases. The event resulted in about $489417 leading to the declaration of Amanda Bush as the 2016 woman of the year. The money remains to be the highest amount of money ever raised by an individual nationwide for the LLS Man and Woman of the Year Campaign. Bush says that the event would not have been successful without the efforts of her team as well as the help of her husband.

The money raised was being directed towards research on blood cancer research, public awareness camping, and patient services. Dr Jennifer Walden is a big part of these events; Walden supports charity events herself being a doctor she understands the impact of diseases such as cancer in the society. She was a runner up as the Woman of the year; her contributions are projected to be directed towards treatment of lifestyle diseases. These campaigns usually honour the local boy and girl that survives blood cancer.

Honouring cancer survivors

Individuals honoured in 2016 included Karen Andrade who was seven years diagnosed in 2012 and is in remission at the moment. Another child who received the honorary was Archer Foltermann who is still going through chemotherapy and treatments for leukaemia. This honorary encourages survivors that there is a better tomorrow despite their condition and others who are in a similar situation in the medical world.